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Living in Tarlac City, Philippines:
Tips for Moving and Visiting

43 local experts

If you've been wondering what it's like to live in or visit Tarlac City, the Crowdsourced Explorer community can help. We asked 43 people living in Tarlac City what someone who is considering moving to or visiting there should know. Here are their pros and cons, tips, and advice:

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43 comments on “Tarlac City”

If someone is moving to Tarlac City, they should know that it is a peaceful and vibrant city located in the central Luzon region of the Philippines. It offers a blend of urban conveniences and a relaxed provincial atmosphere. It is known for its rich history, delicious food, and close proximity to natural attractions such as Mount Pinatubo and the Tarlac Recreational Park.

Kristal, says: 2023

Tarlac City is the perfect place to live here in Luzon. It is peaceful here and as it is known as the “Melting Pot of Central Luzon”, you have all the access on whenever you want to go. You can also choose if you would like to be in the city or if you are a nature lover, you may choose living at the farm wherein you may also have the same access as those living in the city proper.

Our city has a lot of places to travel especially if you’re looking for something or somewhere quiet close to nature and friendly people. Tarlac City is known for its delicacies such as ‘bibingka’ (Filipino pastry) and other dishes. When it comes to places to travel with the City is known for its hidden wonders, if you’re into hiking or you want to visit falls and lakes Tarlac has the best places.

Christine, says: 2020

People in my city love to sing karaoke. They would probably get annoyed with this but that’s pretty normal here. They should also know that cigarette smoking is not allowed in any public place. We also have beautiful tourist spots that they can go to. People from my place are friendly and hospitable.

Summer, says: 2020

My city has the best food all over the Philippines. Our city also have the best neighborhoods, everybody always helps each other and we always want the best us. We have many breathtaking attractions such as Saipan beach, Tarlac Recreational Park and many more. Each day we always aim to be the best city here in the Philippines.

My city is well-known for its delicacies and native foods. Like sinigang, adobo and sisig. There are also exotic foods to try if you want to try something new. Like balot, isaw, and gizzard. Also, the people are very hospitable and friendly. There are also many places to visit here especially if you love nature. You can visit farms to see different kinds of cows and other poultry animals. Our city is peaceful and safe to live in.

Expedito, says: 2020

We have very polite and hospitable people in my city. There are lots of good restaurants just along the highway. You should always smile as people around you will be smiling at you no matter how hot it is and how heavy the rain is. Do not mess with Kapampangans.

Joaquin, says: 2020

Tarlac has been known to have wonderful places to offer. Ranging from recreational parks, to mountains and other bodies of water. The city also provides secure and safe communities that you can depend on. The education in Tarlac varies from public schools that offer free tuition to those who applies, and private schools in which they are given more religion related subjects and morals.

Tarlac City is well known for being the Melting Pot of the Philippines meaning we are a home to many races and dialects. In addition, Tarlaquenos are also known for their good cooking. Most of all, Tarlac City is well known for its kind, hospitable and warm-hearted citizens.

Janice, says: 2020

Once you decided to move here, you will experience the fresh air, fresh foods in our city. You can also grow your own farm and raise animals. There will be much less pollution because everything is surrounded by trees and plants. the people are friendly and welcoming.

Angelica, says: 2020

My city is a as common as every other cities in the Philippines. We have festival that is called Malatarlak festival that is now called the “Melting pot festival”. The festival is a commemoration to the first people who built civilization in the province, the Aetas. As for tourism I can list so many tourist attractions. And, the food is exceptional; they don’t call the city of Tarlac a Melting pot for no reason.

Ysabelle, says: 2020

There are many hidden gems in Tarlac City. From waterfalls in a forest, a farm full of towering sunflowers, a stunning mountain range and view. There are too many to list but it’s one of the best to live in for its provincial feeling. It’s the best environment to raise a kid. Greenery and the fresh air compared to the larger cities full of pollution. It’s just the best.

Zharmaine, says: 2020

Tarlac City is city in Region in which the citizens are very hospitable. However, it is best known for its fine foods and vast sugar and rice plantations. You can enjoy moving here because of the people and the scenery which you can enjoy the breathtaking view and you are far from pollution.

