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Sports and Athletics in Sofia: What do you need to know?

two local experts

From youth sports to major league teams, here's what two local experts had to say about sports in Sofia.

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Sofia is the capital of Bulgaria. It is a very beautiful place. The town has a population of nearly two million people. The country’s climate has four seasons. If you visit the town in summer, you can enjoy the nice summer whether. In winter, you can go skating.

Christiania, says: 2020

Sofia is well known for being the home of the National Palace of Culture, the National Opera, the Vasil Levski national stadium, the Serdica Amphitheatre (Serdica is the city’s roman old name). The bulgarian foods are pretty worth checking out. In Bulgaria almost everybody who currently isn’t leaving in Sofia moves there. The city is overpopulated and there isn’t something like a rush hour, it’s not just hours it’s 24/7. The city is really polluted, again because of the overpopulation. People are moving to Sofia only because there is work, not because the city is worth it or something.

Marina, says: 2020
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