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Living in Singapore:
Tips for Moving and Visiting

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If you've been wondering what it's like to live in or visit Singapore, the Crowdsourced Explorer community can help. We asked 124 people living in Singapore what someone who is considering moving to or visiting there should know. Here are their pros and cons, tips, and advice:

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We are small, crowded and expensive. Housing will be your major cost.

If you are moving to Singapore, you must be able to take the content heat and the HUMIDITY!! 365 days a year – day and night.

Connie, says: 2024

To come and live in Singapore you need to remember it’s the top 10 most expensive city in the world. Expect that a glass of plain hot water will cost you $1.70 soon.

A.Rashed, says: 2023

Singapore is a country/city/nation of contradictions. Majority of the population are Chinese who don’t often acknowledge their settler-colonialist privileges. Histories are re-written and re-built. Nothing stays the same.

Jocelyn, says: 2023

A very clean, cosmopolitan city and famous for its chicken rice and laksa.

Singapore is a very safe and clean country so there isn’t anything to worry about. Public transport is easily accessible to everywhere so you don’t even need a car. Every town is also self sustainable, with shopping malls, sports complex, polo clinics available.

If you need to secure shared rental accommodation, platforms like Facebook or Roomies are useful. Note that current regulations require you to rent for at least three months. By the way, eating out at hawker centres is extremely affordable, and you can get affordable groceries at FairPrice which can be found at every neighborhood. The city is also extremely well connected, the public transport network is good and very affordable especially with its distance based fares. In general payment by QR code is common. The local bank that most locals use is POSB/DBS and setting up the payment apps (PayLah or PayNow) is easy.

Li Min, says: 2023

In Singapore, it is customary to use items, such as tissue packets, to mark tables as taken. As we are a diverse country, racially and culturally, it is not uncommon for people to celebrate holidays not specific to their race or culture. Selling gum is not permitted here, as well as, fornication between men.

Singapore is one of the safest cities in the world, as per the Travel Channel. Apart from that, Singapore is a city and country that has people from many different races and cultures all residing in one place. Not forgetting that Singapore is also one of the greenest countries in the world, taking the three Rs of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle very seriously.

Trevor, says: 2020

Singapore has summer the whole year round due to its geographic location, hence be prepared for warm and humid weather! In Singapore, you will enjoy all types of cuisines, ranging from hawker food to the high end celebrity restaurants. Depending on your budget, rental cost may range from $300 for a twin sharing room in the suburbs to $3,000 per room in a serviced apartment downtown.

Singapore has one of the highest standards of living compared to many other countries in Asia. It has a very safe environment, due to the lack of natural disasters. With is great economic growth you can expect to be well employed, and its political stability will ensure that you are involved in any sort of calamity.

Allison, says: 2020

Housing in Singapore is definitely not cheap. A small studio apartment would cost around 1,600 per month. Also, houses in Singapore are generally smaller than in the US. I would advise that you spend at least a week to view the different housing options available (e.g. HDB, Condominium, Semi-Landed).

The first thing that someone moving to Singapore should know is that Singaporeans are absolutely obsessed with food. Any shopping mall that contains fewer than 10 food options quickly becomes the retail equivalent of a cemetery. We flock to well known food establishments, battling dense crowds and braving scorching heat or pouring rain for just a small taste of our favourite noodles or chicken.

Singapore is renowned for having some of the cleanest streets in the world, largely due to a 50,000-strong cleaning workforce employed to keep the streets clean. Singapore is also known for its strict laws on littering, spitting on the streets, vandalism and public urination that can result in heavy fines and/or a punishment called Corrective Work Order, where offenders are required to pick up litter in public wearing a bright vest.

Catherine, says: 2020

Singapore is a small city-state, just across the causeway from Malaysia. Some of the tourist attractions in the country include the world famous Singapore Zoo, as well as the scenic Gardens by the Bay. People should also note that Singapore is an expensive city compared to most of the world.

