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Living in Dipolog City, Philippines:
Tips for Moving and Visiting

ten local experts

If you've been wondering what it's like to live in or visit Dipolog City, the Crowdsourced Explorer community can help. We asked ten people living in Dipolog City what someone who is considering moving to or visiting there should know. Here are their pros and cons, tips, and advice:

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10 comments on “Dipolog City”

Will, our has the beautiful sunset and a clean environment nice people and neighborhood. The City has a good community service, and the beaches are all nice and in the night you will experience the good ambiance at the boulevard listening music, eating local foods and fruits, barbecue and watching stars and the ocean.

Terence, says: 2020

Dipolog City has its hidden paradise that someone should discover. The people here are very kind and very hospitable. Someone will really become comfortable because the people here are very fun to be with. There are also many adventures that someone needs to experience in our place. We are proud to represent our city, also known as the Orchid City, Dipolog City.

The people in my city are very welcoming, especially for newcomers. The locals have different traits but we have or thing in common, we are extremely accommodating. When you need anything, someone will come to you for help. We also have tropical weather and nice beaches. come now and enjoy our city.

Ericka, says: 2020

Dipolog City is known as an Orchid City because wild orchids are commonly found in this area. In this place, you can find the longest boulevard which stretches to almost four barangays of Dipolog City. It is also quite known from its sardine industry where it produces a delicious Spanish Sardines that is well-known in the country. If you chose to stay in Dipolog City, you’ll surely have an amazing and peaceful time staying in this town.

Notnot, says: 2020

Dipolog City is the “Orchid City” for it is one of the cleanest and less smokers in the Philippines. Also, it is dubbed as the “Sardine Capital of the Philippines”. Sardines, a famous fish in the Philippines, are abundant in this city. Beautiful scenery, landscapes and beaches are found around the city which are welcomed and introduced by hospitable people.

Dipolog City is one of the cleanest city. Our city is free from serious crimes and we are eco-friendly. You can find many tourist spots here if you wish to unwind and relax such as the beautiful beaches. Our city is also known for our fresh sea creatures.

Our city is well known for its beautiful sunset which you can see in the city boulevard. Aside from sunsets it is also known for orchids that’s why it’s called the rchid city. It is just a small city but people in here have big hearts and very hospitable. If you wish to travel and experience mountain climbing, food trips, etc. our city would be happy to welcome you.

Charmaine, says: 2020

Dipolog City is a very peaceful place which includes a simple living. The city is also known for their delicious Spanish sardines that some tourist come here just to buy the famous Spanish sardines. Dipolog City is the best place to relax from stress and the best place to retire.

Gracel, says: 2020

Dipolog city, also known as orchid city. My city has a very nice boulevard, perfect for dating, chilling or family bonding, during night. We also have other areas to explore. for example the Libuton cave which is located in my hometown. There is also an island called aligway that takes 3-4 hours boat travel from city proper, which, boast for white sand beach and crystal clear waters.

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Krystle, says: 2020

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