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Restaurant and Food Truck Options in Baguio City, Benguet

nine local experts

What are the fine dining options? What about the best hole-in-the-wall restaurants? Here's what nine local experts had to say about restaurants and food trucks in Baguio City, Benguet.

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Baguio City is known as “Summer Capital of the Philippines. We have a fair weather, not too hot, not too cold. The people here are hospitable. We also have a good tourist spots, hotels, restaurants and more. Baguio has already been one of the tourist attraction in the Philippines that the tourists wants to go to visit.

Kathleen, says: 2020

Baguio City is the Summer Capital of the Philippines and also known as the City of Pines. The city is famous to local and international tourists. The cool climate is one of the reasons it is ideal to live in Baguio City. Baguio City is a beautiful and very ideal place to live in. Here are just a few reasons to move in Baguio City.

1. Tourist Spots
2. Restaurant
3. School
4. Art
5. Ukay ukay

When in Baguio it is easy to go around there are a lot of jeepneys, specially Aurora hill and Trancoville who can be able to go around the whole city of Baguio.

Baguio is one of the cities to be considered as one of the safest city in the Philippines. A lot of visitors who visited first time would love to come back for another tour of the city. Because they fall in love with the warmth smiles of the people and the explicit ambiance of the place. The temperature of this little city is also a plus point. You can roam around without getting any sweat. and there is a lot of restaurants from different cuisine if you are a food lover.

Sophia, says: 2020

the weather is always cold, thus they need to be ready for that. They should also know that the people here value their customs and traditions so it is very important to respect those. We have a lot of coffee shops and bars. We have beautiful parks, museums, and other tourist spots.

Baguio City is in the mountains of the Cordillera region, pack jackets before you move here as it can get very cold, especially in November. Make sure to also pack comfortable shoes because the terrain can sometimes be unforgiving. Once you move here, make sure to visit the coffee shops and tourist attractions, it’s very serene and peaceful in the afternoon.

Baguio, on the Philippines’ Luzon island, is a mountain town of universities and resorts. Called the “City of Pines,” it’s particularly popular in summer due to unusually cooler weather. At its center is Burnham Park, with gardens and a lake. Nearby, Baguio Cathedral, completed in 1936, has a rose-hued exterior. The main thoroughfare is Session Road, lined with shops, restaurants and entertainment options.

Eunice, says: 2020

The people in the City of Baguio are very helpful and hospitable. The City of Pines is full of tourist spots and a lot of good serving restaurants that people here and tourist can go. The City of Pines also has a lot of Historical sites that people can visit and appreciate.

Our city has a cold weather and called the “Summer Capital of the Philippines”. It is mountainous and people go there for a vacation during Summer. There are also a lot of restaurants, parks and malls. There is also a festival called “Panagbenga” on every February in which they showcase their flower products.

Stefany, says: 2020

The City of Baguio is considered summer capital of the Philippines. It is a city where people are disciplined, courteous and polite. It has the perfect weather. It is a very eco-friendly city with a good government. Most important places, such as grocery stores, pharmacies, restaurants and the like, are within walking distance.

Christian, says: 2020
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