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What are medicine, hospitals, and health issues like in Durgapur, West Bengal?

five local experts

From healthcare costs to how easy it is to find a doctor, here's what five local experts had to say about medicine and health in Durgapur, West Bengal.

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Durgapur is an Industrial town which has increasingly become a hub for education and healthcare outside of Kolkata. It is a largely planned, clean, and prosperous city where the writ-of-law ensures safe living. However, don’t let the city’s recent industrial past fool you into believing that it has nothing rooted in India’s ancient history to offer you. Besides being home to some of the country’s best schools, colleges, and hospitals, Durgapur also has an 800-year old Temple dedicated to Shiva that is sure to transfix architecture-lovers, history-buffs, and culture-hounds alike.

Jayadratha, says: 2023

The city is often known as the Ruhr of Bengal. With its proximity to coal mines and the Durgapur Steel plant, it has earned the name of the “Steel City”. Being a fairly new city, Durgapur is more advanced and sophisticated than a majority of the towns in India. With state of art hospitals, ornate railway stations, and affordable public transportation system it paints the picture of an ideal suburban town. It is home to the NIT Durgapur, one of the premier engineering college in durgapur. With excellent waste management, abundant fresh water supply, and quality education it is an ideal spot to settle down. The town draws its water supply from the Damodar River valley Project which in itself in an engineering marvel.

The city is modern and have been populated only recently. As a result, the city is perfect for a lavish life complete with fancy private schools, shopping malls, state of art railway services, and an incredible public transportation system. Often known as the “Steel Capital of East India” the city is famous for the famous steel plant, often dubbed as the Ruhr or Bengal owing to the booming industries. The city is the site of the Damodar river valley project, an engineering marvel, supplying water to the entire city block. The city is at an ideal distance from the state capital and is an excellent spot for people looking to settle down. It also houses the state regional engineering college, one of the best in the country and is dotted with state of the art hospitals.

Resham, says: 2020

Someone who is trying to move to my city, Durgapur, must first know what this place is known for. This place is known for its industries; so, Durgapur is often called an industrial city. Knowing this can help the person look for jobs here if he is searching for them. This place also has some good schools, like D. A. V. Model School, K. V. Model School. These will be helpful for students. This is a place with abundance of water supply, electricity (with little or no power cuts), shopping centres, abundance of spaces for building new houses, easy access to hospitals, pharmacies, and so many other things.

Prachi, says: 2020

Durgapur is a small industrial town in West Bengal. Durgapur, mainly, an industrial town has seen a tremendous change in scenery. It has become the education hub in eastern India. Along with education, lots of hospitals, malls, parks, residential campuses have also spring up to accommodate the growing population. It is a quiet town with good-natured and peace-loving people.

Nimisha, says: 2020
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