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What are transportation options and challenges in Cebu City, Cebu?

47 local experts

Are there taxis in Cebu City? What about scooters? What are the public transportation options? Here's what 47 local experts had to say about transportation methods in Cebu City, Cebu.

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Moving to Cebu City, one must know there’s a rise of motorcycle taxis as a source of transportation around the city and its neighboring component cities and other areas. Catching a jeepney, the Philippines’ traditional method of transportation, especially during rush hours, is difficult. Riding taxis daily is expensive and you need to deal with the heavy traffic. When there’s a flood due to heavy rain, a taxi or jeepney is not an option.

Someone should consider the way of transportation in the area if he doesn’t have a personal vehicle. It is because most people here use public transportation and during the weekdays, we have to wait hours in order to be able to ride one. Another thing to consider is where your job location is. It is mostly preferable to stay in a place near your workplace because of the heavy traffic here in the city.

Stephie, says: 2020

Cebu City is a crowded place and has many public jeepney, a transportation that helps you reach your destination faster. There are many tourist spots that you can see where ever you go. The most interesting part is that we Filipinos who live in this City are very hospitable and friendly. Most of the citizens here in Cebu City can speak well in English.

Precious, says: 2020

For someone considering moving to Cebu City, he/she should know the city’s public utility jeepney (PUJ) codes. Cebu City has a unique PUJ code which may be confusing for first-timers in the city. Each PUJ has its own code that represents the transportation’s designated route. If a first-timer knows the codes, it will be easier and cheaper for him/her to visit the city’s tourist attractions.

Cebu City is a small island in the Central part of the Philippines, yet it attracts a lot of foreign visitors. The traffic is not that bad, the people are hospitable, and there are a lot of scenic views. The island’s primary attraction are it’s white sand beaches. There are a lot of affordable apartments and condo units that are ready for occupancy. All these are accessible to malls and working places.

Cristina, says: 2020

People who would consider moving to Cebu City should know that this city is one of the biggest cities in the Philippines. Hence, traffic jams in the city center are one of the residents’ main concerns. In this city, we also commemorate and celebrate a number of holidays so there would be a lot of time off from work. Most of all, this city has a lot of beautiful islands and beaches to visit and explore, in addition to having hospitable people and delicious food.

Audrey, says: 2020

It’s not that big of a City and the traffic is heavy sometimes. And the weather is usually hot especially in the afternoon. But you can explore nice places like the beaches from Southern and Northern part. There are big malls also that he or she can go if she needed something. The food is great and the people are nice and hospitable.

Alyssa, says: 2020

Cebu City is considered as a highly urbanized city in the Philippines. Expect that there would be traffic congestion. But it is not as congested as Metro Manila. So, if you are planning to commute to work, make sure that you leave the house at least 2 hours early than your shift. If you are planning on renting a house or an apartment, you better keep in mind that it would range from 5,000 to 10,000 PHP per month. You can also choose the ones accessible to transportation and malls. I recommend you to stay in Talamban. It has a lot of jeepneys that have routes to the Cebu downtown area or to most of the business establishments. And this place also has malls and stores near to most of the apartments.

It is very important for the person to know that traffic jam is a perennial problem. Travel time is longer especially during rush hours. Moreover, it is really hard to get a ride when you use public transportation. It can be frustrating but I should say this does not overweigh the beauty of the beaches and the islands nearby.

Khlyde, says: 2020

Moving to the city would give him or her access to lots of fresh fruits, vegetables, and seafood. The city is known for its hospitable and friendly residents. Unfortunately, the city is also known for bad traffic conditions. Cebu City is known for its tasty food, as well.

Sheryl, says: 2020

When moving to a new city, one should consider the cost of living, specifically to accommodation and transportation. For accommodation, there are budget friendly apartments available. Transportation within the city are taxi cabs or jeep, which is a local transportation. Depending on the person’s budget, there are several options to choose from.

Kristel, says: 2020

Anyone moving to Cebu should pack a lot of patience in their suitcases. Traffic here can be terrible and the airport is quite far from the city. However, once you are past that initial hurdle- Cebu then becomes a wonderful springboard to many islets, beaches, and a fun city life.

My city is cheap but at a price. I am aware of the irony of that statement, but just bear with me for a and transportation and lodging is inexpensive, but you also sacrifice quality, safety and efficiency in choosing to move here, so although I am loyal to my city, that loyalty is forged from years and years of experience and forced familiarity and I really do not recommend people try it, especially Westerners. Culture shock will be an understatement for lack of a better word.

Dorothy, says: 2020

traffic is rampant in the area. It is important to get around before the streets get flooded and public vehicles get crowded to avoid delays in wherever you are headed to. Take note of rush hours like six am in the morning and five pm in the afternoon.

Jessil, says: 2020

They must consider may things such as traffic, pollution, the crimes, and more. The city is so tough especially to the newcomers because of the pickpockets who victim any people. They must consider getting the best boarding room since many big rats are crawling in the streets and high wires.