Karthikeyan, says: 2020

Someone considering to move to Singapore should know that the cost of living in Singapore is among the highest in the world. They will have to spend a huge percentage of their salary on renting and food. They should also know that Singapore economy is the most competitive in the world and landing a job here can be difficult.

Without a doubt, Singapore is one of the top cities to reside in. Our thriving economy opens up plenty of jobs for millennials and boasts of the lowest gender wage gap. Not to mention, we’re one of the top few cities with a low unemployment rate. Within the region, Singapore has a solid reputation as a global finance hub, which makes it ideal for startups. Not forgetting, Singapore is a melting pot of cultures and races, and is very welcoming of expatriates.

English and Mandarin are widely spoken here. It is warm, humid and wet year-round. It is easy to get around in Singapore because of the excellent bus and MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) systems. You will not be too homesick because of the availability of International cuisines.

Krishani, says: 2020

Singapore is a Global Metropolitan city. All the expats around the world like to move to this city without second thoughts due to its cleanliness and safety. However it is one of the most expensive cities in the world to live in due to its high rental price for flats.

Fausiah, says: 2020

Singapore is a clean and green city. There are specific rules in place to combat littering, spitting and improper disposal of rubbish. Perpetrators will be fined. Hence, it is important to bear the rules in mind. Foreigners may think this rule strips the citizens of their freedom, but, it instils good discipline and keeps the environment clean.

Michelle, says: 2020

The cost of living here is very high. One would need to have increased income to be able to sustain a lifestyle of similar quality to that of their home country. Chewing gums are also banned throughout the country. Hawkers serve the most delicious local food. The weather is extremely humid.

The cost of living in Singapore is relatively high. However, the security that they receive in Singapore is something they will not be able to receive in any other country. Our police force is swift and efficient. They may also expect to be treated well as the service level, and quality in Singapore is awe-inspiring; feedback is always taken very seriously and worked on for better customer experience in the future.

Ismail, says: 2020

Anyone moving here should know the weather is constantly hot. It is religiously and culturally diverse. An interesting fact is that Singapore prohibits the consumption of chewing gum. Singapore has a wide array of affordable hawker food.

Wennee, says: 2020

It is warm and humid over in Singapore for most of the year. Singaporean cuisine is delicious so there should not be any problem with food. Groceries can be expensive over here, so the person should take note. We have a rich history, despite being a small country, so a trip to the museum will make for an interesting outing.

Sandeep, says: 2020

Singapore is a multiracial metropolitan city where besides native citizens, Singapore is also home to many foreigners who are pursuing jobs. It is a melting pot of cultures; a place where you would be able to make friends with people from various cultures and from all over the world. To maintain harmony among all the people in Singapore, it is important to be respectful and tolerant towards everyone you meet.

Sandeep, says: 2020

Singapore is a beautiful city, it has greenery amidst the city and a painting of skyline that draws from old colonial buildings to cutting-edge skyscrapers. The Lion City had celebrated its 55th years of independence on 9th August 2020. A fun fact to share, our national language is Malay. Although English, Chinese, Tamil and Malay are the four official languages of the country.

Jeremy, says: 2020

While Singapore is an expensive city, there are many other benefits. Firstly, it is a multicultural and multi-religious city; this means you will not feel like a fish out of water! In corollary, there are many cuisines, ranging from traditional delicacies such as ondeh-ondeh to authentic Indian cuisine, that are available for you to choose from.

Michelle, says: 2020

This city is very noisy. It’s not nice to live here especially when you used to live in a quiet city before. And people here are not respectful; they don’t care if you’re sleeping, they make noise anytime.

Elissa, says: 2020

Someone moving to Singapore should know it is an expensive city. The price of a small flat here is comparable to a private estate elsewhere! However, it is noteworthy that Singapore is an extremely safe place. The crime rate here is low, and we rarely experience natural disasters.

