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Diversity and Racism in Kingston

nine local experts

Is Kingston diverse? Do people from different ethnic groups get along? Here's what nine local experts had to say about diversity, inclusivity, and racism in Kingston.

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Kingston, Jamaica offers a unique blend of vibrant culture, stunning natural beauty, and a relaxed island lifestyle. The city is rich in history, being the birthplace of reggae music and home to the iconic Bob Marley Museum. Its warm climate and beautiful beaches provide ample opportunities for outdoor activities and water sports. Additionally, Kingston’s diverse culinary scene, bustling markets, and friendly locals create an immersive experience that showcases the true essence of Caribbean living.

Kingston is the business and political capital of Jamaica. It is a dynamic city, bordered on the south by the Kingston Harbour, the seventh largest natural harbour in the world. It is also a stone’s throw away from Port Royal, once regarded as the world’s wickedest city and the stomping ground of pirates like Sir Henry Morgan. The city of Kingston is a melting pot of buildings of various architectural styles, restaurants catering to every palate, cinemas and theatres, government buildings, museums and factories. Most of all Kingston is home to some amazing people.

Yashema, says: 2020

Regarding safety one should consult the Tourist Board to identify a safe location. Kingston is the business hub of Jamaica and finding a Job should not be difficult. The more recognized High Schools are also in the City. There is also a wide variety of restaurants and entertainment is also quite diverse and worth the experience.

Kingston is the capital of Jamaica; a city with a rich, diverse and dynamic culture. There are many cultural sites to visit whether as a citizen or as a visitor. There are many restaurants, supermarkets, stores and places of amusement and of historical interest and value.

Shelly, says: 2020

Kingston is mostly warmer than other cities and has a lot of traffic. The greatest factor is the convenience and diverse options for entertainment and business. I am the type that loves cities with beaches in close proximity to chill out spots. But, Kingston scarcely have beaches. However, within 30 minutes to an hour, you may easily drive down to nearby cities like Portmore for it’s amazing beaches.

Tiffany, says: 2020

Kingston is traditionally believed to be one of the most beautiful cities in the Caribbean. It is the home of the famous Bob Marley Museum and holds numerous attractions for visitors, including the ruins of Port Royal. Kingston is the capital of Jamaica and is the Homeland of Reggae music and Dancehall. Many people visit this city to experience our diverse culture and unique cuisine.

Deanndra, says: 2020

Kingston, though in a tropical zone has temperatures that vary from time to time throughout each day. There are numerous attractions in the city which include the famous Port Royal, Victoria Pier, Devon House, and is the home of Jamaica’s central bank. Kingston is also the capital of Jamaica and is a popular tourist destination. We are famous for our excellent food, diverse culture and great music.

Kingston is on the Southeastern coast of Jamaica and has warm weather year-round. Boasting all the amenities of a modern city, it is easy to set up shop to work, play, do business and raise a family. Kingston offers a diverse mix of attractions and is populated by welcoming Jamaicans.

Kingston is always a busy city. It is one of our most populated parishes in Jamaica. Apart from the hustle and bustle of Kingston streets, some beautiful scenery and attractions are worthwhile. Kingston is the melting pot of Jamaica, and you will find great people to meet and interact with here.

Lillie, says: 2020
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