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Living in Surat, Gujarat:
Tips for Moving and Visiting

49 local experts

If you've been wondering what it's like to live in or visit Surat, the Crowdsourced Explorer community can help. We asked 49 people living in Surat what someone who is considering moving to or visiting there should know. Here are their pros and cons, tips, and advice:

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49 comments on “Surat”

Surat – the city of sun as it is called. Surat is very famous for its street food. It’s people are very easy going and they love to spend their time on weekends for outing and entertainment purposes. Surat is also one of the leading cities in the diamond and textile industry. You can find many different types of clothes and design in markets of Surat. It has many good colleges and educational institutions.

Shakoor, says: 2020

Surat, the city of sun, is famous for its diamond and textile business across the world. Anyone, who wants to purchase jewellery or Sarees must visit Surat for the same. Apart from this, Surat is also known for ‘Ficus religiosa’ also popularly known as Peepal tree which dates back thousands of years. It is said to have existed from the time of Mahabharata. Karna, from this mythology, is said to have burrows under this tree and thus the place holds a lot of sacred vibes.

Akshar, says: 2020

It is one of the fastest growing cities of the country and also the second cleanest city of the country. It is widely known for diamond and textile industry. That has also brought other ancillary services to the city. The food of the city is very famous in the country. There are old monuments that were built by the Britishers.

Surat is a beautiful city situated on the banks of river Tapi in the south of Gujarat. The atmosphere in the city is moderate. If you belong to some Metropolitan city then you might face difficulties settling here. Transportation facilities available here include Auto-rickshaws, BRT Buses, City Buses, etc. The city is ranked four in the list of cleanest cities of India.

Adarsh, says: 2020

Surat is a beautiful city of South Gujarat with unruffled life and serene ambience. It has got a number of modes of transportation. The population is around 61 lakhs and it ranks fourth in the list of the cleanest cities of India. Surat is a place best suited for food lovers. The city has got historical significance since 1613 with the Britishers’ setting their first factory in Surat.

Soumya, says: 2020

Anybody who visit my city should know that the Surat city is the city of Diamonds. Textile market of surat is one of the largest in the country. According to latest reports Surat is listed as Second cleanest city of India. Also it is the fastest growing city in the country.

Revuri, says: 2020

Surat is in south Gujarat. It is well known as the diamond city of the country. It is also famous for its textile market. Most people are wealthy businessman or textile workers. It is also the second cleanest city in the country. The city also has an international airport.

Ruhina, says: 2020

Surat is the second cleanest city in India. It is relatively safe than most part of the country for women of all ages. The education system however, still needs to develop in areas of innovation and understanding. The food is very cheesy, I mean everything and anything can be eaten over here with cheese.

Jeethu, says: 2020

There’s a famous saying people of surat go by “Live in surat, die in kashi”. The city is peaceful yet fast-paced. Suratis love food, and surat will fulfill all your food fantasies. It is one of the cleanest cities in the nation, having recently ranked second. It has amazing weather all year around. And not to forget, the three amazing beaches in its proximity.

Rishabh, says: 2020

Surat is a wonderful city. If you think of visiting a place where you are looking for something spicy and scrumptious, Surat is the best place. you will find Aloo Poori, Khavsa and Khaman at every street. As it is known to its inhabitants, Tapi river provides fresh water. Do visit this refreshing city with best roads and clean environment.

Shalini, says: 2020

Surat is the diamond city therefore all person get job in Surat. People who were not get job in any field that people get job in diamond industry. Surat have a fabric industry which is a famous in the whole India. Surat is a very neat and clean city therefore best place for stay.

Shweta, says: 2020

If moving to Surat, you have to know about Dumas beach. That’s the only good thing about Surat. I don’t find Surat interesting. The population density is too high for my tastes.

Surat city is in Gujarat, India. When you enter the city, your nostrils will be filled with captivating aroma of “Aalu Puri”, the most eaten and most liked dish of the city. Moving on, don’t forget to visit Tapi river. The people of Surat love to eat, so, if you are a foodie, it’s a heaven for you.

Satveer, says: 2020

Do not worry about atmosphere, because atmosphere is neither so hot nor so cool here. People are also very helpful. Living standard is also not so high and not very poor. Keep your mind ready for noise what you facing in every area and mostly whole the day.

Anirban, says: 2020

Surat doesn’t really have a good public transportation system and they need to bring their own vehicle to travel in my city. And my city has a lot of pollution and people often have health problem because of all the pollution here, so they should consider before moving here.

