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What's weather like in Ernakulam, Kerala?

seven local experts

Does Ernakulam get rain? Snow? Hail? What's summer weather like? Here's what seven local experts had to say about weather and precipitation in Ernakulam, Kerala.

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This city provides ample working environment with suitable methods of public transport to get around. The city offers a wide variety of amazing areas to visit and enjoy and also has an amazing array of cultural and ethnic temptations to the palate. Something to consider before moving to this beautiful city would be the extremely humid weather that persists for half the year followed by torrential rains for the next half. It is by far one of the most developed cities the country has to offer.

Our state is known as ‘God’s own country’, but please remember to apply sunscreen on your face and body(because the sun gods are a little harsh on us here). We have beautiful temples, palaces, museums, churches, and iconic spots that you can visit; local and five star restaurants to enjoy the flavour of our city; and amazing people that you can meet.

Parminder, says: 2020

Ernakulam is in the God’s own country as they call it. This is an ideal area for anyone planning to relocate. School, church, railway station, bus stop, theater, hospital, malls and grocery store are all present in a five km radius. The city is well equipped. The people here are so helpful. The climate can be very hot in summer and the rainy season is a bliss. I recommend to pack your bags and come here.

Know Malayalam. Locate oneself near the railway station, airport, and other government offices. To own a house one should make sure that the land is not wet and flood prone. It would be better that he/she stays in a hostel if alone. one should make sure that he/she has a permanent job.

Mallika, says: 2020

Ernakulam is the capital of Kerala and one of the districts as well. It is known as the commercial capital of Kerala. Although the language spoken here is Malayalam, people do speak decent English and are also quite sweet and approachable if in case you want anything to be taken care of. The state is also known for its distinct flavors of food that stand out which is a must try. The climate there is quite humid and at certain months gets quite heavy rainfall, for which one must be prepared, else all is good.

Compared to all other cities in India, cost of living in ernakulam is very less. You should have an umbrella which will be very effective in both summer and rainy season. For those who loves travelling can visit temple, beaches, hill stations and other tourist places. you can taste varieties of Kerala foods.

Moving to a new city can be difficult, but there isn’t much to hinder you in Ernakulam. While things like the language barrier are often a problem, a large part of the population of Kerala is well versed in English and the people of this city, even more so. It’s not all going to that easy though. The weather here is notorious for being unpredictable and the humidity is irksome even for long-time residents.

Gaurav, says: 2020
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