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If you've been wondering what it's like to live in or visit Santa Maria, the Crowdsourced Explorer community can help. We asked 19 people living in Santa Maria what someone who is considering moving to or visiting there should know. Here are their pros and cons, tips, and advice:

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He/She must know that the Sta. Maria is one of the growing town in Bulacan. We all have the commodities we need with a lot of sources everywhere within the town. But also heavy traffic occurs in some areas of Sta. Maria, so you better pack more patience before you travel away from the town going to manila or pampanga. Sta. Maria is such a wonderful place to live.

Charie, says: 2020

Santa Maria, Bulacan, is home of the best chicharon. Most people love it, and aside from that, bibingka is popular too. The rice cake is good eaten hot or warm. You can see bibingka served at a birthday party, and the chicharon can be a side dish when drinking beer.

Kristine, says: 2020

My city is known for the production of chicken eggs and considered as the Chicharon Capital of the Philippines. At the city center, the Poblacion, you could see different walk-in stores of Chicharon. If you may not know, Chicharon are pork rinds, fried until they’re crispy and seasoned with salt and spices. Chicharon is the pride of Sta. Maria, Bulacan.

I think if there is something to consider for people who are actually thinking moving here is our the best product Chicharon. This is what people always find, especially, the tourists, when they visit in our city. We also have plenty of places here when people would find peaceful and good to live at.

Santa Maria is a town at the outskirts of Bulacan. If you’re looking to live somewhere peaceful yet accessible, this is it. You’ll pass by lots of farmland, which is perfect if you like the countryside. Even so, it’s just a few minutes away of driving from your favorite fast food chain or marketplace. It has the perfect balance of urban and rural life.

Our City, Santa Maria, Bulacan, is known for its famous products which is the chicharon. People gather every February to celebrate the crispy chicharon festival where people are proudly flaunting different delicacies made with our famous this famous product which is made of deeply fried pork skin. We are also know for as the place where the famous Philippine Arena is located.

Santa Maria is one of the best places you can live. For people who consider moving, they should know about the beautiful spots in our city like historical churches and famous landmarks of heroes. Aside from those, our city is well known for its local delicacies like chicharon, bibingka, and more.

Alliah, says: 2020

Santa Maria is known for fireworks and pork rinds. Someone should consider moving to Santa Maria if they love what the countryside offers: the peace, nature, and festivities. The kind of people in this town are humble, kind, and cheerful. Santa Maria offers an escape from the city life you surely don’t wanna miss.

We have the best chicharon in the whole-wide world. Also, Bulacan or Central Luzon, specifically, is the Rice Granary of the Philippines. People here are also very religious and joyful. We celebrate different kinds of festivities especially religious rites that is why we are also called the Culture Capital of the Philippines.

Our municipality, Sta. Maria, was named from Virgin Mary, the known mother of Jesus. Consequently, there lies the church in the heart of the place to honor its patron saint. The place also offers a famous delicacy called chicharon, which is pork skin fried to crisp. This industry offered many jobs to people.

Michelle, says: 2020

Our city has plenty of terminal for easy transportation. Aside from that, there are also numerous trees that can give us a huge amount of oxygen. There are also convenient stores everywhere, so it would be less of a hassle if you actually consider living here. People are courteous.

Someone moving to Santa Maria must know that it is affordable and cheap here. Basic goods, apartments, nightlife and more are relatively cheap. And the community here is quite hospitable and great. You would enjoy and get the hang of it. Surely it will be a lifetime experience that you would never forget.

Dexter, says: 2020

our city has different kinds of specialties mostly in food, it’s also rich in history that really capture the hearts of every tourist that visits here. It’s really peaceful because of the approachable and friendly people, even though we’re nearby other cities, our city remains quiet and clean that a family could start their good life.

Angelie, says: 2020

Someone moving to Santa Maria, Bulacan, should consider having a wide garage because people here love parties and we bond together for events all year-long. We have festivals for pork skin, saints, and events from history. We tend to always have a reason to have a party for everyone to enjoy.

Yunica, says: 2020

Santa Maria is a peaceful city where no serious crime is being committed or reported daily. People know each other and they work together to improve the status of our city. It is also one of the places in our country where history and culture are richly preserved. Looking back at our country’s historic past, we take pride in saying that we have contributed something very important to fight for the independence of our country against foreign oppressors. Many heroes and literary greats hailed from my city which means that we are a community of great and cultured people. Add to that, our city has been classified as a premiere community according to a survey conducted by a very reliable organization based abroad. As of today, we have been enjoying a peaceful and progressive life in this city.

Jayson, says: 2020

For those people moving here, you must take time to study our language and culture. You should try to be friendly and always be respectful to the elders. You must know how to ask politely. You should keep in mind that in our city we have so much respect for the people who is older than us.

The best thing about Santa Maria is the geological aspect of the place. This place is not like any city in Bulacan. The flood doesn’t reach this town. Also, there are mountains covering the city which makes it naturally cooler than other cities in Bulacan.

Santa Maria is very beautiful. We have a great citizens here, there are plenty of shops and malls, especially restaurants or fast food. in Santa Maria, we have the best fireworks and foods to offer to everyone. We have everything that you need here. There’s no traffic here. No crimes. It’s very peaceful here.

This is such a beautiful city. There are establishments such as food parks, malls, public and private schools, hospitals and clinics, and other establishments. This city is known for chicharon or crispy pork. You will not regret moving here.

Rojean, says: 2020

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