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Marikina is in the eastern part of Metro Manila and is the Shoe Capital of the Philippines. It is also the “Home of the World’s Largest Shoes as certified by the Guinness Book of World Records. The people of Marikina are known for discipline, good taste, and excellence.

Marikina City is known as the ‘Shoe Capital of the Philippines’. Before, fishing and farming is their livelihood to attain their basic needs. It was 1887 when shoemaking is flourished through the efforts of the person we called Kapitan Moy or KapMoy, As years goes, people tend to make and make shoes for their everyday living. They make a good quality shoes that will lasts about a year, bit still depends on the person using it.

Nichole, says: 2020

Marikina City is well-known for discipline, orderliness, cleanliness and a good example to many other cities in the Philippines. be aware of the waste segregation practice because it is a serious business. Additionally the city is known for friendly and helpful locales. During Lenten season there are various traditions that are observed. one can enjoy the different festivities in the entire city.

Sophie, says: 2020

Marikina City is well-known in the Philippines as it is the shoe-capital of our country. Most tourists all like to visit my city because of it invigorating ambiance that most people always appreciate. it is also centered for excellent educational status that most students here acquired. Therefore, it’s an excellent place anybody’s home.

Mitchell, says: 2020

This glorious city is very well known in the metro as a shoemakers city, above all. Back in the day, everyone recognizes this city as a primary spot for sampling finely crafted shoe work. As of this day, this is still a viable market for leather shoes. It is also a well-known as a disciplined city where cleanliness and following the rules is the norm.

Honora, says: 2020

Marikina is known for being one of the cleanest city in the Philippines. Also, here resides the biggest pair of shoes in the whole world. Marikina is also the Shoe Capital of the Philippines. We have good food, nice people, serene neighborhood. We have “Everlasting”, a dish that originates from here.

Annaleen, says: 2020

It is the capital shoe in the Philippines and has a lot of attraction. People in the city are also friendly and hospitable. The city is also known good in disciplining people and how to follow rules implemented by the local government. The city is also prepared during the calamities like typhoon and other disasters.

Jorezza, says: 2020

Marikina City is the Shoe Capital of the Philippines. The name, “Marikina”, came from the town in Spain called, “Mariquina”, from the where Eduardo Mariquina, a musician, lives. Filipinos do not often use “Q”, and was replaced into “K”. Marikeños manufacture great shoes considering its durability and longevity. Most people from this city have a shoe business.

Shannen, says: 2020

Marikina is the shoe capital of the Philippines. You can find a lot of shoe factories here including some famous brands. Marikina is also known for its good government. If you come to this city, you will enjoy clean surroundings and disciplined people who follow the city’s strict implementation of cleanliness.

Our city is serious when it come to implementing the law. Discipline in various aspects can be seen everywhere. From bike lanes to trash disposal, we have places and times for said activities. we are known for high quality shoes, many of which sell elsewhere for high prices. our citizens are helpful and approachable.

Anderson, says: 2020

Marikina is considerably one of the most exemplary in maintaining security and peace above all other cities in the capital region. There are open spaces which are very welcoming to those who wish to enjoy quietness and nature, but the best one would be the river park. The river park is open for almost any outdoor activity, there are even bicycle rentals and restaurants and grills that serve meals 24 hours a day to accompany you in your delightful day.

Marikina City has two key points with which one can be proud. First, it is a city renowned for its quality shoe making skills. Premium leathers and high craftsmanship are the driving forces that make visiting this town a worthy enterprise. Plus, you get quality shoes to boot! Secondly, the individuals in the city are very much known for their particularly disciplined lifestyle. From trash-collection to following policies of order and relief-good distribution, Marikina cityfolk are some people to be proud of!

Laureen, says: 2020

Marikina city is the shoe capital of the Philippines. Renowned shoe makers reside in this city. The discipline of its citizens are clearly seen around the city. this made Marikina a model city in the country and continues to be the best city in the country.

Josiah, says: 2020

Marikina has a reputation for being clean and have a good organization system. There are many great places to shop and restaurants to dine. Besides all those establishments, there are many other places for leisurely activities and entertainment as well. Problems and issues in the environment are easily solved and are given necessary solutions by government officials. The city is well developed and is a great living environment.

Marikina is the cleanest city in Metropolitan Manila. Citizens are well-disciplined, from disposing trash to practicing “clean as you go” rule in public places. It is also hailed as the shoe capital of the Philippines. It is proud to house the biggest shoes to be recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Marikina City, which is the ‘Shoe Capital of the Philippines’, is one of the cleanest cities in the country. This is a place where you can relax and breathe fresh air even you are in a city. The people here are well-mannered and friendly. It is a peaceful, quiet, and disciplined community.

