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If you've been wondering what it's like to live in or visit Puyallup, the Crowdsourced Explorer community can help. We asked eight people living in Puyallup what someone who is considering moving to or visiting there should know. Here are their pros and cons, tips, and advice:

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Puyallup has a cool parade every April called the daffodil parade. There are a few wonderful bike trails. It’s a big city with a lot of people.

The city of Puyallup, WA, is known for being the home of The Washington State Fair. The fair was originally known as The Puyallup Fair but a number of years ago, the state renamed it. Our fair is usually held in the first part of September.

Elizabeth, says: 2020

Puyallup is a beautiful city that is far enough away from the big city, but still close enough to enjoy the luxurie that big cities offer. It is also close enough to enjoy the beautiful wilderness that the Pacific Northwest offers. It is a bustling city that continues to grow and, unfortunately, become more expensive It is also a military friendly community with having Joint Base Lewis McChord right by.

Lauren, says: 2020

Puyallup allows for a chance to live in an area where you have a choice of environment. Whether you prefer a more rural setting, or an apartment near downtown, there’s options for all. The city is also much quieter than other parts of the Greater Seattle area; even the nearby city of Tacoma.

Vincent, says: 2020

Puyallup is a growing city, with one end full of newer housing developments and busy streets, the other with businesses. There are three main streets, running parallel to each other, that make up the majority of the city. For the most part, Puyallup is quiet; particularly the newer area of the city, which is mostly made up of small neighborhoods.

Carolyn, says: 2020

Puyallup, about an hour south of Seattle, is most famous for being the home of the Washington State Fair. Twice a year, people from all over the state (and sometimes farther) flock to the fairgrounds for a day of fun and excitement. The city itself becomes clogged with visitors during these times; many residents have learned to profit from the space shortage by renting out their yards and driveways as parking spaces.

When moving to Puyallup, the first thing know is that traffic is horrific. Traffic is the worst in September for Puyallup is proud to call The Washington State Fair our own. On a higher note, Puyallup is a central point to several Washington attractions such as Mount Rainier, Seattle’s Pike Place Market, and the Olympic National Park.

Puyallup is a small town about 30 miles south of Seattle, WA. The downtown has many old houses, and, many newly built houses. In summer, you can enjoy the downtown farmer’s market featuring fresh local produce and beautifully crafted items. In September, you can visit the Washington State Fair featuring artists, performers, crafters, and farmers from all across Washington state. Puyallup offers the old-town feel with a modern twist.

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