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Restaurant and Food Truck Options in Cebu City, Cebu

seven local experts

What are the fine dining options? What about the best hole-in-the-wall restaurants? Here's what seven local experts had to say about restaurants and food trucks in Cebu City, Cebu.

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Cebu City is dubbed as the Queen City of the South. If you want to settle in this city for good, be well versed of what the city has to offer. It is a city fused with old tradition and modern norms which is a surprising take on people all over the world. Also be prepared to dig in to its cuisine, one of the most delicious in the country.

Alliah, says: 2020

Cebu City, the Queen City of the South, is a melting pot of many wonders. It is buzzing with culture and heritage. Food stalls boasting of different delicacies are found almost everywhere. It is also a perfect destination for someone who loves the beach. And if you’re worried about getting lost, don’t be – the city is full of friendly, approachable people!

Tricia, says: 2020

Cebu City is the most historic city in the Philippines, it marks the birth of our country. A city that has a lot to offer from scrumptious food, world-renowned malls and you can also discover hidden gems within the city. From restaurants, hotels, universities, resorts, one can say, Cebu has it all.

Cebu City is known for its various delicious food such as the Lechon or roasted pig. It is also full of friendly people. in Cebu you can find a lot of restaurants and hang out places. and, historical landmarks or heritage sights and museums such as Casa Gorordo and Magellan’s cross.

Cebu City is the home of the Philippines’ best Lechon. Even the famous chef Anthony Bourdain himself claimed that it was the best pig he’s ever tried. Aside from food, we have amazing beaches. Tourists from all around the world visit the spectacular islands and white sand beaches of Cebu and its neighboring provinces.

January, says: 2020

Cebu City is the queen city of the south. We’re smacked right in the middle of both the ocean and the mountains. The best part of living in the city, though, is the food. We have the best local and fusion restaurants all over the city. The malls are scattered all around too.

Clarence, says: 2020

Cebu City is one of the best cities to visit in the Philippines. There are several foods that are native to that place. Cebu City is famously known for lechon, the roasted pig. There are several restaurants that serve that kind of food. Apart from it, there are other delicacies one should consider tasting such as ampaw, chicharon, dried mangoes, and banana chips.

Sherwin, says: 2020
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