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Parking in Baguio City, Benguet: What do you need to know?

four local experts

From parking lots to parking restrictions, here's what four local experts had to say about parking in Baguio City, Benguet.

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Overcrowded, traffic and parking is a joke. It’s even tough to do shopping here. On the plus side, the weather is amazing (when it’s not a storm) and it’s really safe. But that’s not enough – we have lived here for a year but we are going to move on.

If you are considering moving to my city, well, there are certain things you need to be equipped with such as a jacket. Yes, warm clothings are a must when moving into my city as it is known as the City of Pines. We have cool to chilly weather all throughout the year. You might also consider bringing durable hiking shoes as there are numerous sights and parks you would like to go exploring to as you hike. You should likewise be pondering on learning about local dialects as it is a melting pot of various people coming from different cultural communities around the region. Lastly, a well good demeanour towards the city’s Rules and regulation specially with environmental protection laws and parking will make you survive this friendly and natural city on top of the mountains.

Someone moving to Baguio should consider where they will be staying. The city is crowded and traffic is always an issue, therefore picking a place close to where they plan to work or go to school is important. They should also consider learning the jeepney routes since commuting is more efficient since the city lack parking spaces.

Camille, says: 2020

Before you move to Baguio City, know the place is cold and traffic congestion is an everyday encounter. If you have your personal car, it’s best to leave it at home and take the jeepney because you will be able to save gas and money. It’s difficult to find empty spaces to park and most motorists are rudely blowing off their horns when stuck in traffic.

Carlos, says: 2020
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