A person moving to Singapore would have to consider the high costs of living here, as Singapore has been consistently ranked as one of the most expensive cities in the world Another thing to consider would be the weather, since Singapore is near the Equator. It is hot year-round, but recently the weather has been rather unpredictable of late. One moment the sun is out and shining, but it could suddenly start raining heavily without warning.

Before anyone moves to my city, they should check out the tax rates here so that they would know if they could afford to stay here. they should also have sufficient savings to tie them through for at least six months. Doing research on the various places to stay is also necessary to ensure a smooth transition.

Cars are exorbitantly expensive to own in Singapore; consider familiarizing yourself with the public transport system instead. It is also densely populated, so expect to see sky-high apartments all over the country. Its diverse population allows for one to indulge in a wide variety of food.

Singapore is safe yet costly. It is a multicultural city and you get cheap food here. Taxis are reasonably priced. It is very well connected by MRT and therefore very easy to commute. Orchard is the fanciest place in Singapore. It is a very clean city. People are very nice and helpful.

Singapore is a city unlike any other. Although often affectionately referred to as the “Little Red Dot”, I feel that the term “Garden City” would be more representative of our small but diverse country. We Singaporeans love our flora and fauna, so much so that approximately 56% of our landmass is covered by plants! Even in the hectic business epicentre, look to the horizon and one will not be disappointed with the greenery that is so prevalent. Besides being known for being a clean and green “Garden City”, Singapore is also well known for our food! Having a multiracial, multicultural society naturally brings a rich and diverse selection of food from different cuisines. Living in Singapore, one would never have a lack of choice of food! With the help of urban planning, our different cultures have been brought together under one roof in what we call “Hawker Centres” and it is in these places where one can find a wide range of food.

Helena, says: 2020

Someone moving to Singapore should know it is quite expensive. Apartment rental in particular, is not cheap, especially compared to neighbouring Southeast Asian countries. One also needs to be prepared for the extremely humid weather year-round in Singapore! On the positive side, there are diverse varieties of food to enjoy and it is very likely that one can find food from your home country quite readily available here.

It is a small city with easy access to public transportations like buses and trains. Thus, it is very convenient to get around the city. Singapore is also very well-known for its diverse cultures and food. One fruit that ought not to be missed is the durian, which can be off-putting for some but a luxury for others.

Amanda, says: 2020

Singapore is known for its higher cost of living. However, it is imperative to note that the standard of living justifies the cost you pay for the basic amenities in this city.

Angelica, says: 2020

Singapore is a beautiful garden city known for its food, architecture and economy. The sprawling landscapes and riveting sights and sounds allow people, both citizens and tourists alike to enjoy and bask in the wonders of this modern city. However, living costs are high, especially for housing and vehicles. The weather here, though sunny, is also a deterrent to some who dislike hot and humid environments. However, the food, booming economy, sights and sounds in Singapore offer an excellent place for people to live, work and play in.

They would be better off coming here as a tourist. Even though English is one of the main languages, they are going to need some semblance of Chinese speaking skill to order the cheaper foods, and learning that is a nightmare unto itself. The type of people who would love it here are the ones who love structure, rules and routine in their lives, with little risk and adventure between.

Singapore has a tropical climate, and is typically hot and humid year-round. Singapore is a melting pot of various cultures and cuisines. It should be easy to find food that suits one’s preferences. Singapore has a high population density. The cost of living in Singapore has consistently ranked among the top 20 in the world.

Gobinath, says: 2020

he or she should know chewing gum in Singapore is prohibited. There are certain exceptions to this rule, like nicotine gum. This law was implemented to ensure the streets of Singapore stay clean, by preventing people from sticking gum to surfaces.

Angelica, says: 2020

Singapore is a small country, and almost of all it is very urbanised. There is little in the way of big nature parks or beautiful coasts, for which one would have to travel to neighbouring countries such as Malaysia and Thailand. This is something those who have grown up in or are used to the countryside should know.

