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Museums and Cultural Institutions in Cebu City, Cebu

five local experts

From art to history to science, here's what five local experts had to say about museums, galleries, and other cultural institutions in Cebu City, Cebu.

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If the person moving is not from a tropical country, expect hot weather. Cebu City is one of the most historic places in the Philippines. There are a lot museums and galleries they can visit. Cebu City is also known for the variety of food it offers. The people in the city are also very welcoming and hospitable.

Clarisse, says: 2020

Cebu City is known for its Sinulog Festival. It annually happens every January. It is the only festival in the Philippines recognized by the Vatican. Also, you can find here historical places such as the Sto. Niño Church which is considered the oldest church in the country. you can also visit some of the best museums here such as the Halad Museum.

Ferdie, says: 2020

Cebu City is the oldest city in the Philippines. One thing that captivates tourists to explore this city is its historical landmarks. The city offers quite a number of museums, churches, and public establishments. Another thing about this city that excites most people is its unique and tasty delicacies which include the famous lechon!

Benjamin, says: 2020

Cebu City is known for its various delicious food such as the Lechon or roasted pig. It is also full of friendly people. in Cebu you can find a lot of restaurants and hang out places. and, historical landmarks or heritage sights and museums such as Casa Gorordo and Magellan’s cross.

Cebu City is one of the tourist spots in the Philippines. It means you have to consider the population and some traffic. But the good thing about here is you will enjoy the Sinulog Festival we celebrate every January, visiting Sto. Nino Church, Simala, Magellan’s Cross, and other museums. If you love the beach, you will also enjoy whale watching, snorkeling, diving, and swimming in Bantayan Islands.

Leopoldo, says: 2020
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