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Living in Kingston, Jamaica:
Tips for Moving and Visiting

62 local experts

If you've been wondering what it's like to live in or visit Kingston, the Crowdsourced Explorer community can help. We asked 62 people living in Kingston what someone who is considering moving to or visiting there should know. Here are their pros and cons, tips, and advice:

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Kingston, Jamaica offers a unique blend of vibrant culture, stunning natural beauty, and a relaxed island lifestyle. The city is rich in history, being the birthplace of reggae music and home to the iconic Bob Marley Museum. Its warm climate and beautiful beaches provide ample opportunities for outdoor activities and water sports. Additionally, Kingston’s diverse culinary scene, bustling markets, and friendly locals create an immersive experience that showcases the true essence of Caribbean living.

If you are moving to Kingston, you would need an air conditioner. It’s very hot and humid here. You would have to love a very busy neighborhood as every day you will see everyone who is passing by, and every night it’s a party. You most definitely have to be friendly here; we don’t like people who are problematic. In Kingston, you will find that almost everyone knows each other; that’s just how we are. Lastly, you better love food, as the smells of roasted peanuts, jerk chicken, soup, and fried chicken permeate the air. You are sure to be left in a daze of hunger, as your mouth will water to taste the flavors that taunt your nose. Besides, you will be sure to find a gym to work off all the calories from giving in to the smells, lights, and activities of my beautiful hometown of Kingston, Jamaica.

Aaliyah, says: 2023

Kingston is the business and political capital of Jamaica. It is a dynamic city, bordered on the south by the Kingston Harbour, the seventh largest natural harbour in the world. It is also a stone’s throw away from Port Royal, once regarded as the world’s wickedest city and the stomping ground of pirates like Sir Henry Morgan. The city of Kingston is a melting pot of buildings of various architectural styles, restaurants catering to every palate, cinemas and theatres, government buildings, museums and factories. Most of all Kingston is home to some amazing people.

Yashema, says: 2020

Kingston is a vibrant city and the capital of Jamaica. If you are a food lover, you won’t go hungry with the many restaurants offering a variety of local and international cuisines. If you are used to travelling by train or bike, be prepared to drive since the public transport system may not be as reliable in Kingston. The city is relatively affordable and many beautiful neighborhoods to live.

Kalila, says: 2020

Kingston is very bright and active. There are many activities that appeal to a variety of individuals. Kingston, the capital of Jamaica, is filled with museums, restaurants, malls, and bars which residents and visitors enjoy greatly.

Joyann, says: 2020

Kingston is the capital city with a vast array of employment opportunities. Entertainment and attractions are also plentiful with easy access through quick public transportation. It is however densely populated and the price of land and rent is high and a at times prohibitive. One must also be wary of the relatively high levels of crime and violence.

Yashema, says: 2020

Kingston is the home of reggae and fun. Its nightlife is one of a kind and as left many visitors wishing to return. The climate is also wonderful, with warm sunny days and cool nights.

Andrew, says: 2020

I currently live in Kingston, Jamaica and anyone who wishes to live here would need to know: there are certain places that are not safe for strangers, locals will hackle you if they think they can and be open to trying new food- some items sound scary but they’re really good!

Apryll, says: 2020

If you move to Kingston, you have to be aware that crime is very high. You need to very vigilant in protecting yourself and being safe. Do not wear jewelry when walking on the street and keep valuables out of sight. Once you do that, you should have so security issues.

Alicia, says: 2020

The city of Kingston is a busy city with tall buildings and crowded areas. However, Kingston is the capital of Jamaica and consists of important people in high places. Although a place of work, it has many hotels and resorts for relaxation. Many schools are also in this city with high performing students.

Barrington, says: 2020

Kingston is one of the business hubs and entertainment parishes in Jamaica. Numerous crimes are usually reported in this city as well. Yet, you can enjoy the culture of Jamaica by visiting communication such as Trench Town – the home of the famous Bob Marley. Likewise, dining out at some of the most vibrant restaurants that serve delicious meals.

Abbygail, says: 2020

My city is like most city centres, very robust and fast-paced. However, day and night time activities are have coexisted beautifully. From charming old buildings to the modern recreational spaces the city has preserved its history while breathing new life. A myriad of restaurants and shopping centres line the outskirts of the city.

Catherine, says: 2020

The city of Kingston is a beautiful place. It is a place where people reside and work. It is the capital of Jamaica and is also frequently visited by visitors to the island. Kingston is a very busy place and can be considered as the parish that never sleeps.

Nikita, says: 2020

Kingston is the entertainment center of Jamaica. It provides a culinary paradise for even the pickiest of eaters. Rentals and mortgages on the other hand are not fun. You should go the extra mile to earn as much as you can to eke out a living. Opt for flexible jobs that allow you to enjoy multiple streams of income.