Dandan, says: 2020

For a start, every Singaporean speaks Singlish. Singapore is also a food paradise, you could find all kinds of cuisine in Singapore, from hawker centers to five star Michelin restaurants. The attractions in Singapore would be Marina Bay Sands – a boat like looking hotel; and Esplanade – a durian like looking theatre; Sentosa island.

Shannon, says: 2020

Singapore is very much a city of commerce; while other countries may have venues for recreation (hikes, for example), the closest thing to that we have here is shopping marathons (if you’re into that). it is also a foodie’s paradise, anda favourite past time for many. We take our food very seriously here, and topics like “the best place for so-and-so” can easily cause disagreement even among close friends!

Shaivi, says: 2020

Even though Singapore is a rich and bustling city, it’s known for its high prices for almost anything, ranging from transportation to its food. The country is also hot and due to the humidity level, most people perspire constantly. It is a clean city but it is not a great city to move to.

Singapore is a diverse, multiethnic country. We have four main racial groups: Chinese, Malays, Indians, and Eurasians. We’re also known as a food paradise, with affordable and delicious food at every corner. Housing can be quite expensive, but you can find hidden gems depending on the area you choose to stay in, and being a small country, most places are very accessible.

Hillary, says: 2020

Singapore has an excellent transportation system and a variety of food is readily available at all times. While it is an expensive city, reasonably priced accommodation can be found. The crime rate is extremely low and it is a safe city for a single person or family It has an excellent education system.

Faustina, says: 2020

When one sets foot on the sovereign city of Singapore, they might just find themselves fully absorbed in our rich and diverse identity. Singapore isn’t like many countries. We have fully assimilated among each other, regardless of race, language, or religion. Besides an inclusive society, a thriving garden city grows from within, ranking us as the world’s most competitive economy. check out our delectable cuisines and visit our astounding tourist attractions!

Trevor, says: 2020

Singapore is a great country. There are many great places one can visit here. These include the Marina Bay sands, which is a famous hotel, the Merlion, which represents the symbol of Singapore, the Botanical and orchid gardens which are a part of the UNESCO world heritage site and more. The people here are kind and friendly once you get to know them. You will find them communicating in “Singlish” which actually stands for Singaporean English. This language is actually a mixture of Indonesian, Malay and Chinese words combined with the English language.

Sharon, says: 2020

Those moving to Singapore should consider the especially high price of housing and rental. It can be a heavy burden, especially for expatriates unused to the small flats that most Singaporeans live. If you need your personal space, you might want to shell out more for a piece of landed property. Singapore is also a highly multicultural nation, which prides itself on diversity. Living here will expose you to a variety of beliefs and cultures, which may be overwhelming for someone used to a homogeneous society.

When someone moves to Singapore, he or she must consider the cost of living in this place. The cost of living is very expensive and it is one of the highest cost of living in the world. The quality of life here is exceptional and technology advancement has raised the standard of their quality of living that is why you should not be surprised of the expensive life they live in here.

Krishani, says: 2020

Someone moving to Singapore should know the locals have a unique way of saving a seat at a public eatery. Singaporeans use a tissue packet or a personal item to “chope” a seat, or to reserve a seat. It is an unspoken rule that every rational Singaporean abides by and if one is visiting, this is something they should know.

Gladine, says: 2020

Singapore is a fine city, many people say, meaning that fines are set for quite a few offenses, such as littering. Still, if you have the money for it, Singapore is good, especially to expatriates. I would consider the food to be the best draw, since many types of cuisines are on offer. Housing however would be of top concern, as the island is small.

Christopher, says: 2020

Someone interested in moving to Singapore should know it is very expensive. This is one of the smallest countries in the world. However, Singapore is very safe for all nations. And Singapore has cheap food for all nations too. Finally, Singapore has a great nightlife.

