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Natural Disasters in Marikina City, Metro Manila: What do you need to know?

six local experts

From earthquakes to violent hailstorms, Mother Nature can throw a lot at us. Here's what six local experts had to say about the threat of natural disasters in and around Marikina City, Metro Manila.

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If you’re moving to Marikina you’ll need to be ready for the rainfalls, floods, and earthquakes. You also need to have a house that will not be easily flooded.

Gabrielle, says: 2023

Marikenos are the people called when someone is moving to the city of Marikina. Marikina is known as the “Shoe Capital” of the Philippines. There are areas in the city where they are prone to floods, on the other hand, there are areas that are resistant to flooding.

Krisha, says: 2020

Our city is known for its river and for the production of shoes. The city is fairly populated and there is a lot to discover within the vicinity. There are three major problems the city faces: flooding from the overflowing of the Marikina river, pollution, and the west valley fault.

Angelique, says: 2020

Marikina City is the Shoe Capital of the Philippines where genuine shoe leathers are made. People from this city is resilient from always experiencing flood whenever a typhoon hits the city. Also, Marikina City is upholding it’s one of the core values, discipline, having awarded as the Cleanest City in Metro Manila. The city government launched its program, “Munting basura, ibulsa muna” means to keep your small trash in your pockets for a while.

Krissha, says: 2020

For someone who will move to Marikina City, he must be ready for floods when the rainy season comes. He must have done a proper research as to where he can stay in the city. Also, he must look for a place with a garage. It is not allowed in the city to park your car outside of your house.

Tahara, says: 2020

It is the capital shoe in the Philippines and has a lot of attraction. People in the city are also friendly and hospitable. The city is also known good in disciplining people and how to follow rules implemented by the local government. The city is also prepared during the calamities like typhoon and other disasters.

Jorezza, says: 2020
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