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Things To Do in Bucharest

eight local experts

Is Bucharest boring? Is it fun? How do people relax in their free time? From playing and watching live sports to listening to live music to volunteering, here's what eight local experts had to say about things to do in Bucharest.

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I hear a lot that my city looks a little bit like Paris. It has that vibe. The best thing about Bucharest is the people. Then of course, the food (sarmale and polenta), the architecture of the buildings and the nightlife. Bucharest is definitely an interesting city to visit.

Bucharest is very crowded, however a lot of parks and places for relaxation can be found here. Nightlife is rich and people are usually nice but in a hurry all the time. You may need to escape to the mountains often, especially if you have kids. There is a wide variety of jobs available, especially in the IT industry.

Bucharest is a surprising mixture of cultural influences, offering excellent opportunities for relaxation and enrichment of experiences for both a business traveler and a simple tourist passionate about knowledge. “Little Paris” has a varied identity, reflecting its rich and controversial history by wildly juxtaposing aristocratic values with those of the totalitarian system in recent history and with the cosmopolitan and hectic reality of today. Walking is the best way to discover the city, so you will need an accommodation that is in the middle of everything that happens in Bucharest.

Gabriela, says: 2020

Bucharest is a very crowded city, with people who are very angry all the time. Traffic is awful daily. In summer it is very hot outside. There is a lot of pollution here. We do have a lot of nice parks, where you can really relax. My favourite one is Parcul Tineretului.

Robert, says: 2020

Anybody who wants to come to Bucharest must know about the tourist attractions here like old town in the center of Bucharest. The world’s biggest parliament is in Bucharest which is also something to see. And, because the country is famous for wine, there are many restaurants in the old town area that have excellent service and drinks.

Luminita, says: 2020

it gets very hot in summer. Also, the prices are a little bit on the higher side. The parks, especially Herăstrău, are very clean and well groomed. The Palace of Parliament in Bucharest is one of the biggest buildings in Europe and you can always visit it.

Catalina, says: 2020

Absolutely don’t move here. The level of pollution in Bucharest is exceedingly high, there is way too much traffic and therefore people constantly lose precious time on their way home from work, for example. Surely, there are some places they could visit, like Antipa Museum which is a really cool place, or bohemian pubs. But overall, I wouldn’t say it’s a welcoming city. I would add that people always seem stressed and angry so they might snap at you for no reason, no matter how nice you might be to them.

Andrei, says: 2020

Bucharest is the capital of Romania and one of the biggest cities in the European Union, with a population of around two million people in its metropolitan area. It is currently an economic hub in development. It is also very popular among western tourists as it offers a wide array of clubs and bars in the Old Town. Very close to the Old Town, one can find “Curtea Veche” (The Old Court), which is an old princely home, now used as a monastery.

Georgesc, says: 2020
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