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Politics and Elections in Chicago, Illinois: What do you need to know?

six local experts

Conservative? Liberal? Here's what six local experts had to say about politics and elections in Chicago, Illinois.

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Don’t move to Chicago. It’s full of crooks in politics and on the street. More burglaries are happening and Insurance is going up, even in the suburbs. Yet the price of property is sky high. Don’t understand! I guess it’s good if you’re a criminal. It’s a sanctuary city.

Mobs on the streets beating anyone they see, smashing windows on cars, stealing. The police are not allowed to do what’s necessary because the mayor won’t let them. Criminals run the city. Not safe to live here or visit. Tourist are the favorite target for criminals, gangs, flash mobs. Very high taxes.

Upsides: It’s a great food town, full of culture and hard working people! People are very friendly and take care of each other. The downside is the political and economic strife.

Different neighborhoods are VASTLY different. One may have a shooting a week, another will have none for decades. Culture and diversity are the most you will find anywhere, but the local politics and fraud are off-putting. You can find anything here.

Chicago is a very historical and large city with many things to offer. It was the home of the World’s Fair and at one point the hub for Al Capone and his mob. The Windy City as it is often referred to due to its history of political corruption, does however house rich cultural diversity, top notch restaurants, known for deep dish pizza and the Chicago style hot dog. The city is home to some of the country’s largest museums like the Field Museum and Museum of Science and Industry. It is constantly developing and one always can discover something new. Finally, it is a wonderful city to raise a family.

Ressie, says: 2020

The Chicagoland area is known for several food items such as the hot beef sandwich (called Italian Beef), caramel and cheese popcorn (Chicago Mix), and no ketchup on the hotdog with everything (Chicago Style hotdog). The pizza culture in media portrays the deep dish as popular, probably shown from Giordano’s, but the thin crust is the everyday choice. The deep dish pizza is a special occasion pizza reserved for visitors from out of town or for locals in celebration. If there is something else to note, is that if you order a stadium size pizza from Congress Pizzeria for pick up, make sure to close the door on your way out. The employees will appreciate your courtesy in winter temperatures.

Kimberly, says: 2020
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