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Is Cebu City, Cebu a good place to live? How is the quality of life?

26 local experts

While quality of life is something of an elusive or ill-defined concept, it can be boiled down to "Is Cebu City a good place to live?" or "Is Cebu City a bad place to live?" Here's what 26 local experts had to say about quality of life and overall happiness in Cebu City, Cebu.

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Cebu City is known as the Queen City of the South in the Philippines. It is the second biggest metropolitan in the country, next to the capital. It is progressing rapidly with many big international companies expanding there. It is also known for its many tourist spots like white sand beaches and the historical Magellan Cross. It is a nice city wherein you will never run out of activities to do and places to visit.

Eldilyn, says: 2020

Cebu City is one of the most beautiful cities I know. The person considering on moving here should expect that the citizens are very friendly and approachable people and accepts locals and foreigners in the same manner. The city also holds a lot of world famous tourist spots, beautiful waterfalls, breathtaking mountains, and stunning beaches that could help relax the mind and soul after a stressful day.

Miracle, says: 2020

Cebu City is a great place to stay and live in, especially for those who love the mountains or beaches. One can opt to drive south or north to access both. The locals are also very friendly. The food in Cebu City is absolutely delicious and it comes with a cheap price!

Angela, says: 2020

Cebu City is considered as a highly urbanized city in the Philippines. Expect that there would be traffic congestion. But it is not as congested as Metro Manila. So, if you are planning to commute to work, make sure that you leave the house at least 2 hours early than your shift. If you are planning on renting a house or an apartment, you better keep in mind that it would range from 5,000 to 10,000 PHP per month. You can also choose the ones accessible to transportation and malls. I recommend you to stay in Talamban. It has a lot of jeepneys that have routes to the Cebu downtown area or to most of the business establishments. And this place also has malls and stores near to most of the apartments.

My city is cheap but at a price. I am aware of the irony of that statement, but just bear with me for a and transportation and lodging is inexpensive, but you also sacrifice quality, safety and efficiency in choosing to move here, so although I am loyal to my city, that loyalty is forged from years and years of experience and forced familiarity and I really do not recommend people try it, especially Westerners. Culture shock will be an understatement for lack of a better word.

Dorothy, says: 2020

Cebu City is a great place to visit in the Philippines. Many tourists admire the beauty of the must-see-spot in Cebu, especially the beaches we have. Also, Cebu City has a lot of affordable condominiums and apartments to stay. Cebuanos are very friendly and hospitable. There are a lot of varieties of food that so delicious and tasty for every bite.

Allyson, says: 2020

Our city has a lot of friendly people. There are good food to eat. A nice place to stay where you can relax and enjoy. Cebu City celebrates “Sinulog Festival” every January. People in Cebu are called Cebuanos. Cebu City was one of the most beautiful city in the Philippines.

Cebu city is a very lively city. A very busy city with lots of beautiful places. Thus, even if it is still a growing city, you will experience convenience and comfort in living here, either for business purposes or studies. People here are generous and friendly which will make you more comfortable to live here.

Kristine, says: 2020

People who likes to transfer in our city will be happy and will have contentment of their living. Our city is the Queen City of the South that is very rich in tourist spots, native foods they’ll love and hospitable people. We have enough facilities to offer especially job offerings. We have our very own native and original dish that is loved by tourists visiting here, the lechon belly and pork lechon.

Alyssa, says: 2020

Cebu City is known as the Queen City of the South. This is the land where brevity, simplicity and happiness are given importance to the native people. We welcome with warmth and sincerity all the races in the world and appreciate the diversity of each people because in diversity there is unity. We can achieve greater and achieve our goals if we conquer as one. do not be afraid of who you are or what you are because in Cebu City, Philippines we are one.

Raichelle, says: 2020

Before moving to Cebu City, know even though Cebu province is considered laid back, Cebu City is a very busy city. You’ll deal with heavy traffic and hassle commuting everyday, even on the weekends. During rush hours, you’ll experience bumper to bumper traffic and roads will only begin to steer clear at 9pm. The city can also be very dangerous at night so, it’s not really recommend and proven safe to walk the streets alone. Nonetheless, Cebu City is also a good place since everything is just a travel away like when you want to go to beach, mountains, mall, etc.

