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Living in Emalahleni, South Africa:
Tips for Moving and Visiting

14 local experts

If you've been wondering what it's like to live in or visit Emalahleni, the Crowdsourced Explorer community can help. We asked 14 people living in Emalahleni what someone who is considering moving to or visiting there should know. Here are their pros and cons, tips, and advice:

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14 comments on “Emalahleni”

Our city is very beautiful and it is surrounded by coal mines and power stations. My city offers many job opportunities as well as business opportunities. It is surrounded by good schools that have a high pass rate as well as good universities.

Ashwin, says: 2020

Emalahleni is filled with coal mines and it’s also known as the ‘coal city’. It is such a small city with very beautiful weather and consists of people who speak different languages from the official languages of South Africa. The bad side of where I live is that it’s mostly polluted by the surrounding mines.

Nokulunga, says: 2020

Anyone who is planning on moving to Witbank should know that there is too much air pollution due to mines mining coal, however there are plenty vacancies for individuals who do engineering as profession. Although it’s a small city, the crime rate is high and so is drug abuse by the youth.

My city has ample employment opportunities. Considering the fact that we are located in the highveld, there are a few mines around the city. This will especially be appealing to people that have chosen a career path in the mining industry. In addition to that, we also have a few parks to visit just for entertainment.

Thobeka, says: 2020

We have a lovely big mall for all your entertainment needs. At the mall there is also a cinema, if you are a fan of movies. And a casino, if you don’t mind a healthy dose of slot machines. We also have a few dams that would be worth visiting to take time out and revisit nature. Escaping the busy city for a day or two to relax recharge. There are ample opportunities for employment as well, especially in the mining industry.

Edward, says: 2020

The lovely mall that has both a casino and a cinema for your entertainment needs. We also have a big dam you can consider visiting, especially now that the weather is letting up. It accommodates the whole family, from grandparents to small children. If you are a fan of fishing, it will be the place I would strongly suggest you consider.

Municipal service delivery not so good, our Municipality is struggling in a number of service delivery issues, currently the state of our roads and other matters is not on point or up to standard. The community and the ward counselors are trying by all means to address these issues with Municipality.

Mandisa, says: 2020

It is a mining area. There are a lot of mine blastings around my city. We have electricity and water issues in the townships. There are a lot of drug addicts. There is a high rate of crime.

Koketso, says: 2020

Witbank is a city of coal, that’s why is called Emalahleni. in EMalahleni there are more jobs, mostly for engineers, electricals, operators and even teachers. There are so many opencast mines and power stations, schools etc. Witbank is tribe city because we have different languages, like zulu, xhosa, pedi, tswana and even swati.

If someone wants to move to Witbank, they would have to know the air is very polluted and that the town is surrounded by various mines that ads to all the pollution. It is a fairly large town with numerous shopping centres and stores, so most products are readily available, should you need something urgently.

Lerato, says: 2020

Witbank is based at eMalahleni. We have many coal mines, farms and it quite a big city with less jobs. We do have a power stations around us, there’s lot of people using drugs, some sessions are safe and some are not, we have open cast mines. In terms or education we always get higher percentage.

My city can be considered the powerhouse of South Africa, it is called “eMalahleni” which means The City of Coal. It is where most of the coal- used to make electricity- is mined in my country. Consequently, it is often cited to have the dirtiest air in the world.

We are a small town with limited work offers and a lot of mining industries around us. Our steel factory closed down a few years ago and some of the people still suffers from that retrenchments. We are a close community. Our town is close to all the bigger cities.

Emalahleni, loosely translated to English means “City of Coal”. The city thrives due to the mining companies in and around it. The coal mining industry employs 40% of the city’s population. However, Emalahleni produces the highest pollution levels in the country. This has resulted in the community members experiencing serious respiratory system illnesses.

Yasmeen, says: 2020

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