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Diversity and Racism in Surrey, British Columbia

four local experts

Is Surrey diverse? Do people from different ethnic groups get along? Here's what four local experts had to say about diversity, inclusivity, and racism in Surrey, British Columbia.

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Surrey is currently the 2nd largest city by population in British Columbia. Surrey has a diverse culture. Considering this, many people are moving to Surrey daily. Someone moving to surrey should know surrey has an expensive Housing Market. It is also called “The City of Parks” and is an ideal place for Growing Families.

Moncef, says: 2020

Vancouver is a very clean and quiet city, where you can go from sea to mountain in one hour. Here you can enjoy outdoor, fishing, skiing, climbing and camping with incredible views and a relaxing atmosphere. Families are quite safe here, criminality rate is very low, food is very good and because of the large diversity of population you can find different cuisine in one km radius.

Surrey is called the City of Parks as we have many beautiful parks to enjoy. It consists of a diverse population and has a multicultural community. There are however still issues with racism and discrimination but in the current climate of social upheaval there is some hope that things will change.

Anchal, says: 2020

Someone moving to Surrey better know about our tight-knit community! Despite being an urban city, it is common to find people you may know on the street! We have many opportunities for international students and immigrants, and the city population is very diverse. Our school system has some of the highest academic achievement!

Francine, says: 2020
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