Kristel, says: 2020

Cebu City is the capital of Cebu, Philippines. It is the epicenter of urban life. There are common misconceptions that the city has an absence of business life. In fact, the community thrives in several businesses that continue to develop the economy greatly. Cebu City has one of the most well-built international airports in Southeast Asia. Our city prioritises tourist attractions, which explains the creative and well-thought design of the airport’s infrastructure. Cebu City has been known for opening hands to newcomers that have the potential to develop the economy.

Ephrem, says: 2020

Expect frequent traffic during the rush hour intervals of 5-8 PM and 5-8 AM, first and foremost. Being the business capital of the Visayas and the center of industry in the archipelago, second only to the National Capital Region, it’s only expected that the package deal of living in the bustling Queen City of the South, all with the promise of a busy and rewarding lifestyle, would come hand-in-hand with the usual challenges brought about by urban living. However, as someone who is Cebu born-and-raised, you’ll soon come to realize the charm about living in a city where everything is only five to 15 minutes from each other on average, and how everyone in this city just so happens to know everyone. All it takes is settling down in this mix of small town and big city for a few years to be able get to know it better.

Rosabella, says: 2020

Cebu City is one of the two most urbanized city in the province of Cebu. It is the Queen City of the South because it compromises the large percentage of population and is also industrialized. People moving to this city must consider traffic and crowded places wherever they go. It’ll be hard to manage time on their first few years but everything other than that is beautiful. The beaches and tourist spots are unbelievably amazing. Most importantly, the people in this city are hospitable, friendly, and kind. It’s worth living if you want to be in a busy but friendly environment.

Cebu City is the Queen City of the South in the Philippines. It is known as the cradle of Christianity. Many tourists from around the world come to this marvelous city to experience the spiritual and hospitable traits of every Cebuano living here. Most of the investors like the World Bank, implement a “Bus Rapid Transit” so that the commodity of the people will be easier and faster.

Rockie, says: 2020

Cebu City has a lot to offer to its constituents. Job opportunities in the corporate world are vast and competitive small-scale enterprises are also common. The Queen City of the South has become a tourist-favorite with many city attractions to boast of such as waterparks and amusement parks. Heavy traffic may be a let-down especially during peak hours but there are many options for transport such as the traditional jeepneys, minibuses, tricycles, taxis and motorcycles.

Alyssa, says: 2020

To move to the place where I live in, one should be patient. As our economy grows, countless jobs are being offered and that entices Filipinos and Nationalities to live here. Also, because of the beaches surrounding Cebu, tourists are also flocking my hometown. With that, it could not be helped that traffic has become a struggle to everyone that resides in our little place.

Someone moving to Cebu City must be prepared for the heavy traffic every rush hour. The heavy traffic, however, cannot prevent every visitor to move to since my city offers a lot of beautiful scenery and historical spots that would mesmerize every adventurous individual. My city is a mix of diverse ethnic cultures that one, moving in, canadapt.

Joshua, says: 2020

Cebu City is the Queen City of the south. It’s a big city next to Manila. There are millions of people so expect that this City is a little crowded. Traffic is heavy some time of the day. The people here though are gentle, respectful, and helpful but just like any other cities, there are also not so good people.

Lakshmi, says: 2020

In Cebu City, traffic is something that every person should consider before moving here. If you are the type of person who is very conscious of the air you breathe then this city is not for you. The cost of living is another factor to think about since this city is by far one of the most expensive places.

Living in the central city could be both a pleasure and a pain. You have to wake up earlier than most people because of traffic jam. You have to get used to arriving home late, as well. You have to spend most of your salary for your food to eat something decent because the food here is quite expensive. you need to earn more to live comfortably in Cebu City.

It is called the “Queen City of the South”. The Cebuanos’ are known to be the best in English speaking and are very kind. The city is so beautiful, it has the biggest and the best shopping malls, tourism spots and people. Even though traffic in the city is terrible, it will be a great experience going to Cebu.

Before moving to Cebu City, know even though Cebu province is considered laid back, Cebu City is a very busy city. You’ll deal with heavy traffic and hassle commuting everyday, even on the weekends. During rush hours, you’ll experience bumper to bumper traffic and roads will only begin to steer clear at 9pm. The city can also be very dangerous at night so, it’s not really recommend and proven safe to walk the streets alone. Nonetheless, Cebu City is also a good place since everything is just a travel away like when you want to go to beach, mountains, mall, etc.

Living in Cebu City is fun. Tourist spots, delicacies, and events are really eye catching. People in Cebu are known for its hospitality. No wonder, people in Cebu almost knew each other since the have met through their mutual friends or have conversed with them on a public transportation.

Cebu City aims to have a perfect balance of nature and urban life. In the middle of the city, the fast-paced life occurs with buildings and traffic. On the other hand, you can escape from all of this within small distance. Just travel away from the middle and you can witness the beautiful greens of the mountains and the crystal clear water.