Kathleen, says: 2020

Marikina City is well-known for its shoe industry. It hosts annual festivals to highlight the achievements of its artisans. Riverbanks Center in particular is the largest outlet center in the city, home to brands such as Nike and Onitsuka Tiger. Walking around the city is a comfortable affair, especially with the spacious sidewalks and bike lanes.

Margie, says: 2020

Marikina is one of the 16 cities of Metro Manila. Marikina is the Shoe Capital of the Philippines because of its shoe industry. It is also the home of the world’s largest pair of shoes certified by the Guinness Book of World Records.

Jemalyn, says: 2020

Marikina City is the shoe capital of the Philippines. Many suppliers get shoe products from this city because the shoes are durable and are not easily worn out. Other than that, Marikina City caters to many booming food industries. For the past years, restaurants have emerged and flourished in the city. People from the neighboring cities visit Marikina for these authentic delicacies.

Gwyneth, says: 2020

Marikina City is the Shoe Capital of the Philippines. You can expect quality shoes at very reasonable prices. Marikina-made shoes are often exported proving that the shoes are able to compete with what is sold globally. Also, the city is one of the cleanest cities in Luzon proving that Marikeños are well-disciplined.

Marikina City is known for having well-disciplined citizens called Marikeños. Our streets, markets, parks and other public places are clean. Students, at their very young age, were taught of putting small trash in to their pocket instead of throwing it on the street. Our city is known as the shoe capital capital of the Philippines. In fact, one of our residents made the president’s shoes.

Anyone moving here should know Marikina city is well-known for its good quality shoes. It is also the home of friendly and courteous people and is the place to go for food enthusiasts or anyone who craves diverse cuisine. The place is lively and people are free to explore and enjoy, however everyone must see to it that cleanliness and proper behavior must be maintained at all times.

For someone who will move to Marikina City, he must be ready for floods when the rainy season comes. He must have done a proper research as to where he can stay in the city. Also, he must look for a place with a garage. It is not allowed in the city to park your car outside of your house.

Tahara, says: 2020

For someone moving here should know all the rules that should be followed. Like cleaning the front of your house and separating non-recyclable to recyclable trash, putting your trash in the right garbage can, always wear a shirt outside, be polite and hospitable and just simply being kind to one another. Also, be informed of the cultures and traditions of the city as to not be confused about something that someone is doing and to avoid offending your neighbours.

Sittienasra, says: 2020

Marikina is known for its cleanliness and disciplined people. The local government sees to it that residents receive social services daily. In various surveys, Marikina residents seem to be more contented with how their local officials work compared to the sentiments of residents of other cities in Metro Manila.

Steven, says: 2020

I am from Marikina City, which is one of the cleanest cities in the Philippines! Marikina is currently the host city of the annual Pride month celebration, making it one of the most accepting community for the LGBT+ community. Speaking from living here for the most part of my life, I can confidently say that the Marikina area is a perfect mix of the urban life of Manila that still has much access to greenery and cares about the environment and its people.

Kristine, says: 2020

Marikina city consists of several barangays which are all strictly implementing the cleanliness discipline program. The culture started when a mayor introduced a policies which will bring you to prison just by throwing a feather-like tissue in the street. This type of culture made the city known for its cleanliness and law-abiding citizens making a peaceful environment into a reality.

Sharmaine, says: 2020

Marikina City is the shoe capital of the Philippines. It is the home of the world’s largest pair of shoes in Riverbank. We also have a shoe museum where there is a collection of shoes from famous celebrities. Marikeños are very disciplined and hardworking. We keep the city neat and clean.

Our city is a model city in Manila. We have clean streets and very responsible people here. The Mayor ensures safety and security at all times that make Marikenos satisfied and at peace.

Marikina City is the Shoe Capital of the Philippines where genuine shoe leathers are made. People from this city is resilient from always experiencing flood whenever a typhoon hits the city. Also, Marikina City is upholding it’s one of the core values, discipline, having awarded as the Cleanest City in Metro Manila. The city government launched its program, “Munting basura, ibulsa muna” means to keep your small trash in your pockets for a while.

Krissha, says: 2020

he or she should know this city is most famous for being one of the cleanest cities in the Philippines. the city takes pride in its citizens as people who are well-disciplined, have good taste, and always strive for excellence.