Ankita, says: 2020

The town is famed for its material and diamond businesses. According to an estimate, three-quarters of the world’s diamonds are reduced and polished in Surat. Diwali, Makar Sankranti, and Ganesh Chaturthi are the most celebrated festivals. Surat has a wide variety of academic establishments which includes faculties and colleges. Most of the faculties have Gujarati language as the medium of education.

Swathi, says: 2020

Surat is known for Khakhra and Khaman. These are eating items you should eat when you visit Surat. You should visit Bombay Chopati here and Lakeview Garden; they both are something where one should visit.

Esakki, says: 2020

Surat is a diamond city and is famous for street food, cotton mills, and silk. It is one of the economic capitals of the country and has been listed among the cleanest cities in India. Due its location as coastal city and varieties of shopping markets, it is one of most visited cities, experiencing visitors from all around India.

Shilpi, says: 2020

A person willing to move to my city must have a good command of languages used locally. Languages spoken here include Gujarati, Hindi and English. The person should have mobile phone with internet connection. It would be great for navigation purpose. A guide should be hired. Person must have Indian currency in hand.

Prabhat, says: 2020

Surat is place of food loving people. Person who is fond of varieties of food, must visit Surat. Apart from foods Surat is also known for many places like museum, zoo, fish aquarium, auditorium, beaches etc. City is also known for city bridges. Almost 100 bridges are built in Surat. Historically moguls were ruling Surat. And Many times Chhatrapati Shivaji attacked Surat for raising funds.

Surat is known as city of diamonds. Surat is also among top five cleanest cities in India and have the largest sugar factory in Asia. In future surat is going to develop a lot and you can also become a part of it, and surat have many good opportunities to grow your business.

Vanshika, says: 2020

If anybody wants to move to Surat, first of all the person should have good taste buds or else one might miss a lot here. Good news for girls, do move to textile and diamonds if you wish to be in the list of fashionistas for the rest of your lives.

Yashaswini, says: 2020

Anyone moving here, Surat should consider the following:
– Surat is a city in a dry state, i. e no alcohol.
– It is a city full of foodies.
– We have very less traffic.
– The nightlife is average at best.
– Housing is relatively inexpensive.
– People are very kind and helpful.

Easwar, says: 2020

Know how to speak and write in Gujarati. Although the town is filled with many native and non-native residents but shopkeepers and local people still rely on speaking their native language only. The food here is great, you can get a great deal on food choices and plus the food is affordable.

Aditya, says: 2020

If you have decided to move to a surat city yo have made the right decision. surat is on the way to become a megacity. surat is already a smart city. You will find all facilities in surat. surat has achieved the award of the cleanest city. surat is known for its cleanliness and smart features.

Saloni, says: 2020

know Gujarati/Hindi language proper for communicating with localities. If he/she coming her for business purpose then he/she must have knowledge about what type of business is best in city. My city is popularly known as ‘Diamond City’ and Surat is biggest textile manufacturing hub.

Deepika, says: 2020

Ours is a dry state, so no one allowed to consume or serve alcohol in public. if you are looking for a fun city where you can go clubbing every weekend that’s not ours.

Shahab, says: 2020

i lives in surat city from Gujarat. this city is big and wonderful. surat city rank of second in population. tapi river in surat. diamond industries and textile industries lots of in surat city. most of state people job in this industries. all religious people lives in surat. sixty five lakhs people lives in surat city.

Krishna, says: 2020

Surat, Gujarat, is one of the fastest growing cities of India with population over five million. Surat is famous for diamond and textile industries. There is an industrial area is surat called Hazira. Surat is known as city of overbridges. Surat is one of the cleanest city of india.

Puneet, says: 2020

There are certain things that one needs to keep in mind before moving to Surat.

Firstly, you must remember Surat is a business hub, textile industry and diamond being its two pillars. Naturally, it lacks the availability of corporate jobs. Thus, if you’re moving to the city to earn some bread, you should have a vision of setting up a new business in the aforesaid fields and scale up your skills accordingly.

Secondly, a majority of the population commonly speak Gujarati/Hindi. I recommend you get yourself a basic understanding of the languages to feel more comfortable.

As far as food is concerned, you will find a variety of cuisines in the city which will be a blessing to your taste buds. But one must also remember that non-vegetarian food isn’t produced and consumed much here and may not be easily available.

if you’re an alcohol-lover, this city might not the most perfect destination for you. Gujarat is a dry state and therefore there are no liquor shops nor do there exist any pubs/bars.

Weather here is quite pleasant throughout the year and therefore you need not worry about the same. It can get a little too hot during summers but I wouldn’t say that it’s unmanageable.