Truthfully speaking, there’s a lot of slum areas that can be seen. Homeless people can also be seen just wandering in the streets, and some, under the bridges. Although, what I’ve said can considered be cons, it is the truth. On the other hand, it is still a good city. It really is deserving of its title “The Queen City of the South”.

This city is quite fast-paced; with heavy traffic all day and where people are always in a hurry. Tourists are also everywhere – especially Koreans, Japanese, and Chinese nationals. But even with all that, it’s a great city! It’s a cultural hot pot of so many diverse cultures. The people are also friendly!

Cebu City is a really nice place for a short vacation, even if you don’t have much time to travel, because all the popular sights are only within a few hours of each other. Bustling city, Mountain views, White sand beaches, good food, we have it all. Affordable, accessible, and overall, enjoyable.

Antonette, says: 2020

People moving here must be willing to overcome the congested streets and flooded areas. It is filled with cars, motorcycles, and other vehicles. However, even with the stressful environment the people are kind, courteous, and welcoming. There are a number of streets vendors selling local delicacies. Tropical fruit is also very abundant in the markets.

Cebu City is a place her in Philippines that is entitled as Queen City of the South. in Cebu most people are honest, caring, hardworking and most especially trustworthy people. Cebu would be a great place for you to start new life. Because aside from the nice culture Cebu also have nice place to offer you for your new beginning.

Cebu City is quite a great place for anyone who prefers the city life over the provincial life. There are a lot of employment opportunities here as the city gets more and more industrialized. However, traffic here could really get bad at times especially during rush hours.

Clariz, says: 2020

In Cebu, you will meet a lot of kind and good people. Every January, the people celebrates festivity called “Sinulog”. There are also a lot of good place to visit in Cebu. For example, the tallest mountain peak in Cebu which is called “Osmena Peak”. It is in Dalaguete, Cebu. The peak is very refreshing and it really feels good once you’re on top of the peak.

Hannah, says: 2020

Cebu City is a very crowded city. Know crimes that may happen anytime. It doesn’t differ from any other cities here and outside the Philippines. But Cebu City is a very rich city of history, a very good city to live and a cheap one, very good place for someone who has a small budget to start.

Hannah, says: 2020

Cebu City is a crowded place. Since it is part of the Philippines, it can be expected that poverty can be observed in most areas. However, the living expenses of the city are quite cheap compared to Metro Manila. That being said, college education and basic necessities are quite accessible. If you are a person who continuously seeks adventure, Cebu City might be a good place for you as there are countless tourist sites.

Fatima, says: 2020

Something to know about my city is the heavy traffic that one must be wary of. Cebu City is one of the most populated cities next to Manila, the city’s capital. Like most areas in the Philippines, the city is filled with squatter areas where the poorest of the poor reside. However, taking all things into consideration, Cebu City is one of the most developed cities in the Philippines, which makes it a good city.

Princess, says: 2020

Cebu City is the oldest city in the Philippines and it houses a lot of beautiful scenic spots for tourists to go to, most especially the beaches which are mostly at the north and south of the province. people in the city are the nicest people you will ever meet. it is a wonderful place.

Debbie, says: 2020

Cebu City is very attractive place in Cebu. There is a lot of places you can visit. People in Cebu City are very attentive and jolly, they will always make you smile by doing funny things. Our place is very beautiful, and there is a lot of opportunities to see our wonderful City.

Cebu City is a great city in the Philippines. There are a lot of activities in this city like going to the one and only amusement park named Anjo World in Minglanilla, Cebu. Visiting the famous SM Seaside is also a nice and relaxing activity to do in Cebu.

If someone moves to our city, he or she must be aware of our rules and must be willing to accept our culture. They have the right to look around but they must always consider to respect the people and our nature, and discrimination is not allowed, and lastly be happy.

Thomas, says: 2020

Our city is mostly known for being compassionate, helpful, and hospitable towards its people. We are happy to extend our help using our friendly services that we can offer to people who are most in need. Example of which in the case of the question, say you have just moved in to the city and asked help for the construction of your house, it doesn’t just stop there, people would offer to help you where the barangay or the city hall is located or where to go just to get your permits and/or certificates (where applicable) to become permitted or paperworks to get the construction of your infrastructure started. The city also improves its productivity in commerce and business.

Joselita, says: 2020
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