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Diversity and Racism in Cebu City, Cebu

eight local experts

Is Cebu City diverse? Do people from different ethnic groups get along? Here's what eight local experts had to say about diversity, inclusivity, and racism in Cebu City, Cebu.

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Cebu City, the Queen City of the South, is a melting pot of many wonders. It is buzzing with culture and heritage. Food stalls boasting of different delicacies are found almost everywhere. It is also a perfect destination for someone who loves the beach. And if you’re worried about getting lost, don’t be – the city is full of friendly, approachable people!

Tricia, says: 2020

If you come here to Cebu City, you will be welcomed with warm smiles by strangers who are always fascinated by the different races. Foreigners are given extra attention. Our city has wonderful places you can visit. We also have a lot of white sand beaches outside the city. My city is thriving and evolving to a much better version of itself.

Someone moving to Cebu City must be prepared for the heavy traffic every rush hour. The heavy traffic, however, cannot prevent every visitor to move to since my city offers a lot of beautiful scenery and historical spots that would mesmerize every adventurous individual. My city is a mix of diverse ethnic cultures that one, moving in, canadapt.

Joshua, says: 2020

Cebu City is known as the Queen City of the South. This is the land where brevity, simplicity and happiness are given importance to the native people. We welcome with warmth and sincerity all the races in the world and appreciate the diversity of each people because in diversity there is unity. We can achieve greater and achieve our goals if we conquer as one. do not be afraid of who you are or what you are because in Cebu City, Philippines we are one.

Raichelle, says: 2020

You may find the whole place filled with people walking in a slow pace and you may feel lost but despite that, you will be able to adapt and appreciate the beauty that abounds diverse culture. The vibrant colors of city lights, the tall buildings and the rattled surroundings due to adults’ busting loud music in the area and children playing coins and balls. We may have neighbors who gossip but everyone is just friendly and hospitable. You will never get hungry.

This city is quite fast-paced; with heavy traffic all day and where people are always in a hurry. Tourists are also everywhere – especially Koreans, Japanese, and Chinese nationals. But even with all that, it’s a great city! It’s a cultural hot pot of so many diverse cultures. The people are also friendly!

Cebu City is a place where you can experience a great culture and at the same time a diverse environment. Most Cebuanos are very hospitable not just to locals but also to foreigners. Cebu City is a one of a kind destination since it offers different wonderful destinations to everyone.

If someone moves to our city, he or she must be aware of our rules and must be willing to accept our culture. They have the right to look around but they must always consider to respect the people and our nature, and discrimination is not allowed, and lastly be happy.

Thomas, says: 2020
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