Because in our city, every people have a great discipline in themselves whether to cross a street, not violating any street signs like jaywalking doing a no left turn, organized in throwing garbage and mostly not throwing small plastic in the streets does make our city became famous of being cleanest.

Loriewinn, says: 2020

Marikina is a very clean city. Its residences make it a habit to follow eco-friendly rules. To be able to protect our city, the government implemented a project for the waste that we commit. Schedules for trash pick-ups were strictly followed and everyone tries to segregate their trash before giving it to the collectors.

Abegail, says: 2020

There is no other city like Marikina; it has very clean roads, disciplined people and a great government. Marikina is one of the oldest cities in Metro Manila. It has a great culture with food worthy to eat and shoes so well-made to wear.

Marikina City is a peaceful place. We have a peaceful and helpful neighborhood. Compared to other cities in Metro Manila, Marikina is the safest one. We have the police patrol roaming around at night to ensure our safety. Marikina City is also the shoe capital of the Philippines and we are very proud to be Marikenos.

Our city is clean, the people are hospitable and disciplined. My city is the Shoe capital in the Philippines, it is one of the very peaceful city in our country. Here we help each other out in times of calamity, we are very welcoming and warm people, rest assured that you won’t be disappointed moving here.

If someone will be moving to Marikina, know here littering is not allowed. We, the locals don’t litter. We keep our surroundings clean. Also, we have a great mayor. He cares for our city and he also cares for all his constituents. We are the cleanest city in the Metro. Unlike other cities which are very polluted, our city has clean fresh air.

Elizabeth, says: 2020

The city I been living in was a great place ever. The people has good thought, making the city look clean. The park alongside the river, I highly suggested to visit with. it’s always been a place where people jogged, taking family picnic, and so on. The Road here are narrowed, not like in the other city, but traffic is not that bad here.

Elizabeth, says: 2020

Marikina, where I live, is a beautiful place. It is famous for restaurants that offer wide variety of cuisines. It is a place that one shouldn’t missed. Aside from that, there are also a lot of recreational place. It is a potential tourism destination. It is also very accessible.

Florence, says: 2020

When living in the City of Marikina, it is important to be aware of the environmental laws. We make sure that all of our trash is segregated properly. Everyone who has stayed here for more than a year knows that cleanliness and discipline is what Marikeños are known for. The city is known as “bike-friendly”, which is why the air here feels cleaner than the air in other cities in Metro Manila.

Francia, says: 2020

Marikina is a neat and orderly place despite being within Metro Manila. Homeowners are encouraged to keep their side of the roads clean and to pick up after their pets. There are some hard headed citizens, like everywhere else, that like to park their vehicles on the roads. It’s a comfortable and safe enough city with its own pitfalls.

Marikina City is known for its famous shoe industry that’s why it is called the “Shoe Capital of the Philippines. Being the biggest manufacturer of shoes in the Philippines it produces 70% of it the country. Once, it was also considered the “Shoe Capital of the World”. Marikiños has proudly build the biggest pair of shoe in the world.

Olufemi, says: 2020

Our city is known for its river and for the production of shoes. The city is fairly populated and there is a lot to discover within the vicinity. There are three major problems the city faces: flooding from the overflowing of the Marikina river, pollution, and the west valley fault.

Angelique, says: 2020

Marikina is the most neat city in the National Capital Region, we have street sweeper and an ordinances to maintain cleanliness. a Marikina known as a shoe capital of the Philippine where is you can find a durable shoes and the one who made a pair shoes for the president of the Philippines.

Clarisse, says: 2020

Marikina City is “The Shoe Capital” in the country for our city, consistently, creates new styles of footwear for men, women and children. And because of that, my city is already on the status of exporting local made footwear where it is the best made local footwear.

Donald, says: 2020

If you want a wonderful experience in our city, you should learn how to communicate with people. we always make sure that people maintain cleanliness. Also, you must be a law abiding citizen to avoid any unwanted circumstances. We are marked as one of the most hospitable and friendly city in the world, so you must look forward to moving to our city.

Our city is the shoe capital of the Philippines and thus the shoes in our city are better than all of the cities in the Philippines so it’s better of you buy shoes here rather than other parts of the country and another thing that they should know is the different places they should explore, because there are many that are narrow and full of windy roads so you should be prepared for that so you don’t get lot.

Louisse, says: 2020

Marikina is the Shoe Capital of the Philippines. It is a manufacturer of a quality shoes in our country from shoes to slippers. Some shoes are made of rubber, leather, wood or we called it “bakya” and plastic. The place itself is very refreshing as it is very clean and green, it is very managed and wealthiest local government in our country.