Unlike the metropolitan cities, traffic here is almost non-existent. Transportation facilities are comparatively cheaper as well.

Surat is beautiful and a lively city and if moving here won’t be a decision that you would regret.

Shivam, says: 2020

Surat is mostly known for its food and diamond and textile industries. If you’re looking to grow in those fields, Surat is the best place for you to move. You could either start up your own venture or you could get a job, both options are pretty good to consider.

Sathya, says: 2020

Surat is the fourth fastest developing city in the world. Surat is ‘The Diamond Hub’ and it is also famous for textiles. The life in Surat city is far relaxing compared to other cities in India. The infrastructure is well developed and standard of living in Surat is very high.

Simranjit, says: 2020

Surat city is the best among the cities of Gujarat. The labourers of different states comes to Surat for their growth and development. Development of Surat city is increasing day by day and the ability of the youngsters is much more better than other states and country.

– It is a Diamond city, most Diamonds are exported from Surat.
– If you are a foodie or love to eat, you must consider moving.
– Accommodation is cheap compared to other cities.
– If you are a party animal, weekend would be a blast for you.
– If you are looking for safe city, mine is the best.

Rachna, says: 2020

I am from surat in most popular business. One is diamond business and second is textile business. Many people work from in this sector so someone in India most prefer to movie in this city. Surat city in very most popular in food Is locho and dhokla, jalebi, fafda is very popular all over the World. Surat is india’s fastest growing city in economically.

Rishabh, says: 2020

It is famous for textile and it is known as diamond city. That person will get all delicious food there and a person will able to enjoy his life freely. And that person will also get everything in his budget. That person will also get good opportunities here for the business.

Sushmitha, says: 2020

Surat is a great place. It’s also known as “Flyover City”. There are a lot of Flyovers in this city. There are many beaches to relax. Surat is also called a diamond city as diamond business and diamond institutes are here.

It’s always been said that Surat, the diamond city of state of Gujarat. As far as its location is concerned, it’s one of the prime area of south Gujarat with harbor and international airport facilities. known for its food and amicable people. bit crowded, but at the same time having a great web of flyovers to deal with traffic problems.

Surat is a great place. The city has lot of business and employment opportunities in diamond and textile sectors. We are great food lovers. City is clean and well maintained. It is well connected to metro cities by train and air. You will never repent for choosing this city to stay.

It’s a place where people get hope to do something new and initiative, there are beautiful places to visit though, which is impressive all together. It would be glad to hear that you are moving here. Here we don’t have any issues regarding travel or people don’t starve here for food they earn it and live happily.

There isn’t a lot of sightseeing to do in Surat. There are a bunch of upcoming malls and eateries lining up on every corner. But the eateries certainly offer delectable food, and are the essence of this city when it comes to satisfying those hunger pangs.

Akshay, says: 2020

Be a businessman or employee or self employed to survive in this megacity. In my city every person has a large competition in their business. One of the great businesses is the diamond business as my city is a diamond city. My city has also been given a tag of mini Singapore as there are many flyover in the city.

Awesome place with joyful and foodie people love to celebrate all festival. I am from Surat city. Gujarat’s fastest growing city. Surat is well known for their diamond and textiles business. People in surat happy an easy going. You can discover various kind of food. Cheap city and pocket saver.

Khushi, says: 2020

Surat is city of Diamond, Clothes business. and Surat is famous for its street food and various dishes. grab your entrepreneurship and excitement for food and come to surat with people of joy and happiness. People who want live luxurious life Dumas road area is popular one and for medium class people Rander and Udhna is best!

The people moving here should know this city is fond of eating spicy food. One must try different cuisines here to experience a complete different taste. Street food is a must try. Apart from food, this city provides a huge celebration of all the diverse festivals of India which is worth celebrating as a foreigner.

Saransh, says: 2020

Surat is in Gujarat, India. Surat is known as diamond city. Mostly Gujarati people resides in surat. There are several cloth factory. Several diamond merchant resides here. Surat has one of the large seaport and a commercial and economical center in Gujarat.

Irvinder, says: 2020

Surat is filled with lots of business and it provides opportunity looking for job or wants to start working on any new ideas. It has a lot of open space and the atmosphere is incredible. People around the city are really helpful and always ready to form a bond and help each other.

Bhavya, says: 2020

Surat is Smart city. Many people move here because every person of any age gets a job in the diamond or textile industries, etc. Also, the cost of living per person is very low compared to other smart cities. One of Surat’s best qualities is free education in government schools and many government schemes for health and financial help for middle class and poor people.

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