Remember to always be polite to others. Do not talk loudly in public places, especially in MRT trains. Please be considerate and do not litter in public places, please do throw your rubbish in the trash can. Smoking in public places in not allowed, smoking is only permitted in smoking zones.

Angelica, says: 2020

it is an incredibly clean city, and that everyone should do their part in keeping it clean by disposing of their rubbish at the appropriate green dustbins near taxi or bus stands. It is also a multicultural city and there will always be an abundance of food to eat and explore. Above all, we have a colloquial language that can be slightly difficult to comprehend at first, but it is also a very alluring part of city, which makes it so unique and different.

The island city is both small and rather large. While it is true that one train can take you end-to-end in about an hour or so, the city itself is vast. I’ve spent many days wandering the streets and discovering new hole-in-the-wall stores, sometimes hidden away in the blocks of public housing or sometimes simply along the inner streets of our heartland areas. It is, though many will tell you otherwise, indeed possible to get lost here. That however, is a joyous thing, as there are so many things to discover and always a way to get home. After all, our public transport system ranks as one of the best in the world, and has to date never failed me. If moving to Singapore, I advise you to wander as I have — it is the best way to see Singapore as it is. Beyond the shiny visage of our landmarks like the Marina Bay Sands, there is a local culture that lives in our inner streets and neighbourhoods; our family-run bakeries and little restaurants with unknown names.

Regina, says: 2020

Locals in Singapore speak Singlish, which is a unique blend of our multicultural heritage embedded into the English language. Think of a mashup of English, Malay, Mandarin and traditional dialects peppered with ‘lah’s, ‘lors’ and ‘leh’s.

When you first arrive in our little city-state, hearing how the locals converse may leave you more than slightly bewildered.

But fear not, Singlish – something which the locals find endearing – is not that hard to get used to. In fact, you may soon find yourself slipping into using Singlish when you order that next plate of chicken rice at one of our beloved hawkers stalls.

Audrey, says: 2020

Singapore is a first-world country, where life is extremely fast-paced. To enjoy living in such a city, one must be adaptable and always on their toes. Consequently, one must also have a sizable amount to their name, as Singapore is one of the most costly countries Being a multiracial society, it is imperative to have social awareness towards other races and religions.

Singapore is often referred to as “Asia for beginners”, which is embarrassingly apt. There is a massive community of white people living more or less completely isolated from the less affluent local population, and a further segregated group of Indian migrant workers who are barely treated as people.

Singapore is an expensive city, but we do have an affordable public transport system that is easily accessible to most people. We are a multicultural country, with the Chinese being the majority, and the Malays and Indians being the minority. Locals speak in a language known as Singlish, which is a mixture of Dialects, Malay, and the English language.

Nicholas, says: 2020

Singapore is a very hot and humid country. Be prepared to comfortably take in the sights by wearing thin and breathable clothing. You might want to have a cardigan or jumper on hand for when you are indoors. Most public indoor spaces are air-conditioned and can be too cold for most after an extended period of time.

Singapore is a multicultural society. People of different race and religion live harmoniously together. This is not to be taken for granted. As an individual, we should always be mindful of the things we do and say in public. Be aware that actions and speech that may be deemed insensitive might get you in trouble. Always err on the side of caution!

Cassie, says: 2020

Singapore is a ‘city within a garden’ with strict laws, low crime rate, and the world’s best airport. Singaporeans speak a colloquial form of English termed Singlish and live in diverse multicultural and multiracial society. Here we have a wide variety of delectable dishes to cater to every taste bud.

Hillary, says: 2020

Singapore is one of the most developed city in Asia. Although small, it has a consistently high GDP, excellent infrastructure, and low unemployment. Singapore is also home to people of various religious beliefs. They live together harmoniously and peacefully.

Michelle, says: 2020

Singapore follows the left-hand traffic practice. Those used to right-hand traffic should take note I intending to drive frequently. Singapore is known for its wide variety of international cuisine, so foodies will be quite excited at the options available. Do note that most of them will be concentrated in the more business-oriented areas whereas residential areas will be more limited.

