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Living in Mangalore, Karnataka:
Tips for Moving and Visiting

18 local experts

If you've been wondering what it's like to live in or visit Mangalore, the Crowdsourced Explorer community can help. We asked 18 people living in Mangalore what someone who is considering moving to or visiting there should know. Here are their pros and cons, tips, and advice:

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18 comments on “Mangalore”

I live in Mangalore and I absolutely love this place. I’m 10 minutes away from the beach and I walk down pretty often. It is a hot and humid place and that’s probably the only drawback for someone not too used to it. It’s best to wear caps or sunglasses to avoid the heat but there’s plenty of fresh fruit juice stalls and coconuts here that will surely keep you hydrated. The breeze is always nice and crisp. It rains when it gets too hot but quickly dries up too. The people here are very friendly and welcoming and at any point you will not find yourself stranded.

I hope you do visit and if you wish to relocate, it’ll be great for your kids and you as education tops the list and there are way too many activities to stay busy!

Manjori, says: 2023

Mangalore is a coastal city. The weather is usually humid and hot. Sunscreen and a cap are a must that should be carried by someone. There are also many tourist places that one can visit while staying here. There are many temples that were built in the 1,700s.

Akshara, says: 2020

Mangalore is a very vibrant city with lots of parks and recreational areas. There are multiple restaurants and movie theatres. The people are kind and friendly. However one must remember that it rains here for more eight months in a year so one may have to keep an umbrella handy at all times.

Mangalore is city at south of India. People from Mangalore are very friendly. Expenditure in Mangalore is very less compared to other cities. Various food and language makes Mangalore unique. People from various states and countries visit Mangalore for education and tourism. In Mangalore, People like to roam around in beaches and to try different food cuisines.

Niharika, says: 2020

Mangalore is known for its hot and humid weather for the most part of the year. It’s also one of the fastest growing cities in India, so one can expect a lot of traffic. But Mangalore is also blessed with many beaches and good restaurants. The coastal food is a speciality here. It is also lined with renowned medical and dental colleges.

Mufaddal, says: 2020

My city has a moderate climate throughout the year. It is along the ocean. Hence, my city is filled with moisture in the air, and can make one feel sweaty a lot. One should be okay with a moderate climate to move to my city. It is a lovely place to stay at.

The city is famous for beaches and ports. It’s famous for carnatic music, kannada food and culture. People are nice and peaceful and respect the traditions and culture a lot. Men usually wear lungi and shirts while women wear sarees and wear flowers in hair. The climate is nice. Day is usually hot and humid while nights are cool and breezy!

Kavisha, says: 2020

Mangalore is a very good city for those who prefer a lavish lifestyle and relaxation. The standard of living is one of the best in the country. The climate is tropical with moderate annual rainfall. Medical facilities and amenities are top notch. Mangalore has a rich cultural history and the people are friendly.

Mangalore is the second largest city in the state of Karnataka. It has been renamed as Mangaluru. Mangaluru is a port city known for its beaches and pleasant weather. Since it is a coastal area, seafood is popular in Mangaluru. Students from different states of India come here for their education, especially keralites. And to someone moving to Mangalore/Mangaluru, it would be a very good decision.

Keshab, says: 2020

Mangalore officially known as Mangaluru is famous for beaches. if you are moving here then you will be able to enjoy the beach scenarios here. and it’s home to many famous temples like mangaladevi temple, Gokarnanatheshwara temple and more. It’s one of the cleanest cities in India.

Meenakshi, says: 2020

Mangalore is a coastal city with lots of beaches and temples. People are friendly and hardworking. It is famous for it’s delicious cuisine and popular dishes. It has many schools and colleges providing great education to the students. There are many places one can visit including the popular beaches and temples.

Zeenat, says: 2020

Multiple languages are spoken out here apart from the official language of the state. It’s easy to commute from one part of the city to another due to large number of public transport options available. The city is well connected by road, rail, air and water transport to all parts of the country. The weather remains largely warm due to its proximity to the sea, hence winters are a rarity. One can feel the chills during the monsoon season when copious amounts of rain drench the city and beautify its landscape.

Mangalore is a safe city. Though it may not be clean, it is still one of the most hygienic cities in India with organised streets and pavements. Living in mangalore isn’t as costly as its counterpart Bangalore, though rents are usually high if you want to accommodate in a flat.

Renowned for its coast-line, vibrant temples and churches, the small city of Mangalore is much more than just that. As you walk its criss-cross roads built above canals, munch on the signature Goli-Baje straight out of oil, feel the breeze cast in by the coconut trees that lay on either ends of the road, you become one with the city and feel the warmth and love given by those.

Ashwini, says: 2020

Mangalore is known for its beaches and a beautiful painting of St. Aloysius chapel which is in Mangalore. Here people speak plenty of languages. We have some famous colleges in town where many North Indians come to study here and enjoy their life. this Is all about Mangalore.

Sathya, says: 2020

Mangalore is known for its harsh climate. Especially during summers, it gets really hot and humid. Which can be at times pretty unbearable. Even in the rainy season the humidity level is at pretty high level. And these two seasons are pretty much 3/4th of the year, so it is something important to consider before moving to my beautiful city.

Shriya, says: 2020

Mangalore is a city in Karnataka state. This city is famous for the traditions and mainly this city is a godly land created by Lord parashuram. The people here are very generous and kind hearted. Fish is famous cuisine in Mangalore. Mangalore city is also famous for beaches. There is a festival called Duessera that happens in my city where people all over the world visit to see the beauty of the city. The entire city will be filled with lights on that day.

Revuri, says: 2020

Mangalore is a really great city and has all the required facilities like schools and colleges, hospitals, malls, entertainment centers near to each other and takes only a ten minute drive from each other. The city has many attractions to view and malls to visit when you’re bored. It’s better to know languages like Kannada or Hindi to get by here but English will do just fine.

Kadiri, says: 2020

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