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Education and Schools in Indore, Madhya Pradesh

six local experts

From schools for early education to nearby colleges and universities, here's what six local experts had to say about education in Indore, Madhya Pradesh.

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Indore is a city with education, culture, food, and fun all in one place. It is called the ‘Food Capital’ of India and ‘Mini Mumbai’ of India. It has a climate which suits everyone because it is never extreme. The people here are friendly and the crime rate is also very less.

Prakul, says: 2020

Indore is the cleanest city in India. It is the major commercial hub in the central state of India. One can find plenty of work opportunities here. Education is also dramatically improved in the recent years. The city is safe and people here are very friendly and supportive. The people here follow a diverse range of culture and tradition. The city’s nightlife has also become lively after a flood of high-end restaurants, pubs, bars etc. The city’s traffic got better like never before.

Suyash, says: 2020

Indore is an education hub. Has IIT and IIM. It is a paradise of shopaholics. Birthplace of many celebrities and icons. It is also the home for India’s most imp Research Centre RRCAT. It is the food capital of India as it is not less than a Disneyland of food for the foodies.

Indore is a clean city. If you are foodie, then this is the best place for you. Indore is a small Mumbai. This place is best for studies. There are so many well reputed colleges here.

The city is very well known for its food and for the typical language or the words that the people in Indore uses. It is the commercial capital of the state. Indore is a developed city and has also IIT and IIM. It is also the youth hub as many students from different states come and study in Indore. It is a very friendly place and it is also very easy and convenient to live in this city.

Shahrooque, says: 2020

Indore is a well developed City of the Madhya Pradesh and and Indore is the cleanest city of the India. Indore is the mini Mumbai of India. Indore has many sectors for jobs and education systems and many other things.

Kalyan, says: 2020
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