Our city has lots of warm and welcoming people. and the nature spots hidden in it that many would enjoy to visit, our city is also open to many kinds of businesses that includes: food of any culture, home design stores and more. The city is also quite easy to navigate through, since it’s small yet somehow bigger than other cities. The place is also in order, especially the authorities who tend to put on a firm grip with their citizens concerning the laws.

Bianca, says: 2020

Our city is one of the most wonderful city to be in, almost people here are good and very polite. We are called the melting pot republic because of good manship and hospitality we showed to our new neighbor. You are free to join our city and we will show the discipline the we have.

Dorothy, says: 2020

Our city is about two hours away to the capital, however, it is a city where a lot of highways converge. Malls have the adequate supplies for a local, and if you are looking for foreign produce you should consider your move. Despite of all it, it is bound to improve because there are a lot of investments in the industrial zone.

Mishia, says: 2020

Moving to our city, someone should take note that the first thing he will love about this city is the cooking of each Tarlaqueño. It is the passion of a Tarlaqueño to cook delicious and unforgettable meals for guests because each meal not only comes with love sweat and hard work, but with each memory a Tarlaqueño incorporates with that meal which makes it more special.

The Tarlac City is a good place for everyone. There are so many establishments and different business that you can apply on when you want to find a perfect job. Other than that, this place is governed with good leaders that can guarantee you that you’ll be safe. There are also different tourist spots here that you’ll surely like.

Juliet, says: 2020

The Tarlac City government really attends to the needs of the community. It’s a very beautiful place although tourism here is not as enormous as other cities. The people are very friendly. The city itself is greatly accessible if you are traveling from north to south and vice-versa. It’s near to different establishments and organizations which will make your life easier if you are a commuter. you will like the cheap cost of living and peacefulness compared to the metropolitan area.

Sharian, says: 2020

Tarlac City is a part of Region III, which is known as Central Luzon. It is accessible to the National Capital Region in the country, with only 2-3 hours of travel to Metro Manila. The main language of the City is “Kapampangan”, though there is another language also used in the neighboring town which is “Ilocano”.

The city I reside in is usually a stopover destination of travelers going to the north side of the country. Though it’s only a small province, there are also a lot of good places that can be visited. We also put pride in our delicacies, like cassava cakes and other glutinous rice cakes, which are perfect as a gift or a snack to wherever your destination is.

Jessica, says: 2020

Tarlac City is the melting pot of Central Luzon of the Philippines. It is best known for its different cuisines from different culture; since, lots of different people of different culture from the Philippines would reside here. our city is also known for its solemn church in the west of Tarlac City.

Our city is a melting pot capital, which means a lot of people use different languages. Kapampangan, Ilocano and Filipino are the most common languages used. Also, it is a city which still has fresh air and it still has lots of farms. There are also a few malls, in which you can go to whenever you feel bored.

Charlotte, says: 2020

Tarlac City is not highly urbanized and the cost of living is not relatively high. My city has been an example of a “green city” by continuously developing and implementing programs that have a positive impact on the environment.

Vianca, says: 2020

Tarlac City is “The Melting Pot” of the Philippines because of the people who have different languages that they speak. It is the home of different cultures. My city has some delicacies such as the famous “puto”. It has also different attractions and tourist spots. We have our “Goshen Resort” that is known for its vintage vibes.

Everyll, says: 2020

Our city is home to loving and understanding people. We, natives of Tarlac, value respect more than anything and in return, we will give you respect. Second is we live in a city that advocates for peace and justice. We always let people have a fair share of life and opportunities that help us survive. Our city officials always put the safety of everyone first, before anything else. They always make sure that you live in a city that fosters kindness, hope, and love. Our city may not be perfect, but at least we care for everyone.

Andres, says: 2020

The province of Tarlac consists of four distinct ethnic groups – which is why it is one of the most multicultural provinces in the Philippines. In line with this, it is essential for someone moving here to learn the languages, the culture, and livelihood of Tarlaqueños. I could say that the traditions and hospitality of the members of our community are what makes us unique from the others. Therefore, one must also participate in the said activities and interact with the people to fully experience what it’s like to live in Tarlac.

Abegail, says: 2020

Our city is good for living with family. It is a small town, however lot of resources is available in our place. You can grow vegetables in your backyard for your food or even go fishing in rivers. The people are friendly too. You can ask help from them if you need help.