Kalilia, says: 2020

Regarding safety one should consult the Tourist Board to identify a safe location. Kingston is the business hub of Jamaica and finding a Job should not be difficult. The more recognized High Schools are also in the City. There is also a wide variety of restaurants and entertainment is also quite diverse and worth the experience.

My city is the capital of my country, Jamaica. It has many offices, schools and other businesses. Kingston does not have many tourist venues or beaches and may require a two hour drive to the north coast on the weekend. Kingston has many restaurants, movie theatres and parks. You can even visit the Bob Marley museum and learn more about our history and culture.

Tiffany, says: 2020

On moving to Kingston Jamaica, one needs to be prepared for the humid weather. There is also a great need for a reliable taxi service to ensure a smooth and safe travel experience. Kingston, is a relatively inexpensive city as it relates to the cost of basic commodities however, one needs to be cautious to avoid overpricing of goods by the local vendors. It would also be ideal for one to know some of the local language known as patois.

Japhia, says: 2020

Kingston is the culture capital of Caribbean. It is the city that hardly ever takes a nap; there’s always an activity to entertain, to keep one awake. It is the city of Jerk food and Reggae music, dub poetry and dance. Any visitor to this place never regrets the awesome experience. In fact he or she will never be the same having been baptized into the culture of Kingston, Jamaica.

Antonio, says: 2020

The person who plans on relocating to Kingston should seek the optimum location to make their residence. Such a community will have easy access to schools, churches, shopping, medical facilities and a clean environment with good telecommunications infrastructure. A clean and well maintained environment are also important. Some communities that meet these criteria are Norbrook, Barbican, Mona, Beverly Hills, Havendale and Meadowbrook.

Shelly, says: 2020

If moving to Kingston, there is no need to worry about getting around, as there are many ways to travel. There are also great restaurants to eat at and lovely parks to enjoy. The neighborhoods are nice and the neighbors are very helpful and friendly. The weekends are the best as there are fun parties and events to attend.

Constancia, says: 2020

Kingston is the entertainment capital of Jamaica. Some of Jamaica’s richest culture is embedded in Kingston. People from rural areas in Jamaica, typically move to Kingston for upward mobility. This City houses our National Stadium, The Bob Marley Museum as well some of the country’s most famous food spots. Kingston is the New York of Jamaica.

Chevelle, says: 2020

Kingston is very beautiful. Despite the considerably small amount of trees compared to other cities, it is as beautiful as any. Kingston also have a lot of central points for shopping: Downtown, Half Way Tree, Cross Roads and even New Kingston. In addition to smaller shopping districts that are not as established, but are popular among a variety of shoppers.

Ashley, says: 2020

Kingston is the largest and most busy city of Jamaica. The streets are continuously filled with vendors, vehicles and pedestrians which can be quite overwhelming if you are new to the area. It also comprises of wonderful and distinctive architecture, beaches and restaurants which are often tourist “hot-spots” and wonderful locations for locals to relax and enjoy themselves.

Sashell, says: 2020

Kingston is the capital of Jamaica; a city with a rich, diverse and dynamic culture. There are many cultural sites to visit whether as a citizen or as a visitor. There are many restaurants, supermarkets, stores and places of amusement and of historical interest and value.

Shelly, says: 2020

Kingston, has wonderful sights to visit; such as the Bob Marley Museum on Hope Road. Since Kingston is our capital city, it houses a lot of commercial buildings which makes work opportunities easy to access. Kingston has a very lively nightlife for entertainment.

Dahlia, says: 2020

Kingston is the business restrict of Jamaica. It is known for the hot weather all year-round and easy access to shopping and transportation. The Bob Marley is also in the city of Kingston. Kingston is also famous for street side vendors and cook shops and on weekends everyone can get the tasty jerk chicken.

the crime rate is very high, and they should always be alert at all times. The city also has very high cost of living, however, one also has the opportunity to make a lot of money once they have an appropriate degree. The city is beautiful in every aspect.

Laundia, says: 2020

Kingston city is the capital of the island Jamaica, which is in the Caribbean. Kingston is the smallest parish in the island but has a large population due to its employment opportunities. This makes the city overpopulated. There are many historical attractions in Kingston such as the Ward Theatre built in the 1800s and the Jubilee market where slaves from West Africa were sold. The Coronation Market is the largest shopping area in the Caribbean and is in Western Kingston. The Kingston Harbour is ranked as the world’s 7th natural harbour and it’s quite a peaceful place.

Tajera, says: 2020

Kingston is a beautiful suburban area in Jamaica. Many businesses are in this corporate area. It is the literal heart of Jamaica and ironically, it is the smallest parish. The city can become congested at times because it is the business hub of the country. Nonetheless, Kingston is one of Jamaica’s most beautiful and historic parishes, it would be an ideal place for anyone to visit and live as such.