Our city is a wonderful place. It is peaceful here and the neighborhood is kind and hospitable. People are also friendly so you don’t need to worry about socializing. We also have amazing places that’s worth visiting, like the Giant shoes that is in Riverbanks Mall.

In Marikina City, in which where I live currently, is the Shoe Capital of the Philippines. The best shoes are made here with authentic leather that can last almost a lifetime. If taken care of. If you’re a food guru, or one that just loves to eat food, you came to the right city. Here you ca find different food establishments, and if you’re also an OOTD person, there are some establishments that will gladly accommodate that and more!

Pearly, says: 2020

Marikina city is a beautiful city with strict regulations regarding cleanliness and order. Although it is relatively small, it is a very organized place with a clean market, and many food parks. The tax is also slightly lower than other cities, as it was formerly a province. It is the shoe capital of the Philippines with a long history of outstanding quality of shoemaking with quality materials. It is also a city full of lovely and friendly people who will make your stay worthwhile.

Moving to our city is a great idea if they would want a clean and peaceful environment. Clean air, fresh foods, and clean streets? We got it all. If they want to be fit and going outside at the same time, there are plenty of parks with gym equipment scattered almost in every subdivision.

Samantha, says: 2020

Marikina City is known for its cleanliness and well organized government policies and regulations. On the other note there are many jobs available because it is the shoe making capital of the Philippines. The city is also known for its hospitable and friendly residents. Finally, the crime rate is very low and residents enjoy the peaceful environment.

Marikina City is considered the “Shoe Capital of the Philippines.” For many decades, this city continuously make attractive and unique designs of shoes in different materials. And the shoes that were created has the consistent durability. Hence, the shoes are now being exported from different locations in the country, and other countries.

Marikenos are the people called when someone is moving to the city of Marikina. Marikina is known as the “Shoe Capital” of the Philippines. There are areas in the city where they are prone to floods, on the other hand, there are areas that are resistant to flooding.

Krisha, says: 2020

Marikina City is the Shoe Capital of the Philippines as this is the large producer of shoes in the Philippines before. Marikenos is all known as disciplined citizens as they always keep their community clean by picking up their trash and avoiding littering.

Shinee, says: 2020

Marikina City has a good ambiance, the people are kind. My city is known for its clean surroundings and polite citizens; in addition to that people here are known to be hospitable. We have lots of festivals and tourist spots that attract many people from all over the world. The delicacies are all awesome and unique in taste.

Lovely, says: 2020

Marikina City is a very populated place. Jobs are harder to find in this area so some residents tend to work in other areas. Though everyone here is quite friendly and welcoming so it would be easy to ask for help from the people where to find a vacant place.

Marikina City is clean and very safe for any family who wishes to move here. Local government services are commendable and the people are law abiding citizens. In fact, we are known as one of the most disciplined cities in my country. One of the shared hobbies or pastimes of the people in my city is dining regardless of the time of day or night. Everywhere there is alway a diner that will serve you sumptuous meals. However, traffic is a perennial headache in my city as well. Other than that, everything is good.

Mariel, says: 2020

You will likely be amazed in our City because of shoe factories that use different animal skin materials – from synthetic to natural true products. Also, you may find the largest shoe that is floating on the river when you enter the City of Marikina which is Shoe Capital of the Philippines.

Marikina is one of the most beautiful cities in the Philippines. With well-paved roads, walkable sidewalks, disciplined citizens, and numerous successful restaurants, it really is so enjoyable to live in this place. The crime rate here is significantly low, with police and barangay officials responding immediately to one’s needs.

If you are moving to my city, this will be one of the best decisions that you will ever make. Marikina City is the shoe capital of the Philippines for it produces large amount and most durable shoe in the country. You must know that our Mayor here, works really hard for the sake of his people in it, prioritizing their common good and we also have different lists of wonderful places you should not miss. We also have here the best restaurants that serve excellent dishes. People here are very hospitable and kind to one another. You surely will not regret staying or moving here.

If considering yourself moving to Marikina, know our city is the home of the best handmade shoes in the Philippines. You will see here the biggest shoe you can ever see. And if you are looking for a residential area to live, our city is the perfect one.

Airene, says: 2020

Marikina is one of the fast growing cities in Metro Manila. With a lot of opportunities for business development and employment, this city is known for quality made shoes and bags. Most people in Marikina came from other cities and provinces. They chose to settle in this city to explore bette jobs.

