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Living in Meycauayan City, Philippines:
Tips for Moving and Visiting

12 local experts

If you've been wondering what it's like to live in or visit Meycauayan City, the Crowdsourced Explorer community can help. We asked 12 people living in Meycauayan City what someone who is considering moving to or visiting there should know. Here are their pros and cons, tips, and advice:

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12 comments on “Meycauayan City”

Our city is quite welcoming. It’s a city that hustles a lot. We have great food and hot weather.

Michael, says: 2023

Anyone who would consider moving to Meycauayan City should know that life here is pretty slow-paced and there is nothing much you can do around here. Except that food here is great and there are delicacies you may want to try out for yourself. Meycauayan is at least an hour drive to the metropolitan and this is a good place if you want to move away from the busy city.

Rachel, says: 2020

Consider moving to our town. You can find good places for nature trips, different food cuisines, resorts and historical places. People in our town are hospitable, friendly and lovable. Enjoy the fresh fruits and vegetables that you can personally harvest. Feel the cool breeze and sunrise each morning you wake up.

Mariah, says: 2020

Meycauayan City is administratively divided into 26 urban barangays. The current mayor of the city is Hon. Mrs. Linabelle Villarica. It is well known from its production of bakya. It is 19 kilometers north of Manila. The city has its minimum wage of Php. 400.00 for industrial workers and Php. 370.00 for agricultural workers. There are 51 malls and groceries stores in the city.

Meycauayan is known for in the jewelry industry. if you’re interested in gold and jewelry you’re going to the right place. Secondly, we have the best tanneries in the country and produces high-quality leather. We are known for our kindness and hospitality and you’ll find Meycauayan City as a very hospitable city.

Angellee, says: 2020

The city is near the capital, making it convenient for those who work in the business district. Meycauayan is known for its leather and jewelry and one would see tanneries and jewelry shops almost everywhere. However, these industries also contributed to the pollution of the river, making it unsafe for swimmers. One should exercise caution when going near the river to avoid being exposed to toxic elements.

Queenie, says: 2020

Who can live with normal person, the one who consider to move here. Then that would be great if there was the one consider to live here even in the last life. People here was living with simple life, eating vegetables, work hard to be successful and it was so cool to live with.

Meycauayan City is known for its Jewelry manufacturing industry. It is known as a place of bamboo trees. It is a nice place to build a business that is very well-known as profitable. Aside from this, It is a nice place due to its fine weather and beautiful view.

Rohaina, says: 2020

The city is much more of a residential than of a commercial one, so you can expect good sleep here. Fast foods are at Banga, but we have a wet market down the road.

Jaylord, says: 2020

Meycauayan City is the most popular with regards to jewelry making. The streets of Meycauayan are always jammed with people doing their job and other people who came to visit the city. It is very nice to see people helping each other and making the city more fun. It is also stunning that many industrial structures are being built inside the city. One of the industrial site said to be one of the biggest site in the Philippines.

Alexandrea, says: 2020

We are full of pollution and garbage. We are near the river so when it rains automatic flood comes in. Little fresh air that we have, noisy environment, full of people, traffic is horrible especially in the morning. In short, it’s not a good place to move.

Unfortunately I cannot think of anything that makes my city stand out from the others. However, I do believe that an advantage of living in Meycauayan is that it’s relatively closer to NLEX, so it may be easier to enter Metro Manila in the sense that it takes less time to do so. Also, depending on where you stay, it is important to note that it floods often during the rainy season; You should choose the location for your next home wisely.

Lourdes, says: 2020

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