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Diversity and Racism in Baltimore, Maryland

eight local experts

Is Baltimore diverse? Do people from different ethnic groups get along? Here's what eight local experts had to say about diversity, inclusivity, and racism in Baltimore, Maryland.

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Baltimore is a lot like Tema (only way more crime 🙁 . It is full of beautiful people and has a large and thriving arts community. It is made up of neighborhoods and people who have lived in those neighborhoods for generations. Baltimore or “B’More” as we call it is also a port city made up of many races and ethnicities from around the globe.

Baltimore has a rich and splendid history. In its early days, it was a powerful economic center. Today, however, it faces a host of challenges, including violent crime, racial tension, broad income disparity, and poor public schools. Before moving to Baltimore, one should inquire from native Baltimoreans about specific neighborhoods.

Herman, says: 2020

Baltimore is a beautiful city. Although it is in central Maryland, it has many waterfronts, because it is adjacent to the Chesapeake Bay and many smaller harbors and inlets. It is a bustling and diverse city that somehow manages to retain a measure of small-town charm, which is why it has been aptly nicknamed “The Charm City”.

Baltimore is much more complex and diverse than people think. Baltimore is split up and there are sectors that specific cliques inhabit. The stereotype associated with Baltimore consists of “violent” or “ghetto,” with only gang-like black people living there in poor conditions. But in truth, that is only because that specific part of the city gets the spotlight and nowhere else. The county is very different. The county consists of suburban neighborhoods occupied by black and Jewish families.

Delores, says: 2020

Baltimore is a diverse city with many wonderful neighborhoods. Some neighborhoods are very inexpensive, but those areas often have a high crime rate. Public schools in the city do not have a good reputation, and many families opt for private schools or charter schools. The many employment opportunities in the Baltimore area, especially if one is willing to commute to DC or one of the many suburbs.

Christian, says: 2020

Baltimore is known to many as “Charm City,” and it lives up to its name. There are over 250 diverse neighborhoods, each with its own distinct assets and architectural style. Upon a arriving in our city, you might find yourself overlooking the Inner Harbor, buying a juicy watermelon from the historic, horse-drawn “arabbers,” or exploring the remarkable Baltimore Museum of Art.

Josephine, says: 2020

There are big name brand businesses such as Giant, Walmart, and Target, but also an immense amount of small family-owned businesses. Baltimore county is small, meaning that everyone knows everyone. It is easy to become a regular at a variety of shops that cater to different demographics. There are fresh produce markets, stores that emphasize kosher products, African markets, seafood establishments, black hair salons and hair stores around every corner, and bi-weekly free markets where people set up their own stands.

Baltimore is a city comprised of diverse neighborhoods and cultures. There are certain parts of the city that can be extremely dangerous to visit if you are walking through or using public transportation, which can be highly unreliable here. Being unfamiliar with Baltimore, you may not realize that only a block away you could possibly run into a rough patch of the city where you could encounter crime or violence. However, driving a car through the city would most likely be a safe way to travel.

Kristy, says: 2020
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