Kristin, says: 2020

Marikina City is part of Metro Manila in the Philippines. The city is one the cleanest and proper cities around the country. Being a Marikeño means well-discipline and a responsible citizen of the city. We are also hospitable and open for everyone who would like to visit our tourist attraction which is the “Largest Pair of Shoes in the World”.

Bianca, says: 2020

Our city was the cleanest city in the Philippines and all the people here was hospitable so they are welcome whenever they want to visit or move in our city. Peace and quality of life is the centered purpose of the leaders here so that they were be safe and they will enjoy being here.

Nicole, says: 2020

The citizens in our city are known to have good taste and most of all discipline. The city government is doing its utmost effort in providing its citizens peace and safety. Marikina City is known as the shoe capital of the Philippines where most of residents here know how to make shoes and owns a shoe business.

Bianca, says: 2020

I would like to recommend Marikina City, the place where I reside presently, to those people looking for a new place of residence. there are many jobs, and a very high sense of cleanliness, orderliness, low crime rate, good and excellent governance of the local government. Marikina City is well known for the “shoe making” industry and most people rely on this for their living. A newcomer, especially business minded people, may also start such kind of business which is profit making, and will earn a lot of customers/clients locally and internationally.

Marikina City is one of the cleanest and most disciplined city in my country that I know by far. Anyone who wanted to try to move in here will be amazed on how clean every street here. Our government officials always make sure the cleanliness of our city. People here are also very disciplined in terms of following rules. We use pedestrian lanes and follow traffic rules all the time. living in the city is highly recommended for those who want to have a peaceful life.

Marikina City is part of Metro Manila, a capital city of the Philippines so it is easy for somebody moving to the city to find where the city was located. Marikina City was also well known for the shoe industry, and it is also known for the most cleaned and disciplined in the whole Metro Manila.

Danielle, says: 2020

Our city is famous because it is known as the Shoe Capital of the Philippines. We have authentic and original shoes mostly made by leather. Discipline, good taste, and excellence are implemented in our city. Plastic bags are strictly prohibited in our city and our beloved Mayor Marcy Teodoro campaigns the “Munting Basura, Ibulsa Muna” project in order to maintain the cleanliness in our city.

Marikina is named after the town of Mariquina in Spain. Based on historical documents held by the Marikina city government, Marikina is originally called Mariquit-na ( Marikit-na).Marikina is one of the populous cities and wealthiest local government unit in the country. it is known as the “Shoe Capital of the Philippines, for it’s famous shoe industry.

Yvonne, says: 2020

Marikina is one of the most organized and cleanest city in Metro Manila. We segregate our garbages and it will be collected on a specific day. You won’t barely see people not using the pedestrian crossing as we are all disciplined. We also have a cheerful community and a good mayor.

Harsel, says: 2020

My City is known for being clean and green. Garbage segregation is properly implemented. There are no dogs and cats roaming on the streets. The local government works hard to keep our City safe and peaceful. Anyone who considers moving here will not have second thoughts when they see how clean the streets and the surroundings are.

Shahara, says: 2020

Marikina is the perfect place for those who want a mix of urban and rural lifestyles. The environment is clean, and the people are friendly and disciplined. Everything you need is close by and accessible. There are bike lanes and walkways, which will entice you to enjoy with your family and friends the green environment and clean air.

Marikina is hailed as the cleanest city in Metro Manila, and this is remarkably evident when you first visit. You won’t find streets clearer than ours! The citizens are well-disciplined and respectful of other people and their surroundings, which is why everyone cleans up after themselves. If you’re looking for a beautiful and peaceful place in the Philippines to move to, Marikina is your best option.

Patricia, says: 2020

Our city is a picturesque old city and it is best known as the Shoe Capital of the Philippines. We’re famous for high-quality handcrafted shoes. It is also the home of the world’s largest pair of shoes by the Guinness Book of World Records.

Our city is mix of a picturesque city and urban modernization. Marikina is best known as the Shoe Capital region of the Philippines. We are famous for its high-quality handcrafted shoes that we make. And we are also the home of the world’s largest pair of shoes certified by the Guinness Book of World Records. Marikina is an easy escape to the metropolitan hustle and bustle. So if you’re looking for a quick but interesting weekend getaway, you will definitely enjoy our city.

If you are planning to move to our city, you should know that the local government does not allow any use of plastic bags and is very strict in enforcing laws that protect the environment. It is a good city to move to if you are trying to find a balance between city life and country living.

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