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Living in Nashik, Maharashtra:
Tips for Moving and Visiting

33 local experts

If you've been wondering what it's like to live in or visit Nashik, the Crowdsourced Explorer community can help. We asked 33 people living in Nashik what someone who is considering moving to or visiting there should know. Here are their pros and cons, tips, and advice:

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Religious, pleasant climate throughout the year, developing city.

Namrata, says: 2023

Nashik is a wonderful city to reside considering the cool atmosphere, less traffic, clean environment, and plenty of tourism spots. Also, the native people are very friendly and warm-hearted with a persistent “ready to help” attitude. The food is amazing and settles well for people with all types of eating habits. Last but not the least, the accommodation is quite cheap, and living in Nashik proves to be pocket-friendly.

Kumari, says: 2020

As per Ramayana, Nashik is the location on the banks of Godavari river where Laxman, by the wish of Lord Rama, cut the nose of Surpanakha and thus this city was named as “Nashik”. Nashik has been described as “The Wine Capital of India” the Nashik region reportedly produced 10,000 tonnes of grapes per year. Nashik also has a great climate.

Vishruth, says: 2020

Someone moving here must know that the people in this city are great and are proud of the city they live. The weather here is cooler than normal even if this city is not a hill station and the nature besides the city is a great treat if you love greenery.

This city is also called city of wine/the wine city. It lies in north of Maharashtra. It’s also famous for greenery. Fruit which is famous here are grapes. The Trimbakeshwar Shiva Temple is in Trimbak, one of the twelve Jyotirlingas, where the Hindu genealogy registers at Trimbakeshwar, Maharashtra are kept. The origin of the sacred Godavari river is near Trimbak.

Subham, says: 2020

The social life in Nashik is not that active. Pubs are non-existent as are places to hang out. What you do get is a place where everyone knows each other, Neighbours are ready to help. Travelling is not time consuming and everything is available within easy reach. A quiet city with religious places.

Srividya, says: 2020

Nashik is a peaceful city in our state. It has friendly environment through over all resources and people in this city are kind and defined the humanity of our culture it has many industrial companies and growing it hub now so there will be enough amount of jobs will be available in my city.

Rounak, says: 2020

Nashik is holy city well-known for the ancient temples of various God and Goddess. The Godavari river gives name and fame to the Nashik city as it is main tourist destination like Panchavati where Lord Rama resided, Trimbakeshwar, famous holy place and famous Gangapur Dam. Nashik is hub for Grapes gardens and grape wine. Its must see destination if you are outsider.

Nashik has a cool atmosphere and summers are not harsh. This would prove to be a plus point for a potential immigrant. The crowd in the city is well educated, polite and cooperative. The city is not a messy one and one finds his way easily. My city is on its path towards being a Smart City and all services are available quick.

There are a number of trees lining the roads that pass through the city. Temples are a common site and are at various places all over with dogs being the most common animals to roam the streets along with cats being a second. The air is fairly peaceful and the neighbors are friendly.

Mayank, says: 2020

The weather of Nashik is very cool. This place is livable and the neighborhoods are friendly. Every market and school is nearby and no hassle is to be expected. Transportation is very easy by a sharing rickshaw and personal vehicles. Every evening is crowded and traffic gets bad sometimes. Therefore, 2-wheeler vehicles are recommended.

Jagpreet, says: 2020

Nashik is known for its religious diversity and beautiful vineyards. Nashik is the wine hub of India. Yearly in February, Sula Vineyards, a wine making establishment in the city hosts their annual Wine Festival, which is attended by over 10000 people. The city as a very rich religious history and hosts the Kumbh-Mela every 12 years which is a significant religious event in India.

Kavita, says: 2020

City of mine has a soothing climate. Nashik is also well known as wine city of india. There is a ‘Sula-Fest’ yearly at Sula vineyard. Nashik is much near the capital called Mumbai. City is also famous for the industrial areas nearby it, which make the city worthy for job opportunity.

Nashik being a city having a great history. Nashik is a city having cool to temperate environment with maximum temperatures increasing to 35 degrees. Nashik is also known for its industries, having a lot of industries makes Nashik an important trade center. Which attracts many youths for jobs. Even our honourable prime minister have added Nashik in smart city plan.

Shajimon, says: 2020

Nashik is an ancient holy city in Maharashtra, a state in western india. It’s known for its link to the ramayana epic poem on the godavari river is panchavati a temple complex. It is also famous for grapes and the wine made from grapes. It’s also famous for the hills, and the surrounded by nature.

Martha, says: 2020

Someone moving to Nashik should know the general rules of public life in developing India. Sensitivity to religion and morally bound social life. A moderate fluency in the local language Marathi and our national language Hindi. Being aware of life in a third world country would prevent premature disappointment, although it would later prove to be not so bad after all.

