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Things To Do in Carrollton, Texas

four local experts

Is Carrollton boring? Is it fun? How do people relax in their free time? From playing and watching live sports to listening to live music to volunteering, here's what four local experts had to say about things to do in Carrollton, Texas.

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Carrollton is close to anywhere you would want to go in the DFW, including both airports (approx. 30 minute drive). It is quite culturally diverse, as well, and the number and types of fantastic Asian and Hispanic/Mexican restaurants and supermarkets is mindblowing. It’s a perfect combination of parks, trails, shopping, dining, gyms, music, sports and anything else that holds your interest.

Charity, says: 2023

Carrollton is a small, quiet and family friendly city. During the weekends the city of Carrollton offers family friendly activities for free. During summer, most of the activities are held in the public pool and during winter most of the activities are held in the public library. I suggested to anybody that has a family to live in Carrollton.

Natosia, says: 2020

Carrollton is about 20 minutes outside of Dallas, TX. It is in Denton County, Texas; not Dallas County, Texas. Carrollton, Texas, has great schools that are diverse, and my children learn so much from being exposed to kids from other cultures. There are many restaurants and so many things to do with family in this small area, so you don’t have to travel far to have a great family outing.

Carrollton, Texas, is close enough to Dallas to enjoy big-city life, yet far enough away to enjoy suburbia. The climate is fair most of the year. It’s in three counties: Denton County, Dallas County, and Collin County. There are major highways running adjacent to the city, which makes commuting easier.

Kristen, says: 2020
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