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Things To Do in Istanbul

four local experts

Is Istanbul boring? Is it fun? How do people relax in their free time? From playing and watching live sports to listening to live music to volunteering, here's what four local experts had to say about things to do in Istanbul.

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He must have an idea about Turkish or English language in order to communicate with the people in the streets, as most people in istanbul know only Turkish, however some people also know English, but it is very rare to find someone speaking a third language, yet there are also tourists who can speak different language but they won’t be very helpful for someone who is visiting istanbul for the first time.

Ghuroud, says: 2020

Istanbul is the capital of Turkey, a city that we can best describe as a mind blowing mix of Middle Eastern historical beauty and European futurism. The people in Istanbul are sophisticated and kind, there are a lot of breathtaking places to visit and spend time at, such as: The Bosphorus Strait, The Florida Aquarium, The Taksim Street that has many popular restaurants, cafes, shopping malls, and vintage stores. the weather in Istanbul is amazing, in winter it snows frequently and it can reach -5 Celsius degrees, however, in summer it is hot but bearable.

Although it is not widely known, Istanbul is in fact the largest city in Europe, and can be very complicated to travel round due to its poorly planned public transport system. English is not widely spoken outside of the more tourist areas, and the danger of being ripped off is greater than more common holiday destinations. However, it does have a fascinating history stretching back over 2,000 years, encompassing Greek, Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman periods of occupation.

Istanbul is a large city which you can find various interesting activities to have fun. It is important to know for the person who wants to live in İstanbul that there exists significant traffic issue in Istanbul. Although there are problems about living in Istanbul, many of us like Istanbul for its historical background, fascinating views and various opportunities.

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