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What are safety and crime like in Bangkok?

three local experts

From petty theft to violent crime, here's what three local experts had to say about safety and crime in Bangkok.

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Bangkok is a city with its own unique culture, customs and interesting people. Thus, one should take time to know the mores, taboos and laws of the city. In addition, one must learn few basic Thai words that can help in communicating with people to be used in transportation, travel and in everyday activities.

Chelsea, says: 2020

It’s an exciting city. Crime is relatively low but the heat is horrendous! Thai food is healthy and condominium prices are fair. Swimming is not a big deal in Thailand, as many people who reside here cannot swim. Shopping online is a major source of revenue.

Shanice, says: 2020

It is extremely important when grabbing a taxi in Bangkok, to check that the taximeter is on. The taximeter is a device which calculates the fare from place to place. Usually, when people first visit Bangkok, they fall victim to scams from Thai taxis trying to earn an extra buck or two by not switching on the taximeter.

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