Penelope, says: 2020

Tarlac City is Melting Pot Capital of the Philippines. This City is known for its beauty. It has a lot to offer. Living in this city is not that hard because roads are well-fixed and markets are everywhere. Whatever we need are easy to find. Life would not be that hard in this city.

Moving in our city is very convenient for people. Why? Because our city is the main city. We have supermarkets, malls, parks, etc. that are very easy to go. a lot of jobs are always available. Some cities that are very near here are known to be better for job seekers as well especially with respect to development and unemployment rates.

Jhanmariefer, says: 2020

The correct way on how to go about the city. If someone wants to move to our city they must know where to find public utility transportation terminals to save time in going to different places. Tarlac City is between Manila and Baguio City so most of the busses that passes by makes stops over for passenger pick ups and rest.

Jarius, says: 2020

If you are looking for fairly cheap rental rate, then Tarlac would be great for you. The cost of living here is not as expensive as Manila. Next thing you should consider is employment. in Tarlac, there are only a few establishments that are globally recognized, though you can always look for home-based jobs. If you want a peaceful living environment in the province, Tarlac City would be an excellent choice.

Jannette, says: 2020

Our city is one of the places in our country with low crime rate. People here feel safe and the police is always visible. The economy of our city is doing well, hence, there are a lot of jobs to look forward to. The only downside is the worsening traffic, especially during rainy season.

Lorena, says: 2020

Tarlac City is a big city in the heart of Central Luzon. It is known for its “Belenismo sa Tarlac” which happens to be a festivity during the Christmas season, and the famous tourist spot “Monasterio De San Jose”, which goes all the way up to the mountainous area of the city.

Jomarie, says: 2020

Tarlac City is an agriculture city. Having said that, most people rely on farming as their main source of livelihood. Asid from this, my city takes pride on having some of the most delicious delicacies in the country such as biko, kalamay, palitaw, sampelot and a lot more. Aside from the food, Tarlaqueños are known to have warm hearts and are hospitable.

Tarlac City is a very good city, it has lots of delicious delicacies, which you will only find in our city like “pinakbet”, “Iniruban,” and “Chicharon Bulaklak.” There are also lots of Historical areas and Famous Landmarks. The province is the home of the Cojuangco and Aquino families, particularly Ninoy and Cory Aquino, and their son, President Noynoy Aquino.

Expect a wide diversity of people in Tarlac City. Several traditions and languages reflect the culture in this city because we are at the central region of Luzon, Philippines. We’re actually considered the “Melting Pot” capital of the Philippines because of the mixed cultures.

Justin, says: 2020

our greatest treasure is the hospitality of the people. Aside from the landscapes, the environment is healthy, be it figuratively or literally. We are proud of the fresh air, green grass, and a lot more which makes you feel one with nature. Also, you won’t have to worry about your safety as everyone here makes you feel like you are in a big family.

Christine, says: 2020

Tarlac City is a bold little city filled with numerous historical mementos of well known Philippine National Heroes who resided there. But, in the current generation the city’s most priced jewel would be the restaurants lurking about in each road and corner of the city. Being the melting pot of the whole Province of Tarlac, Tarlac City has the most diverse culture with the mixture of Kapampangan and Ilocano culture, which is greatly expressed by the people through cooking. That is why, if a person moves to the city, he will never go hungry and he will know the people of Tarlac just by the taste of every dish served to him on every meal.

Desiree, says: 2020

Our city is considered the “Melting Pot Capital of the Philippines”. People with different cultures and people who speak different dialects gather in our beautiful city. The people here are very friendly and kind, we treat foreigners, tourists and visitors as family. Because of our diverse community, we have a rich and unique mix of culture which is evident in our foods, work and camaraderie.

Hannah, says: 2020

Tarlac City makes you feel comfortable and peaceful. You can lie on your bed hearing the birds chirping and the wind whistling like singing you a lullaby. You can find peace and calm.

Tarlac City is a city in the Philippines where residents are either Ilocano and Kapampangan. Ilocano residents are in the north of the city while the kapampangan are in the south of the city. Tarlac City has a variety of travel locations. You can see there the Monasterio of Tarlac which is a mini version of the Brazil’s famous The Christ Redeemer statue.

Tarlac City is a place where a variety of races, cultures, and individuals assimilate into a cohesive whole. Altogether, these make the city a famous melting pot. Good food, perfect hangouts, and adventure are what attracts people not only from neighboring provinces but also those from the Metro.

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