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Living in Vancouver, Canada:
Tips for Moving and Visiting

34 local experts

If you've been wondering what it's like to live in or visit Vancouver, the Crowdsourced Explorer community can help. We asked 34 people living in Vancouver what someone who is considering moving to or visiting there should know. Here are their pros and cons, tips, and advice:

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34 comments on “Vancouver”

It’s very expensive and salaries do not keep up with the rising inflation. 6 figure incomes are needed for an individual to live comfortably.

Overpriced and rains a lot. Polite people but shallow.

If you’re moving to Vancouver you’ll be blessed with beautiful mountains as well as beaches. Everything is close by, this place is great for a person that loves outdoors. There are several hiking trails here up in the north. Lovely west coast city, warmest city in the whole country.

Avneet, says: 2023

BC stands for bring cash… To pay high rents, and high taxes. There is 12% sales tax on everything but groceries and on hotels, parking, it is considerably more at 16-24% and about 20-40% to rent a car.

Arnold, says: 2023

Vancouver, BC is known for its breathtaking views and famous attractions. From visiting Granville Island to biking the Seawall, there are a plethora of activities for people to take part in. Vancouver is a glorious city with a bustling nightlife, and there is always something fun to do for people of all ages.

Someone considering moving to Vancouver, BC should find a place to stay long before arriving in the city. It is not easy to find one, so it should be prioritized to ensure a smooth moving process. They can do this by searching on Craigslist or asking relatives and friends.

Vancouver has a spectacular and a safe setting. Clearly the nature is unparalleled. There are many hiking opportunities in stunning nature, all within an hours driving distance. The weather is very acceptable, though it is rainy and cloudy in the winter it is manageable. It offers plenty of outdoor activities nearby, people and services are generally good. It also offers good and cheap community swimming pools and social clubs.

Jessica, says: 2020

Vancouver is a Canadian city located in the province of British Columbia. Someone considering moving to Vancouver should be aware of the weather here. Oftentimes, Vancouver’s weather is compared to that of London’s because of how often it would rain. In addition, Vancouver is a great city for those who enjoy outdoor activities, such as hiking, biking, skiing or snowboarding.

Aleksandra, says: 2020

Before moving to Vancouver, it is best to consider where you would specifically want to reside in. For those endeared to the bustling city life, Downtown is an excellent bustling hub of activities and events to move to. For the ones seeking a quiet space with lovely neighborhoods, Kitsilano is a peaceful and wonderful neighborhood to gravitate towards to.

Jugraj, says: 2020

Vancouver is a city in which it rains quite frequently, though its residents quickly acclimate to the weather after moving here. There is a vast array of outdoor activities available for those who enjoy getting outside. The rent prices can be quite restrictive to those on a limited budget, so many people choose to live outside of the city instead.

Vancouver is a beautiful city surrounded by mountains and Pacific Ocean beaches. It also has an issue with homelessness and drug overdoses causing an influx of crime and assaults within certain communities in the downtown core. Kitsilano, on the south-west side of the city, is a very laid-back community that encourages cycling, is a hub for eco-friendly artisan shops and also has a low crime rate. The “North Shore” is a large recreational hub consisting of various walking trails, water-based recreation and ski hills that is situated on the northern side of the city on your way to Squamish and Whistler.

Debbie, says: 2020

Vancouver is probably one of the most overrated cities in the world. It’s known for its “good” climate — for Canada, sure. There are plenty of places that are warmer without being too hot, and which don’t suffer from extreme housing prices or homelessness. You can go skiing and windsurfing in the same day, but nobody except the super-rich do anything like that.

Jayalakshmi, says: 2020

Vancouver is a beautiful city. There are many places and attractions for tourists to visit and many locations to go sightseeing. It is a busy city with amazing accommodations. Vancouver has so much to offer in regard to shopping and fine dining. The best part of Vancouver is the people who reside here that make it the best place.

Vancouver is a very expensive city in which. Before you move here, you should have budgeted for at least three months, and include rent, food, and entertainment. If you plan on purchasing a home, be prepared to spend at least one million dollars for a detached house, or half that for a condominium.

it rains too much and most days are overcast. Often, when the streets are quiet, you can hear the shrieks of seagulls in the distance or the waves crashing against the shore. Summers are often hot and winters are mild like a tamed lion.

Jacklyn, says: 2020

Vancouver is a city surrounded by beautiful scenery of nature, making it a most attractive and ideal place to visit and live in, such as for hikers and enthusiasts of outdoor activities. its mild weather can be enjoyed by most, especially for those who wish to avoid the snow, though its rainy seasons are rather long.

Karanbeer, says: 2020

If you are willing to live in a city with a pleasant year-round weather, vibrant atmosphere, diversity, and above all, peace of mind, then Vancouver, British Columbia, is the right choice for you. Canada being the hospital mother that she is, has a true jewel as the right most seashore semi-megacity as one of the main attraction for visitors, tourists, students, and immigrants. The city is rife with inherit beauty of a nice weather, a beach-like style, eye-catching skyscrapers, and community associations where you can enjoy the most during your free-time. Being the modern world city, the city welcomes many workers and adventurers all across the Canada, and across the world.