Kaylah, says: 2020

Wear light clothing, as the temperature can get quite warm. They should drink water throughout the day to keep cool. Wear sunscreen to protect their skin. They should always have a list of emergency contacts, in case an accident happens. They should also apply bug spray to repel mosquitoes.

Gabriella, says: 2020

Kingston is the capital of Jamaica. It is also the capital hub for job seekers. New residents will have access to more resources than those living in the countryside. Taxis and buses are easily accessible in Kingston. The main attractions in Kingston are sport bars, restaurants and parties. I love living in Kingston!

Lesandra, says: 2020

Someone moving to the city of Kingston should know the nightlife is very active. However, it is very dangerous to go out alone at night. It would be safer to go out in groups or have a local guide with you at all times. The days are very hot, so cotton clothing is greatly recommended.

Ornella, says: 2020

Kingston has been designated a creative city of music by UNESCO. The city is home to the residence of popular reggae star Bob Marley. The city also has a rich cultural heritage and is home to the famous Port Royal community which was portrayed in the popular movie, Pirates of the Caribbean.

Dahlia, says: 2020

Kingston is on the sunny east coast of Jamaica. This side of the island, though not considered the ‘hip strip’, comes alive during the night with beautiful boardwalks on the coast line, and exciting nightlife in the New Kingston area. The downtown scenery has great dining ambiance and cozy seating by the bay. A definite go to for a nice quiet conversation.

Ashley, says: 2020

Kingston traffic is bizarre in rush hour, mainly as a result of poor navigation from taxi operators and busses. This can, however, be avoided by travelling very early or very late. Aside from that, the city thrives due to its many businesses and remarkable nightlife.

Kingston is densely populated and high-rise apartment buildings are an increasingly common sight. Secondly, there is heavy traffic throughout the day, especially during regular work hours. Finally, there are some amazing cultural sites to visit such as the Bob Marley Museum and the Blue Mountains.

Reneice, says: 2020

To anyone moving to Kingston I’d inform them that if you drive long enough you’ll stumble across all walks of life. You may see charmingly cookie-cutter houses of the suburbs and then, upon turning a corner you may see a ghetto with houses made of worn aluminum. The people you pass may seem ambivalent to the way their lives vary with each step they take. The rich will carry their Prada bags and toss a few coins to the poor as they skirt around them.

Catherine, says: 2020

Kingston is quaint, charming and picturesque. There are a myriad of attractions to visit, such as beaches, artisanal markets and museums. It is important, however, to practice caution when venturing into some local neighborhoods as there have been many reported incidences of petty theft and robbery at gunpoint.

Kingston is largest city and the capital of the island of Jamaica. A part of the city was destroyed by an earthquake in the 1600s. It is in the Caribbean filled with beautiful beaches, delicious meals, and more attractions. You will not be disappointed in this beautiful city.

Someone moving to Kingston would be very familiar with international reggae artist, Bob Marley. They would also know about the famous ice cream from Devon House, the white sandy beaches and the mouth-watering, exotic meals available from restaurants all across the city. Popular dishes include jerked chicken with festivals, ackee and saltfish with breadfruit and Steamed fish with bammy.

Someone moving to Kingston should know we have amazing beaches. There are various restaurants and bars in close proximity to where you’ll be staying, each providing its own unique food and drinks. Also, there are several historic sites that are available for viewing. Additionally, someone moving to Kingston should know it is the capital which means that there is always some form of entertainment, free or paid.

Gabrielle, says: 2020

Kingston is a very beautiful city which is on a tropical island. There are many beautiful tourist attractions such as, hotels and beaches. The sunsets in the city is so amazing that one could stare at it for hours without losing focus. Kingston is amazing.

Kingston is mostly warmer than other cities and has a lot of traffic. The greatest factor is the convenience and diverse options for entertainment and business. I am the type that loves cities with beaches in close proximity to chill out spots. But, Kingston scarcely have beaches. However, within 30 minutes to an hour, you may easily drive down to nearby cities like Portmore for it’s amazing beaches.

Tiffany, says: 2020

Kingston is traditionally believed to be one of the most beautiful cities in the Caribbean. It is the home of the famous Bob Marley Museum and holds numerous attractions for visitors, including the ruins of Port Royal. Kingston is the capital of Jamaica and is the Homeland of Reggae music and Dancehall. Many people visit this city to experience our diverse culture and unique cuisine.

Deanndra, says: 2020

Kingston, though in a tropical zone has temperatures that vary from time to time throughout each day. There are numerous attractions in the city which include the famous Port Royal, Victoria Pier, Devon House, and is the home of Jamaica’s central bank. Kingston is also the capital of Jamaica and is a popular tourist destination. We are famous for our excellent food, diverse culture and great music.