Sharon, says: 2020

Singapore is a tourism infrastructure where we have a plethora of food for your palate. Additionally, the crime rates in Singapore are the lowest around the world, where one would roam the streets safely. Even though it is a tiny red dot on the world map, our standard of living and measures are second to none.

Regina, says: 2020

Singapore is an expensive city. When considering whether to move to Singapore, one should consider whether he or she would be able to afford basic living expenses such as rent, accommodation, transportation and food while having enough savings in the event of emergencies. Despite the cost of living, Singapore is an ideal place to advance one’s career as it is an international trading hub and houses many multinational companies.

Audrey, says: 2020

Singapore is a beautiful nation-state. known as the city that never sleeps, the city bustles even late at night with hungry night owls hunting for the best supper spots. The multiracial and multicultural nation is peaceful and marked by significantly low crime rates, making it one of the safest places to live in the world.

In Singapore, the standard of living is relatively high. At first glance, taxes are low and living costs are reasonable. However, wage stagnation and high costs for accommodation can be a source of anxiety and financial distress. Despite that, Singapore is a great place, considering the factors of safety and diversity.

Singapore is found near the equator, thus it is warm and humid almost year-round. Anyone moving here should not be worried about the consistent weather. although my city is very small, however transportation is extremely extensive and convenient. Therefore, I highly recommend people to consider moving to my beautiful and liveable city.

Amanda, says: 2020

Singapore is a very attractive place. It is clean, safe and vibrant. However, the cost of living is very high compared to other cities in the region. In particular, housing, transport and healthcare are expensive. On the other hand, there are low taxes, education is affordable, and there are regular retail sales to entice consumers.

Wennee, says: 2020

From the outside, Singapore is widely known as a first world country, a safe and clean garden city. However, those considering making a move to this city must be prepared to face the lesser-known truths of our society. Residents are expected to follow the unspoken rules of society, such as not being a public nuisance and never speaking out on unpopular opinions. Additionally, Singapore is expensive on the whole, high housing and transport costs only adding to the high cost of living here. Hence, while Singapore may seem like the perfect place to settle, there is much to consider for the newer residents.

Shaivi, says: 2020

It’s high living cost. Singapore is one of the expensive country In exchange to that fact, Singapore is universal in terms of its international schooling standards and competitiveness. Singapore is known as a garden city where the greens are prioritised as well in the midst of a small and concentrated country.

Marcia, says: 2020

Many are deterred by the high cost of living in this modern metropolis. However, the vibrant city has a GDP per capita higher than most countries, which allows an affordable lifestyle in one of the most stable and advanced environments. Rich cultural diversity and world-class cuisines make Singapore one of the most desirable countries in the world to live and work.

Singapore is a very small but populated country. It is a garden city where one can see greenery everywhere. The public transport system in Singapore is very developed, bringing accessibility to almost every corner of the island. Almost seventy percent of the population lives in high-rise apartments also known locally as HDB flats.

Allison, says: 2020

Singapore might come across as a clean and green utopia that has a bustling port and first-world services. However, one should note that to every upside there is a downside. Do not let the shiny exterior distract you from potential issues and hidden problems. For example, the city might be clean and green but it’s because of the iron fist it has around its citizens and the multitude of laws.

Jegatheeswaran, says: 2020

Perhaps the most common misconception that most foreigners have of my city, is at the same time the most important fact to get right. Singapore is a sovereign democratic nation, a first world country and absolutely not one that is part of China.

We are a cultural melting pot and a very successful and peaceful one too. Blatant racism and offensive secularism is heavily penalised. Due to or diverse racial and religious backgrounds, we have developed our very own pseudo language ‘Singlish’. This Singlish is a mixture of slangs from Mandarin dialects, Malay and Tamil, thought the majority of the made up language is English. Getting used to Singlish is tough at first but many expatriates get used to it quickly as the language is in fact extremely efficient and fun!