Lyndon, says: 2020

The city has people of different cultural backgrounds. One in every five Canadians is an immigrant. You can also find many foods, music, fashion, and many other important things from around the world. The city offers a lot of beautiful views, including mountains, ocean, hiking trails, and many other scenery. The public parks in the city give a good view for all who love nature.

Kristin, says: 2020

Moving around in Vancouver can be quite overwhelming due to multiple attractions near each other and huge crowds travelling on foot. People will always be considerate so feel free to communicate when in dilemma. Public transport is quite useful and is the best way to commute around. A helpful reminder, since you are in Canada, always remember to convey your thanks to the bus driver.

Angela, says: 2020

Vancouver has the most beautiful summer in the world. There are lots of mountains, parks and beaches to wait for you to explore. It never gets hot and you can enjoy the outdoors anywhere, anytime. Morning jogging, beach basking, trail hiking, lake canonning to name a few. It’s never too late to move to a splendid place like Vancouver, to make it your home!

Vancouver is a wonderful place because of how accessible everything is. A 20-minute drive will get you either to Grouse Mountain, where you can go snowboarding, or to Spanish Banks, where you can go surfing. It is amazing to be able to do both of these activities within the same day without needing to wait for a change in season.

Vancouver is a beautiful city on the west coast of Canada. The weather is not too cold in winter and not too hot in summer. The people here are very friendly and love the outdoors. You can ski, sail and play golf all on the same day!

Property prices are quite high, and the cost of living. However, the Vancouver offers many free attractions to its residents, such as parks, beaches, concerts, and much more. Vancouver is known for being one of the greenest cities in the world, and it’s not hard to agree with that. It’s a gorgeous place and raise your children.

One of the most important thing to consider is the weather. In other words, Vancouver is also considered “Rain” cover as it rains a lot. But this city has the best climate among other cities in Canada and especially in summer it’s worth living here. It has the best climate.

Ashlea, says: 2020

If someone moves to Vancouver, I recommend that they take a look at their current lifestyle and see if it would mesh with the vibrancy of Vancouver. Vancouver is a city that is built on the wonders and enjoyment of the great outdoors. Within the same 24-hour period, you can enjoy the tranquility of the forest, followed by having a hot chocolate at the bottom of a ski-slope.

Vancouver is a beautiful city, surrounded by nature and multiculturalism. Though it rains more than most cities, the autumn leaves and summer weather is always worth the wait. Vancouver also has an endless list of good food that any foodie would appreciate. Canadians are stereotyped to be overly kind, and Vancouverites seem to prove that stereotype to be true.

Claudia, says: 2020

Upon deciding to move to Vancouver, a newcomer should be advised of the rapid changes in weather within a day. On any given day, I recommend sunglasses, an umbrella, and an extra warm layer. Additionally, the mountain peaks are the direction of north as an additional guide. Vancouver’s a beautiful multicultural city with a plethora of vibrant, interesting neighbourhoods to explore.

Vancouver has a mixed weather. It is sunny and raining on the same day. you should wear multi layers. There are mostly immigrants residing in the city. it is a multicultural city. It is a very expensive city as compared to other parts of Canada.

It is important to know Vancouver is a very expensive city, and that good accommodation in the downtown can be challenging to find at a suitable price point. Vancouver is a beautiful city with many amenities on offer, from the large, sprawling Stanley Park to the stunning coastline. I would highly recommend living here, but please do make sure that the salary on offer will cover your expenses.

Bharti, says: 2020

Vancouver is hemmed in by mountains to the north and the Pacific Ocean to the west. Although, it gets a lot of rain each year, the climate is one of the mildest in Canada. Skiing, hiking, mountain biking, golfing and tennis are some of the activities that Vancouverites can enjoy almost year-round, however, residents pay a high price to live here. It is one of the most expensive cities in the world.

Pauline, says: 2020

Vancouver is a perfect example of internationalism. The city offers a blend of breathtaking natural views along with energetic nightlife. One can enjoy international delicacies in one plate without having to travel around the world. My city is the epitome of mesmerising life experiences. Besides, it also serves as the hub of career opportunities for today’s ambitious youngsters through state-of -the -art training system.

If you’re looking to move to Vancouver, the first thing you should do is prepare for the rain. It rains almost daily in fall and winter so it is advisable to purchase high quality rain boots and outerwear plus an umbrella. Although the weather can be gruesome, the natural beauty of the city more than makes up for being constantly damp. The mountains, ocean and forests are spectacular and you will never gaze at them without a feeling of awe.

Genevieve, says: 2020

they need to look both ways before crossing the street, have a stable source of income, and be somewhat efficient at speaking English. They should also know that recycling, and taking care of the environment is one of the core values of my city.

Someone moving to Vancouver should know it rains frequently throughout the year, which is why the city is often dubbed “Raincouver” by locals and tourists. However, summer is warm and sunny, making up for the dreary and prolonged winter weather. It is also important to know Vancouver is one of the most expensive cities in Canada– because of this, citizens may struggle to afford housing and basic necessities. Before moving to Vancouver, one should ensure that they are able to financially support themselves and adapt to the fast-paced lifestyle of this busy city.

Meagan, says: 2020

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