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What are transportation options and challenges in Nashik, Maharashtra?

five local experts

Are there taxis in Nashik? What about scooters? What are the public transportation options? Here's what five local experts had to say about transportation methods in Nashik, Maharashtra.

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Nashik is a wonderful city to reside considering the cool atmosphere, less traffic, clean environment, and plenty of tourism spots. Also, the native people are very friendly and warm-hearted with a persistent “ready to help” attitude. The food is amazing and settles well for people with all types of eating habits. Last but not the least, the accommodation is quite cheap, and living in Nashik proves to be pocket-friendly.

Kumari, says: 2020

The weather of Nashik is very cool. This place is livable and the neighborhoods are friendly. Every market and school is nearby and no hassle is to be expected. Transportation is very easy by a sharing rickshaw and personal vehicles. Every evening is crowded and traffic gets bad sometimes. Therefore, 2-wheeler vehicles are recommended.

Jagpreet, says: 2020

City with less traffic and chaos. City known for its religious cultures. Less population that brings up more opportunities. Favorable weather and nature at its best, surrounded by bands of forest that keeps the climate cool. Nashik a city known for its rich holiness from the course of history. Industries and Architecture on its peak makes this city on the top go.

The city is well-maintained and has friendly neighbours. It isn’t overly populated but has busy roads most of the day. The shopkeepers are friendly and open to help. Apartments are spacious and clean. The city supports a calm and cool atmosphere with trees lining the sidewalks and there are pet shops along the main road as dogs are quite common.

The city is is a pilgrimage city. It is a beautiful city with kind people. One will get each and every thing, He/she needs. One can enjoy and have a lot of fun in this city. People in the city are very helpful. Tourists often visit the city. To travel in the city, you can use bus, auto rickshaw, cab or taxi.

Itishree, says: 2020
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