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Living in Ernakulam, Kerala:
Tips for Moving and Visiting

27 local experts

If you've been wondering what it's like to live in or visit Ernakulam, the Crowdsourced Explorer community can help. We asked 27 people living in Ernakulam what someone who is considering moving to or visiting there should know. Here are their pros and cons, tips, and advice:

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27 comments on “Ernakulam”

This city provides ample working environment with suitable methods of public transport to get around. The city offers a wide variety of amazing areas to visit and enjoy and also has an amazing array of cultural and ethnic temptations to the palate. Something to consider before moving to this beautiful city would be the extremely humid weather that persists for half the year followed by torrential rains for the next half. It is by far one of the most developed cities the country has to offer.

Ernakulam is a versatile city. It has many faces it depends on where you are going to move out to. The cost of life ranges from high to low as you consider places. The same is about opportunities. If looking for a better life here I would recommend a move to Kochi since it has an abundant pool of opportunities to bring up your life and it is more fun in this place so much to see and learn.

Gururaj, says: 2020

Our state is known as ‘God’s own country’, but please remember to apply sunscreen on your face and body(because the sun gods are a little harsh on us here). We have beautiful temples, palaces, museums, churches, and iconic spots that you can visit; local and five star restaurants to enjoy the flavour of our city; and amazing people that you can meet.

Parminder, says: 2020

My city is pretty big, as you may know, this is a metro city, there are a lots of shopping malls, complexes, markets etc. This is a great city to live, that you must know, you have every facilities you need in here. There is hospitals, schools, there is an Infopark, where there is so many IT companies, if you are interested in that sector. anyways, you should be proud to live here.

Raunak, says: 2020

My city is within the heart of the state and it has almost all important outlets and stores available nearby it. The railway station is nearby probably a couple of meters far and is the airport which is only a few kilometers away. The City has a well developed metro and other transport mediums.

Hardeep, says: 2020

Ernakulam is in the God’s own country as they call it. This is an ideal area for anyone planning to relocate. School, church, railway station, bus stop, theater, hospital, malls and grocery store are all present in a five km radius. The city is well equipped. The people here are so helpful. The climate can be very hot in summer and the rainy season is a bliss. I recommend to pack your bags and come here.

Ernakulam is the central portion of Kochi in Kerala. The Kerala High Court, Cochin Stock Exchange are located here. It remains to be one of the best cities The Hill Palace, located in Tripunithura, explores local heritage. Ernakulam junction is a major railway station of The India Indian Railways.

It’s really an ultimate place. There are excellent educational institutions, be it any, high ranked companies, shopping malls which also have branded shops, food malls, well planned living apartments, high rated hospitals, better transport facilities including airport, metro and sea route and above all mind-blowing tourist spots, According to my view, any person can easily adapt and love this place.

Ernakulam is a beautiful cities with many tourist places here. People lead a busy life here. There are so many trees here, thereby we get fresh air.

Lourdu, says: 2020

Ernakulam is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and the cost of living is very cheap. There are many historical places there. I am sure you would like it. It is the perfect place for your vacation. You would have a great time there. You must come here.

Ernakulam is a beautiful place. The lush green environment is sure to enthral anyone. I suggest anyone who wishes to move to my city, to experience this place first hand, as life in my city is slow paced and an enjoyable one. One down side of my city is that, the availability of groceries is not always certain. One has to drive for a pretty unreasonable amount of time to get daily necessities. The people of my city would love to see new faces and would welcome new lives with warm hearts.

Know Malayalam. Locate oneself near the railway station, airport, and other government offices. To own a house one should make sure that the land is not wet and flood prone. It would be better that he/she stays in a hostel if alone. one should make sure that he/she has a permanent job.

Mallika, says: 2020

The city that I live in is Ernakulam, which is the capital and the financial capital of Kerala. People of all culture live in harmony. One wouldn’t have to be bothered about neighborhood while moving in here, as the people here always look out for each other and all the facilities will be available around. As the state is also known for its spices and flavours, one should also try the special curries and the Malayalee food here. As for the climate it gets pretty humid at times but there’s rainy season as well to compensate for the humid days. Taking all the factors in consideration, Ernakulam is a good state in Kerala so as to move in.

