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Living in Baltimore, Maryland:
Tips for Moving and Visiting

34 local experts

If you've been wondering what it's like to live in or visit Baltimore, the Crowdsourced Explorer community can help. We asked 34 people living in Baltimore what someone who is considering moving to or visiting there should know. Here are their pros and cons, tips, and advice:

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34 comments on “Baltimore”

Baltimore has really good qualities and very troubling ones. The good: nice restaurants, lots of good school choices (public high schools include Baltimore School for the Arts, Polytechnic Institute, and Baltimore City College…), some beautiful and vibrant neighborhoods (Roland Park, Hampden, Fells Point…), nice culture (good theater, Peabody Conservatory, the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra…), wonderful organic grocery stores (Mom’s Organic Market), a bustling harbor, and much more. The big downside to Baltimore in one word is crime.

Havely, says: 2023

Baltimore used to be called Charm City. These days it’s called Harm City. The gun violence is out of control and law enforcement has a man power shortage of more than 500 officers. My advice find another city and do your homework before moving there.

Baltimore is a lot like Tema (only way more crime 🙁 . It is full of beautiful people and has a large and thriving arts community. It is made up of neighborhoods and people who have lived in those neighborhoods for generations. Baltimore or “B’More” as we call it is also a port city made up of many races and ethnicities from around the globe.

Baltimore is primarily known for its crime, but only people that live here understand that it also benefits from a rich and vibrant culture. There are numerous outlets for music, theater, dance, comedy, and film for someone that knows where to look. Of all of the cities on the East Coast, Baltimore is second only to NYC in this regard.

Compared to alternative transportation, car transportation is horrendous. People make turns at the expense of other people all the time and merging into a lane from the center turning lane is always a problem due to packed cars on long stretches of main road which is only 2 lanes on each side. There many food establishments.

Baltimore has a rich and splendid history. In its early days, it was a powerful economic center. Today, however, it faces a host of challenges, including violent crime, racial tension, broad income disparity, and poor public schools. Before moving to Baltimore, one should inquire from native Baltimoreans about specific neighborhoods.

Herman, says: 2020

In Baltimore you get to experience the true nature of all four seasons. Not one specific season shines through the others there, they all blend and accompany each other very well. The weather the scenery is incredible and vast. You can drive 10 minutes and go from country to suburban to city living Anyone that moves here will find a place they fit in. In Baltimore you get the full spectrum of people. You can go finishing in nearby lakes. Many activities are held at local high schools for the entire community to be apart of, such as barbeques, birthday parties and fourth of July.

Soumya, says: 2020

Baltimore is a beautiful city, full of old buildings and a wonderful array of American history. You can visit the place where Francis Scott Key wrote the Star Spangled Banner, Edgar Allan Poe’s home, and the National Aquarium, all in one day. New York City is just a four hour drive away, and Washington DC is about one. Despite being geographically close to these and other great locations, Baltimore is a much more affordable option.

Frances, says: 2020

Baltimore is a beautiful city. Although it is in central Maryland, it has many waterfronts, because it is adjacent to the Chesapeake Bay and many smaller harbors and inlets. It is a bustling and diverse city that somehow manages to retain a measure of small-town charm, which is why it has been aptly nicknamed “The Charm City”.

Baltimore is an excellent city with a lot of great culture and great places to eat. However, you do need to be aware of your surroundings and not carry large amounts of money. Summer is usually a great time.

Nyabenda, says: 2020

Baltimore is much more complex and diverse than people think. Baltimore is split up and there are sectors that specific cliques inhabit. The stereotype associated with Baltimore consists of “violent” or “ghetto,” with only gang-like black people living there in poor conditions. But in truth, that is only because that specific part of the city gets the spotlight and nowhere else. The county is very different. The county consists of suburban neighborhoods occupied by black and Jewish families.

Delores, says: 2020

Baltimore is a diverse city with many wonderful neighborhoods. Some neighborhoods are very inexpensive, but those areas often have a high crime rate. Public schools in the city do not have a good reputation, and many families opt for private schools or charter schools. The many employment opportunities in the Baltimore area, especially if one is willing to commute to DC or one of the many suburbs.

Christian, says: 2020

In Baltimore, we have wonderful eye catching places and fun activities. The activities include the Harbor, National Zoo and, a fun place for kids named Port Discovery. I recommend Baltimore for any tourist seeking a thrill. Baltimore is a fun place and has lots of great attractions!

Baltimore is known to many as “Charm City,” and it lives up to its name. There are over 250 diverse neighborhoods, each with its own distinct assets and architectural style. Upon a arriving in our city, you might find yourself overlooking the Inner Harbor, buying a juicy watermelon from the historic, horse-drawn “arabbers,” or exploring the remarkable Baltimore Museum of Art.

Josephine, says: 2020

Baltimore is a city built on pride with many fun activities. If you’re looking to travel up and down the East Coast, Baltimore is a family-friendly place. Baltimore is less than an hour on the train to DC, two hours from Philadelphia, and four hours from New York City. Being right near the capital of Annapolis makes it close to everything, at the center making many fun activities around. The adored city is also central in Maryland, so in an hour you can be in the mountains hiking or lying on a beach along the Chesapeake Bay.

Connie, says: 2020

If someone were moving to Baltimore, he or she would need to be prepared to accept that anything is a vessel for Old Bay seasoning. It is also important to note that moving to Baltimore is not for the faint of heart. There is a great deal of poverty, noticeable injustice, and a huge economic disparity among its residents; however, there is also a flurry of pride that is totally unique to the region. The Maryland flag is printed on everything. Steamed crabs are a rite of passage and you must learn how to pick them yourself if you want to be considered a true Maryland resident. The state has every landform you can think of within the confines of its borders; mountains, rivers, lakes, oceans and forests can all be experienced through just a simple day trip.