Andrea, says: 2020

They will be pleased to know Singapore is a safe country, anti-corruption government with proper regulation in place, to safeguard the people living and working in the city. My country does not discriminate any races and our people have rights to do what is needed to get the economy going.

Singapore is one of the safest cities not only in south east asia but also the world! It’s strict adherence to the rule of law accords it this distinction. The other desirable trait of moving to Singapore is the distinctly multicultural nature of its people, customs and food; a direct result of the influence of the chinese, malay, indian and western diaspora.

With a classy business friendly climate, good standards of living and no language barrier, Singapore has become a favoured destination of global citizens. Its proximity to South East Asia and emerging markets of China and India offer a great opportunity for startups and new businesses to grow here. Majority of the food being imported also leads to the availability of all cuisines. There’s always something to do for everyone out here. Don’t hesitate to take the plunge.

Jowelyn, says: 2020

Singapore is a multiracial and a multi-religious city, comprising of people from all walks of life and ethnicity. Meals can be taken care of relatively easily due to the abundance of small eateries, such as hawker centres, selling affordable food. My city is also extremely safe, boasting one of the lowest crime rates in the world.

Jeremy, says: 2020

Pervasive government surveillance. Foreigners from abroad will immediately recognize the country’s many closed-circuit cameras, police officers patrolling around airports, and security guards keeping watch in malls. While the government has argued that security measures are intended to keep Singapore safe and secure for its residents, critics have suggested otherwise. Specifically, dissidents have called to attention the overt use of the state’s security arm in controlling local populations.

He should consider whether he has the financial capability to live permanently in Singapore due to the high cost of living here. There is a need to respect and speak with discretion in this multiracial society, to prevent undermining social fabric and conflicts from arising between races. He should also be aware of the importance of keeping our environment clean, which is especially critical in maintaining our reputation as a green city.

Sylvia, says: 2020

Someone moving to Singapore should consider the cost of living in Singapore. Singapore is an expensive place, compared to our neighboring countries such as Malaysia and Indonesia. Someone moving to Singapore should also know that buying a car in Singapore will be much more expensive than buying a car elsewhere.

If moving to Singapore, you will need to know it contains one of the most diverse and cosmopolitan communities in the world. Despite the high cost of living, you will still be able to find Michelin-starred dishes for less than two US dollars! From theme parks to integrated resorts to art festivals, you will never find yourself bored in this small yet bustling city.

Shilpa, says: 2020

Singapore is a city based country, whoever considers to move here must accept the fast-paced everyday living, advantages are part of it, one of those is destinations are all reachable because of the excellent mode of public transportations. Good food is a plus variety of food choices are everywhere.

Jegatheeswaran, says: 2020

Singapore is often referred to as “Asia lite”. It is a delightfully unique blend of eastern and western values and customs. Though many citizens speak Chinese, Malay, or Tamil, you do not need to know any language but English to communicate here. However, you should be prepared to learn a dialect you may not be aware of: Singlish. Before you know it, you may just find yourself responding to the question of if you can see yourself living in Singapore forever with, “Can, lah! “

Allison, says: 2020

Singapore is a vibrant city home to some five million people. Widely regarded as a world financial and business hub, Singapore attracts talent from all across the world, and is very welcoming to foreign talent. Those moving to Singapore should know the high property prices, which translate to high rental prices, ranging from $3,000 to $4,000 per month for a single bedroom apartment in the city centre. Ideally, one should secure a job prior to moving to Singapore, as this will greatly ease the visa process.

It’s expensive but clean! There’s rule and order here so people take the laws extremely seriously if they don’t want to land in jail or risk paying fines. Singapore is the clean and green city because there are litter bins found within every kilometre and there are a fair bit of trees in the landscape!

