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If you've been wondering what it's like to live in or visit Los Baños, the Crowdsourced Explorer community can help. We asked 17 people living in Los Baños what someone who is considering moving to or visiting there should know. Here are their pros and cons, tips, and advice:

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Los Baños is a town that has been declared as a Science and Nature City. It is a university and research town and any new resident/visitor will enjoy the pleasant mix of a rural and suburban life; the community is a mix of ages, creeds, religions, nationalities, cuisines, arts, crafts and businesses. The town boasts of local products, national scientists and scholars and natural tourist spots like hot springs, mud springs, rainforests, a small waterfalls, rivers, the biggest lake in Luzon and rock formations. Life in my town is a daily adventure.

Elyssa, says: 2020

Los Baños, Laguna, is famous for its hot springs where you can enjoy your summer vacation. Delicious food and wide variety of native delicacies you’ll surely enjoy. A relaxing life awaits you in our place and friendly and welcoming environment you will be needing to live a comfortable life.

Los Baños is a place for the nature lover for there are many places to go to. Los Baños, Laguna, is also known for delicious delicacies such as buko pies and tarts. Los Baños is also one of the locations of the University of the Philippines that is why there are so many cheap yet serving delicious food.

Los Baños, Laguna, is a city known for its hot spring resorts and buko pie. It is also home to the two out of the eight constituent universities of the University of the Philippines which is placed 65th among top universities in Asia as of June 3, 2020. Anyone who loves to experience a simple life and feel the fresh air will enjoy moving to this rural area, unlike the other urban areas where air pollution is abundant.

Kimberly, says: 2020

my city has a narrow road that always causes traffic. But my city has a lot of fresh air than the other city because we are surrounded by mountains and a lot of trees. We have also different cheap restaurants and fast foods that are good.

Los Baños only comprises a small part of Laguna. In this “city”, there a lot of food establishments and is known for having a the best buko pie. Los Baños has one of the branch of University of the Philippines, which makes the place a lot more joyful and student-friendly. Moving here is a great idea because leisure activities can be found and especially different kinds of food.

Los Baños is a perfect mix of city and country. On one direction is the mountain, while a lake is in the other. I live right near the foot of Mt. Makiling, where the level of biodiversity in the flora and fauna present is astounding. Businesses and corporations are slowly moving in, making the city a complete package.

Los Baños, Laguna, is great for its diverse culture, and community. It also prides itself with the numerous tourist spots in the are like hot springs and the renowned University–University of the Philippines Los Baños. because of the students from the nearby University, food hubs that sell cheap, yet flavorful, food are scattered. Surely, Los Baños, Laguna, is an incredible place.

Lowell, says: 2020

Our city is well know for our pools and hot springs that you can try while you’re here. We also have delicacies like Buko Pie and the very popular cake is which Mernel’s cake. I can also say that our resident here are so welcoming that you would want to be a resident here too.

Rohana, says: 2020

Here in our city consider eating our food especially buko pie which is the top priority that is being bought, when people visit Los Baños home of Buko pies we have the best hot spring that you can ever imagine it’s the best when you need to relax to remove fatigues.

For someone moving here, I would really recommend our city in terms of its location, because our city is a really good spot to start up your business, pursuing your career, entering college and at the same time enjoying your free time. If you are one of these people, you’ve got the perfect city!

Los Baños is the home of UPLB, one of the top school from our country, A University where most of the scholars choose. a home of unique Delicacies found in the Philippines such as Original Buko Pie, Top to consider is the humanity and hospitality of Los Baños Residences.

If someone wishes to move to my city, they should consider that this city is dependent on discipline, hence the cleanliness of this city. A person moving to this city should also be disciplined as they would be given a fine if they don’t practice such cleanliness.

Los Baños is a water city in laguna surrounded by bodies of water and hidden falls to enjoy with. Locales here enjoy an eco-friendly environment with the support of the local government. If you live here, remember to bring your own bag and container. Strict compliance is observed in this city.

Los Baños is a place where the mountain meets the sea. I get to wake up with fresh fruits and vegetables for breakfast. During my free time, I usually go to the Eco park nearby where most residents get their daily needs from. The weather here gets hot during April and May but rainy from July onward.

Alliah, says: 2020

If you are living in a city and decide to live in a more peaceful and relaxing town, then consider Los Baños. There are a lot of beautiful places in Los Baños, among the top is the UPLB Baker field where you can go for a walk and jog. If you are a type of person who enjoys nature and mountain climbing or hiking, you don’t want to miss the Mudspring and Flatrocks located also in UP Los Baños.

Riolyn, says: 2020

Los Baños is an internationally known as a scientific community. International Rice Research Institute, SEARCA, ASEAN CENTER FOR BIODIVERSITY are just some of the examples of international organizations in Los Baños. It is also the home of University of the Philippines Los Baños. People in our town come from several provinces and nationalities. Our town is a Science City.

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