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Religion and Spirituality in Accra

four local experts

From Christianity to Islam to Buddhism to Judaism to Sikhism and more, what religious communities exist in Accra? Here's what four local experts had to say about religion and spirituality in Accra.

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The person must understand at least the “Twi” or “Ga” language, the inflation rate of the city, the tradition and customs of the people in the city. The person should be willing to live by the standards of the city. The indigenes uphold spiritual laws and therefore any immigrant is expected to get used to those laws.

Belloque, says: 2020

Accra is a fast growing cosmopolitan city. The people are hospitable and tolerate various religious. The two main religions are Christianity and Islam. The food is good and at night, Accra is very alive. There are many business opportunities in the city. The beaches are clean and very welcoming.

Dorcas, says: 2020

When moving to Accra, you have to get accustomed to street hawkers who sell their wares in moving vehicles called ‘Trotro’. Although they are usually rickety old vehicles, they serve their purpose perfectly and act as a moving market to drug sellers, preachers selling miracles and various sellers trying to pitch you a product.

Great hospitality, assorted dishes and beautiful tourist sites. Aside these beautiful culture exhibits by the indigenes of my city yearly is a great to behold. Different religions and their uniqueness to worship. our mode dressing is also unique due to the designs our African prints are made up of.

Rosemond, says: 2020
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