Vigneshwaran, says: 2020

City remains calm and cold thought the year. Foodie people will love the city. City is mainly famous for its temples, old streets, food and its vineyards. Fresh air compared to most of crowded cities in country. Water quality is best among state’s other cities. Perfect city to live a peaceful life.

Souvik, says: 2020

Nashik is one of the holy places of India. Lord Rama spent some of his period during exile in Nashik near the bank of Godavari river. Nashik has very pleasant climate throughout the year. Nashik is also one of the cleanest cities of India. Beauty resides in my town. Moving here would change your life to a lot healthier than ever.

City with less traffic and chaos. City known for its religious cultures. Less population that brings up more opportunities. Favorable weather and nature at its best, surrounded by bands of forest that keeps the climate cool. Nashik a city known for its rich holiness from the course of history. Industries and Architecture on its peak makes this city on the top go.

He should planned about moving also living setup then history of that city is knew to this person moving to this city. he have to know about living and environmental things of that city. he should be careful about frouds and mis behaviours of public also be aware from such people.

Bhavya, says: 2020

Nashik is where Lord Rama resided during his exile. My city has lot of religious places to visit like panchavati, trimbakeshwar, etc. My city is the place where people can take pure air in their lungs because Nashik is ranked highly in the India for pure air.

The city is well-maintained and has friendly neighbours. It isn’t overly populated but has busy roads most of the day. The shopkeepers are friendly and open to help. Apartments are spacious and clean. The city supports a calm and cool atmosphere with trees lining the sidewalks and there are pet shops along the main road as dogs are quite common.

Moving here Nashik, you have to be sure about the climate here. In summers it is moderately warm and during rainy season, it rains a lot. Winters are not too cold compared to other northern cities in India. Nashik is the wine capital so you actually are blessed with some of the world’s best wines. Nashik is a happy place, not very crowded and you have the privilege to shop all brands so you need not to worry or run to metropolitan cities.

Sanchi, says: 2020

If I talk something special about my city, it has sula wines and known as grape city. it has trimbakeshwar which is famous and popular in the Maharashtra. There is one more additional point compare to other cities that it is Maharashtra’s cleanest city.

On the banks of river Godavari, Nasik is well known for being one of the Hindu pilgrimage sites, that of Kumbh Mela which is held every 12 years. The city about 190 km north of state capital Mumbai, is called the “Wine Capital of India” as half of India’s vineyards and wineries are in Nashik.

Rahman, says: 2020

Nashik is an ancient holy city in Maharashtra, a state in western India. It’s known for its link to the “Ramayana” epic poem. On Godavari river is Panchvati a temple complex. Nearby, Lord Rama was thought to have bathed at Ramkund water tank, today attained by Hindu devotees. Nashik is also famous for its production of grapes. It’s known as “Wine City” of india. Nashik is great city to visit no matter to weather.

Shivang, says: 2020

Nashik is city of pilgrims. It is also known for its cleanliness throughout Maharashtra. Nashik is known as Wine City of India. It’s known for its beautiful temples and different cultures establishing at one place. It’s a beautiful city with kind hearted and loving people. Nashik is known as small Kashmir of India due to it’s beautiful climate.

Nashik is the city that known for grape city and known for kumbh mela. In Nashik city there are 15 taluka. Panchvati, navshya Ganpati, someshwar is the tourism place of Nashik. In Nashik there are vada pav and tea are famous. In Nashik there are many famous colleges like NDMVP’S, KVN, LVH.

Hemanth, says: 2020

The city is is a pilgrimage city. It is a beautiful city with kind people. One will get each and every thing, He/she needs. One can enjoy and have a lot of fun in this city. People in the city are very helpful. Tourists often visit the city. To travel in the city, you can use bus, auto rickshaw, cab or taxi.

Itishree, says: 2020

Nashik is a ‘Pilgrimage City’ as many sacred places are located here – Trimbakeshwar, Pandavleni Caves, Panchavati and Anjneri to name a few. Kumbh Mela is held here every twelve years. The city being famous for wine is known as the ‘Wine Capital of India’. Nashik is well connected to metropolitan cities like Mumbai and Pune by road and railways.

Aswathy, says: 2020

Nashik well known for being one of the Hindu pilgrimage sites and call the wine capital of india. It ha mild version of a tropical wet and dry climate. It’s is the third well known city in Maharashtra. Government has chosen nashik as smart city and it’s developing day by day.

Sourav, says: 2020

Nashik city and surrounding areas in Nashik district in the Indian state of Maharashtra. The city about 200 km north of state capital Mumbai, is called the “Wine Capital of India” as half of India’s vineyards and wineries are in Nashik. Nashik is connected to others cities in India by road.

Nashik is very clean and neat city. It is called city of grapes. It has some mythological background. It has few international schools. It has known to links to “Ramayana” epic poem. On the Godavari river is Panchvati, a temple complex. The Kumbh Mela is celebrated every 12 years in Nashik. Nashik has MIDC areas.

Jayashree, says: 2020

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