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Living in Topeka, Kansas:
Tips for Moving and Visiting

seven local experts

If you've been wondering what it's like to live in or visit Topeka, the Crowdsourced Explorer community can help. We asked seven people living in Topeka what someone who is considering moving to or visiting there should know. Here are their pros and cons, tips, and advice:

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According to a recent poll, Topeka has one of the highest crime rates in America. This may come as a surprise to many people, as the news has not been highly publicized. Additionally, when people think of Kansas, many think of the classic movie entitled “The Wizard of Oz”, not high crime rates. However, the fact remains that crime is currently more than just an issue, it is a fact of life, which is plaguing the city.

Jeremy, says: 2020

Topeka is the capital of Kansas. It is home to much prairie flora and fauna, such as buffalo and sunflowers. There are a number of restaurants for residents to meet friends at and enjoy a meal together. Additionally, there are a plethora of hiking trails, sports complexes, and music events.

Topeka is the capital of Kansas. We have enough amenities and opportunities to feel like a bigger city, but still have a smaller community feel. Nearby Kansas City has some great sporting events and shopping. If the country is more of what you are looking for there are plenty of small towns around Topeka that are close enough to be an easy daily commute.

Bernard, says: 2020

If one were to take up residence in Topeka, Kansas, it is imperative that they know these things: Topeka doesn’t have much to do in form of entertainment. Bars are abundant, but if you don’t enjoy drinking, you will be at a loss of stimulating activities. There is an art scene present, but it is dull compared to cities like Lawrence.

Topeka is the capital of Kansas. It has a small town feel while providing city convenience. If you can’t find what you need here it is just a short drive to a bigger city to experience all the sporting and shopping events. Topeka is also surround my small farming communities that many live in and make the easy commute into the city for work and play.

Stephen, says: 2020

Before moving to Topeka ask yourself why you’re moving and what you’re looking for. Once you know look for the neighborhood with the lowest noise and crime rate. Most neighbors in Topeka are not very neighborly and mostly keep to themselves. Look forward to doing the same thing daily, because everything fun to do on your day off cost money.

Samantha, says: 2020

Topeka is a capital city that feels more like a small city. There are many parts of Topeka, all of which offer their own history and culture. The city has grown over its lifetime, but within the last five years has expanded to include a rich collection of antique shops and art galleries.

Allison, says: 2020

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