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Colorado Springs
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What are medicine, hospitals, and health issues like in Colorado Springs, Colorado?

two local experts

From healthcare costs to how easy it is to find a doctor, here's what two local experts had to say about medicine and health in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

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Colorado Springs has an altitude of over 6,000 feet. Living in an area with high altitude can have its challenges to people with certain health issues. If you are accustomed to living in high altitude, then you will certainly love the vistas and wonderful outdoor experiences that living in Colorado Springs can afford you. If you are young and do not have extreme health issues, then just remember to drink plenty of water when you arrive here, and give yourself plenty of time to adjust to the altitude before climbing America’s Mountain, Pikes Peak.

Silvia, says: 2020

Colorado Springs is a great place. There are many beautiful places. One of the most popular past times with the locals, is hiking. However, high altitude is something to be aware of. Tourists often suffer from altitude sickness. Make sure you stay hydrated while visiting Colorado.

Elizabeth, says: 2020
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