Someone moving to Kingston, Jamaica, must know how to be street smart and how to reason well with the street vendors. Street smart meaning, they should be able to see impending danger and discern the motives of others. One must understand how to avoid and get out of life-threatening situations. Many times street vendors will judge and overcharge depending on how one articulates themself hence, ensuring to have that strong Jamaican Creole is key.

Sashell, says: 2020

Kingston is one of the largest cities in Jamaica. It is a city that never sleeps and one of the most vibrant places. The standard of living in Kingston maybe higher than other places in Jamaica based on that it is more developed, and there is a better chance of scoring employment. There are many ways you can enjoy yourself in Kingston, whether it be going to a party, a movie or even a restaurant. I know you will enjoy the city that never sleeps.

Dahlia, says: 2020

Kingston is on the Southeastern coast of Jamaica and has warm weather year-round. Boasting all the amenities of a modern city, it is easy to set up shop to work, play, do business and raise a family. Kingston offers a diverse mix of attractions and is populated by welcoming Jamaicans.

Kingston is an amazing place, work and raise a family. Though the city is overpopulated it has its perks just like any other city. There are many fun places to go including beaches, rivers and restaurants. Most of my friends live in Kingston and every month we find a new adventure to embark on.

Everybody wants to experience Kingston and it’s an amazing nightlife. It’s Kingston is one of those places that the world speaks about, the great Bob Marley and Usain Bolt comes from here. We have a strong culture here that is worth the trip to take and money, there are countless activities to be done here.

Israel, says: 2020

Kingston has a lot of attractions that tourists and people in the city love. it also has a lot of employment opportunities, low crime and violence rates and little or no traffic. It is good place for families, they are many good schools that will provide good education to your children.

Shantol, says: 2020

Kingston, the capital of Jamaica, was established in July 1692 where an earthquake destroyed the nearby city of Port Royal. Before the 1692 earthquake, Port Royal, established in 1518 by the Spanish on land that is off what is now Kingston Harbor, and captured by the English in 1655, was a major city in the area.

If you decide to move to Kingston, you can expect great food, great music, and great people. Not only is my city the capital of the country, but it’s also the cultural capital of the Caribbean. Did you know the great Bob Marley, the biggest cultural export from the region, started his career in Kingston? No other city in the region can boast that.

Joyann, says: 2020

Kingston, Jamaica, is beautiful. We have a lot of places for entertainment. people who are visiting Kingston should visit Devon House where they can get the best ice cream and in Kingston you can have the best patties from Tastee. Kingston has some of the best communities.

Shannaria, says: 2020

It is wise to know the area is fill with police who will be able to assist you with directions. You should also be aware that the urban area has food courts, public restrooms and taxi operators if you are traveling on foot. It is very hot in Kingston, so it is important to dress summer worthy.

Liston, says: 2020

The city is full of fun things to do. There are a lot of restaurants to enjoy the Jamaican cuisine. The city is also filled with a lot of business opportunities. It is always sunny since this is a tropical country. The city Kingston has everything to offer, you can find anything here.

Ashley, says: 2020

Kingston is the capital of Jamaica, lying on the southeast coast. The Bob Marley Museum is housed in the reggae singer’s former home. Devon house is a colonial mansion with period furnishings. Kingston has a Garden & Zoo showcase with botanical views.

Kingston is a vibrant metropolitan city with a variety of jobs, families, schools, and restaurants. It is a beautiful place, work, and do business. You can travel by bus or taxi. The restaurants include local and international cuisine such as Tastee Patties, Burger King, Starbucks, Pizza Hut and Dominos.

Kingston would be classified as a major city as this is where most big businesses are headquartered and where majority of jobs are being offered. Downtown Kingston is almost always crowded especially during the Christmas and summer. Then there is New Kingston which is much better in terms of cleanliness, transportation, food, housing etc. Expect a lot of traffic during peak hours.

Shannaria, says: 2020

Kingston is always a busy city. It is one of our most populated parishes in Jamaica. Apart from the hustle and bustle of Kingston streets, some beautiful scenery and attractions are worthwhile. Kingston is the melting pot of Jamaica, and you will find great people to meet and interact with here.

Lillie, says: 2020

Kingston is the capital of Jamaica. It is tropical and is considered the hub for doing business. Kingston is known for its nightlife. The city comes alive in the night as it is the host for many events. Kingston is vibrant. This city attracts many tourist as it is home to a wide range of Jamaican restaurants and hotel. Kingston is the place.

Constancia, says: 2020

For someone moving to Kingston, you will be living in a fun city. Kingston is full of life and city that rarely sleeps. There would be no regrets. Fun galore and a party at least every night. There is wide variety of places to go and a lot of thing to do.

Christina, says: 2020

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