Jasmine, says: 2020

If you’re moving to Baltimore, you might be interested to know the city is home to the only toilet-bowl derby in the country. You’ll also find many quality restaurants, beautiful parks, and nearby horse racing in Baltimore. Most importantly, Baltimore is home to the best beer in the country: Resurrection.

Teresa, says: 2020

Baltimore is a small city with several distinct, wonderful neighborhoods. Your experience living here will largely depend on where you choose to settle. There are great museums, cultural opportunities and excellent dining all over. If you enjoy the amenities of city living and a walkable environment, you will like it here.

Crystal, says: 2020

Baltimore is a magical city that carries a dark wave of violence over it. Underneath that layer is a place of art, deep history, and tremendous parks and sites to explore. Please don’t let the hearsay deter you from getting to know this amazing city. Just give yourself one day to explore everything Baltimore has to offer and you will see the beauty it has to offer.

Andrew, says: 2020

There are big name brand businesses such as Giant, Walmart, and Target, but also an immense amount of small family-owned businesses. Baltimore county is small, meaning that everyone knows everyone. It is easy to become a regular at a variety of shops that cater to different demographics. There are fresh produce markets, stores that emphasize kosher products, African markets, seafood establishments, black hair salons and hair stores around every corner, and bi-weekly free markets where people set up their own stands.

Baltimore is a city unlike any other! Known for its crab cakes, festivals and historical significance, this small city of is bursting with big personality. It is a place full of artists and visionaries and the local culture is one of a kind. Baltimore has a niche for everyone!

Raamish, says: 2020

Individuals seeking to move to Baltimore should know this is the city of crabs. The city where people will smile at you while your walking down the street. The Universities have a quality education and well rounded professors. The people will love the variety of restaurants that reflect the vibrant community.

Jessica, says: 2020

While local businesses stay around, big brand businesses keep disappearing – in fact, the city lost 2 Giants, 1 Shoppers, and 1 Rite Aid in the past 6 months. If you don’t own a car, other forms of transportation are the bus and the metro that covers the entire county. It is especially easy to reach these forms of transportation because everything is within walking distance – even some of the stores that you need to travel to are in walking distance.

Baltimore is a city comprised of diverse neighborhoods and cultures. There are certain parts of the city that can be extremely dangerous to visit if you are walking through or using public transportation, which can be highly unreliable here. Being unfamiliar with Baltimore, you may not realize that only a block away you could possibly run into a rough patch of the city where you could encounter crime or violence. However, driving a car through the city would most likely be a safe way to travel.

Kristy, says: 2020

Baltimore has many beautiful downtown communities. Fells Point is the place on weekend evenings, especially for younger people. It is fun to walk around and just read the names of the bars, such as The Admiral Fell In. The Little Italy neighborhood has several authentic Italian restaurants, many of which have been in business for generations. And the Inner Harbor has shopping, educational venues, and entertainment, including street performers on the weekends. You won’t be bored in Baltimore.

Hannah, says: 2020

When moving here know about the cost of living and crime rate. Baltimore can be a very challenging city for kids. There isn’t a lot of room for growth. The police department doesn’t do enough to protect the citizens that live within the city.

Santiago, says: 2020

Baltimore is a unique city. My hometown is in close proximity to DC. Also, the Inner Harbor is the primary tourist destination here. Poetry enthusiasts shall certainly rejoice upon hearing that Edgar Allan Poe also resided here.

When moving to Baltimore, Maryland, one should consider the safety of his or her potential neighborhood. Crime rates differ throughout the city, so new residents should choose their neighborhood carefully. Safety is an essential component of being able to enjoy all the cultural and historical sites Baltimore has to offer.

Any individual interested in moving to the Baltimore Metropolitan Area should do their own research before making a hasty decision to move. Two criteria to consider are traffic and weather. There is heavy traffic in and around Baltimore City and Baltimore County, not only during rush hour, but during non peak hours as well. This often delays transit times to and from wherever you are going. In addition to heavy traffic there are bitterly cold winters that begins in October and do not end until late March. please back appropriate clothing to manage the cold temperatures during winter.

In Baltimore there are many places to see and a very beautiful view. The harbor is a main attraction and is amazing to see. I have been all over Baltimore but my favorite isdowntown, there are many places to eat and being right there to the water! You can take a walk on the pier and be at peace, but watch out for the seagulls!

Don’t believe everything you see on TV; Baltimore is not quite how “The Wire” portrays it to be. Sure, it is not without its fair share of homelessness, unemployment, and crime, but Baltimore is also a rapidly developing and vibrant city. One only has to look to neighborhoods such as Canton and Charles Village to see how Baltimore holds its own as one of the premier cities within the United States.

Although Baltimore is considered by some to be the healthcare capital of the United States, the overall health of its population is substandard compared to many other more affluent cities across the nation. Health inequality, or the disparity in disease vulnerability between individuals of different social characteristics, is rampant in Baltimore due to its segregationist history. Public health issues like food deserts are especially prominent, stemming from poor, inner city neighborhoods having little access to nutritious foods.

The one thing that someone should consider about moving here is the nightlife, the food, and great hospitality. We have great sports teams and awesome venues to look at and see. Baltimore is a historical place with a lot of history and wonderful people to meet and greet.

If you would like to move to Baltimore I feel as though you should move more towards Baltimore County. I say this because this area has less crime, more space for families to play and do activities. that those who move to Baltimore should consider where they are going to be working because travel time plays an important part. There is sometimes much traffic when traveling in Baltimore and can affect how long it takes you to get to work.

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