Martha, says: 2020

If someone will move to my city know we Cebuanos are very religious, so one should expect churchgoers everywhere, and we tend to celebrate fiestas or festivals a lot. And lastly know how bad traffic is so that he could prepare or anticipation of what’s to come.

This city is quite fast-paced; with heavy traffic all day and where people are always in a hurry. Tourists are also everywhere – especially Koreans, Japanese, and Chinese nationals. But even with all that, it’s a great city! It’s a cultural hot pot of so many diverse cultures. The people are also friendly!

People moving here must be willing to overcome the congested streets and flooded areas. It is filled with cars, motorcycles, and other vehicles. However, even with the stressful environment the people are kind, courteous, and welcoming. There are a number of streets vendors selling local delicacies. Tropical fruit is also very abundant in the markets.

Cebu City is one of the major cities in the Philippines. It is well-known of its annual festival which is the “Sinulog” where Cebuanos pay homage to its patron saint. Even though the city is already progressive, the rich culture of its locals is still visible around the metropolis. However, one of the city’s downsides is the worsening traffic condition.

Cebu City is quite a great place for anyone who prefers the city life over the provincial life. There are a lot of employment opportunities here as the city gets more and more industrialized. However, traffic here could really get bad at times especially during rush hours.

Clariz, says: 2020

If someone moves to my city, he or she should consider the traffic and the availability of public transport vehicles during peak hours. By six in the morning, most jeepneys are already full. By 7, traffic already start to build up. If someone works at the island’s heart of the city and must report to work at 8, then he or she must be waiting for jeepneys by 5:30. On Mondays, traffic is worse so it is advisable to head to work earlier.

Marianne, says: 2020

Cebu City is one of the industrial cities in the Philippines that has garnered attention from investors. There are lots of residential options but you should be vigilant all times. Jeepneys are the accessible mode of transportation, however, one should be mindful of the time it takes in commuting.

Jeepneys, which are local transportation, have individual signage that indicate where they’re going. They should also anticipate traffic so that they can have adequate time for travel.

Meighan, says: 2020

Cebu City is known as the Metro Manila of the Visayas. Therefore one should consider traffic in the city as the city is known for heavy traffic especially during rush hours. Cebu City is also a place for entrepreneurs. There are many small-time businessmen in Cebu. If your not into business then there are many jobs available in Cebu.

Before moving to Cebu City, people should consider the opportunities that the city can provide for them. Cebu City is continuously providing more jobs for people to have better lives. People should also consider the location of where they will be residing due to traffic of the city.

Sophia, says: 2020

Cebu City is one of the tourist spots in the Philippines. It means you have to consider the population and some traffic. But the good thing about here is you will enjoy the Sinulog Festival we celebrate every January, visiting Sto. Nino Church, Simala, Magellan’s Cross, and other museums. If you love the beach, you will also enjoy whale watching, snorkeling, diving, and swimming in Bantayan Islands.

Leopoldo, says: 2020

Known as the “Queen City of the South”, Cebu City is renowned for many things. Its booming economy (nicknamed “Ceboom”) makes it a prime business destination, with fields such as business process outsourcing (BPOs) and real estate as the lead industries. The city is also well-known for its cultural heritage, and numerous festivals such as Sinulog dot the local calendar. Cebuano residents also have the benefit of easy access to beaches, mountains, and other travel destinations without ever leaving the island. If one can stand traffic, then there is no doubt that one can have it all in Cebu.

Jennifer, says: 2020

Something to know about my city is the heavy traffic that one must be wary of. Cebu City is one of the most populated cities next to Manila, the city’s capital. Like most areas in the Philippines, the city is filled with squatter areas where the poorest of the poor reside. However, taking all things into consideration, Cebu City is one of the most developed cities in the Philippines, which makes it a good city.

Princess, says: 2020

Cebu city is a beautiful place to stay with your friends and family. Unlike other cities in the Philippines, there are less traffic jams here. The people in this city are usually very friendly and approachable. We also speak great English, so you don’t need to worry about not being able to communicate well with the locals, especially of you’re a foreigner.

Ashley, says: 2020

When moving to Cebu City, one must consider the availability of public transportation and traffic. This is because our city does not have trains, the only available modes of transportation are the jeepney, taxi, and the private car. As a result, our city has become infamous for its heavy traffic.

The city is full of traffic. Also, you can’t just use your phone wherever you are because there are many thieves around the city. You need to be careful of your belongings because thieves are everywhere and they dress just like normal people would do.

Cebu City, the Queen of the South, is one of the big cities in the Philippines. One must familiarize the Jeepney routes to be able to go around and explore the city. One must also be willing to do anything to brave the city’s traffic, like hail a motorcycle to be able to get to your destination in a more efficient way.

If moving to Cebu City, you need to understand the jeepney alphanumeric codes. These codes indicate where the jeepney passes en route to their destination. You can always opt for a taxi but their calibrated price is Php 40.00 per ride. For one jeepney ride, you can only spend Php 8.00 as a regular passenger.

Jamilah, says: 2020
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