Nikhat, says: 2020

Ernakulam is the capital of Kerala and one of the districts as well. It is known as the commercial capital of Kerala. Although the language spoken here is Malayalam, people do speak decent English and are also quite sweet and approachable if in case you want anything to be taken care of. The state is also known for its distinct flavors of food that stand out which is a must try. The climate there is quite humid and at certain months gets quite heavy rainfall, for which one must be prepared, else all is good.

Ernakulam is a nice city, where all thing are available at ease. Just like all other cities, Ernakulam also have a great traffic. But the place is too good. There is a Broadway market where we can get sufficient things cheaper. More than that it is a beautiful place with natural beauty.

It’s a great metropolitan city. Anyone could get great experience with people from different places and my favourite thing over here is that wide variety of food choices from all over the world, there are a lots of fabulous restaurants.

Barsharani, says: 2020

Ernakulam city, also called Cochin is a dream city for some. One can find and indulge in various activities and experiences while living here. The city has been attracting tourists from all over the world for many years. The rich culture that can be found in even the oldest areas of the city is second to none.

Reshma, says: 2020

Ernakulam has a rich local heritage, which is represented through art and antiquities. Even though urbanization occurs at a very fast pace, the city’s cultural heritage is integrated to its urban fabric. Nowadays people are visiting my city for commercial purposes and jobs rather than for leisure activities. Some of the top tourist destinations in my state lies around the city which makes it a focal point.

Mohammed, says: 2020

Someone moving to Ernakulam should know about the food culture and climatic condition. It has a wet climate which many people won’t like. But this place has a lot of scenic destinations around it. The culture of people here is entirely different from rest of the country and the whole world.

Compared to all other cities in India, cost of living in ernakulam is very less. You should have an umbrella which will be very effective in both summer and rainy season. For those who loves travelling can visit temple, beaches, hill stations and other tourist places. you can taste varieties of Kerala foods.

Ernakulam is a metro city and may not be easily adaptable to people moving in from rural places. The people present don’t have that much helping mentality and all are too much busy in their respective works. If moving in the city dreaming of making good money, then they should move in soon.

Piyush, says: 2020

Ernakulam is famous for many religious places. Many tourist areas are there in Ernakulam includes Cherai beach, Subhash Park, Marine drive etc. Kerala’s largest shopping mall in my city. The technological job areas includes Info park, Smart city and Nest electronic city is near to my place.

Essaky, says: 2020

Moving to a new city can be difficult, but there isn’t much to hinder you in Ernakulam. While things like the language barrier are often a problem, a large part of the population of Kerala is well versed in English and the people of this city, even more so. It’s not all going to that easy though. The weather here is notorious for being unpredictable and the humidity is irksome even for long-time residents.

Gaurav, says: 2020

To start off with the mosquitoes. It can be big an issue until you are adjusted to it. you can avoid that by using repellents and closing windows before dusk. Language won’t be an issue as most people will understand English. Most of the hotels and bakeries serves non vegetarian food. You can find most of the well known in any of the mall or around MG road. Hill palace and Jew Street are some of the famous tourist places incase you are visiting some. And I suggest hiring UBER cabs than relying on local taxis or auto rickshaws. They are a lot cheaper than the local taxis and rickshaws.

Ernakulam is a metropolitan city. The city gives a lot of jobs. Ernakulam has various places to be visited at weekends. Ernakulam is a beautiful place. We have malls and all kind of shops to shop from. At evenings it is crowded but that’s how cities are. At the end anybody is going to love the place.

Ernakulam is the education hub of Kerala. The city is quite crowded and busy. However, there are plenty of jobs available. Ernakulam is home to one of the largest malls in Asia and is developing fast. The city is filled with tourist attractions and resorts. There are several festivities that take place year-round and communities are very welcoming and friendly.

Ernakulam can be defined as the heart of Kochi. Lots of backwaters, greenery and old heritage places too. It’s known for its cultural heritage and beaches. A foodie can find a lot of eateries. One can enjoy the cruise. Marine drive is best for sunsets. Kochi is financial capital of Kerala. There are many ancient Churches, Temples, Mosque etc.

Renault, says: 2020

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