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What are transportation options and challenges in Istanbul?

six local experts

Are there taxis in Istanbul? What about scooters? What are the public transportation options? Here's what six local experts had to say about transportation methods in Istanbul.

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People planning on moving out to Istanbul should consider learning the Turkish language first, since most Turks can only speak their mother language. They should also be aware of scammers who take advantage of foreigners, for example taxi drivers can be very manipulative, so buying a transportation card as soon as you land in Turkey, will save you money and you don’t have to deal with language barriers.

Hatice, says: 2020

People who decided to move to my city should be careful when they go out at night since it is possible that they may encounter a bullier or a dangerous homeless guy. Additionally, one living in my city should get used to its complicated transportation system because they will be exposed to the crowd in rush- hours and they will have to make their plans of going out in advance. Last, they should not take the risk to drive in rush hours; otherwise, it is highly possible that they will get stuck in the heavy traffic and won’t be able to arrive home earlier than they predict.

Everyone living in Istanbul knows that we have heavy traffic daily. It is difficult for people to get used to it if they weren’t born in the city. There are other cities in the world with traffic similar to Istanbul, but the stress level this city offers is much higher. I previously lived in Canada and I noticed that the way we live in Istanbul is challenging for people from a place like Canada. There is absolutely no stress there. Here we get bored without stressful living.

Although it is not widely known, Istanbul is in fact the largest city in Europe, and can be very complicated to travel round due to its poorly planned public transport system. English is not widely spoken outside of the more tourist areas, and the danger of being ripped off is greater than more common holiday destinations. However, it does have a fascinating history stretching back over 2,000 years, encompassing Greek, Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman periods of occupation.

Istanbul is a large city which you can find various interesting activities to have fun. It is important to know for the person who wants to live in İstanbul that there exists significant traffic issue in Istanbul. Although there are problems about living in Istanbul, many of us like Istanbul for its historical background, fascinating views and various opportunities.

I recommend people who want to move to Istanbul to consider three things. the expenses of living here are high. Second, traffic jam is one of the daily problem you have to get used to it. Finally, learning Turkish is of grave importance if you want to start your own career here.

Ghuroud, says: 2020
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