Rajalakshmi, says: 2020

Singapore is one of the few nations that represent the modern era at its best. The tiny island state is not only one of the most culturally diverse and inclusive communities in the world, but also at the forefront of Asian finance and research. The city-state has become a remarkably successful economic hub. The excess wealth generated has been funnelled into creating lasting infrastructure, making merit goods such as public transportation both cheap and convenient. The Singaporean people are welcoming and helpful. The government is one of the least corrupt in the world; the justice system has never subject any individual to arbitrary punishment. There is also a great amount of care taken to ensure the well-being of the population. Singapore is a safe, modern country filled with a myriad of possibilities.

In case, moving to Singapore be prepared for tropical weather so pack clothes for the heat. In addition to that make sure of a secure job and short term lease. Language will not be a barrier at all and lastly, it is not expensive if you know where and how to spend your money.

Shannon, says: 2020

Though physically small, Singapore is an economic giant. It has been Southeast Asia’s most modern city for more than 100 years. The city blends Malay, Chinese, Arab, Indian and English cultures and religions. Its unique ethnic tapestry affords visitors a wide array of sightseeing and culinary opportunities from which to choose. A full calendar of traditional festivals and holidays celebrated throughout the year adds to its cultural appeal. Singapore offers luxury hotels, delectable cuisine and great shopping! The island nation of the Republic of Singapore lies one degree north of the Equator in Southern Asia. The country includes the island of Singapore and 58 or so smaller islands. Because of its efficient and determined government, Singapore has become a flourishing country that excels in trade and tourism and is a model to developing nations. The capital city, also called Singapore, covers about a third of the area of the main island.

Singapore is a very versatile and harmonious country, where ones can entrust their safety and faith towards not only towards the government but also, the policemen also most of the Singaporean is friendly towards foreigners. Additionally, Singapore welcomes all sorts of different races into to our country to not only feel comfortable, but also, comprehend and acclimatize to our country. For instance, learning our cultures, consuming various delicacies, understanding our tradition and more.

Anybody desiring to move to Singapore should know it is a clean and extremely safe city, but should also be prepared to live with tropical-like weather, which means it is always hot and raining frequently. It is not the place for a winter-loving person. The city is very green though and has several beautiful parks.

Marcus, says: 2020

Singapore is a place for tourism, business, healthcare. Favorable climate make it unique. Even airport is a tourist attraction. The people of Singapore ae friendly and we love our country. in Singapore you can find Indians, Chinese and malay people as a one family SG UNITED! And that shows we accept and welcome people from any part of the world.

Andrea, says: 2020

In Southeast Asia, Singapore is mainly known for its plethora of fine Asian cuisines, warm, humid weather, and the varied experiences one can have here. From shopping in the streets of Orchard Road to sunbathing on Siloso Beach in Sentosa, we have it all. More importantly, one can enjoy the many cultural experiences brought about by the different ethnic groups in Singapore, from the temples in Chinatown to the colorful houses in Little India.

Majority of the people who reside here seem to be in a constant rush. Walking speedily is the norm. Otherwise, you may be frowned upon. In fact, locals take great pride in being quick and efficient, so much so that they have crafted a revised version of the English language; foreign to unaccustomed ears. With various languages weaved into phrases of minimal words, we share our thoughts. Although, this is better known as Singlish to the rest of the world.

Singapore is a multiracial country, Tourism is the main part of the revenue. We are having Skyscraper to visit around. It’s a very safe country to stay with the children and for women. Wonderful place without any problems in Public. Singapore government take care of citizen while they have troubled times.

Sandeep, says: 2020

The costs of living in Singapore is extremely high, especially when it comes to housing. Singapore’s weather is considered rather hot and humid. Nonetheless, Singapore’s education is one of the best in Asia. Singapore promotes multiracialism in the country; Singaporeans (citizens of Singapore) are mostly friendly and will offer a helping hand should the need arise.

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