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Police and Law Enforcement in Randburg, Gauteng

two local experts

Are the police helpful? Are they not? Do they carry guns? Here's what two local experts had to say about police and law enforcement in Randburg, Gauteng. (Their opinions are their own.)

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The city is in South Africa and is therefore part of a very rich history. The city includes a number of large shopping malls and galleries. Randburg has a low crime rate because of it’s well organised police department. The city is a beautiful and hosts many culturally diverse and friendly people.

Ingrid, says: 2020

Randburg is a very quiet and safe city. It is full of garden flats and malls and food outlets. One needs to be careful though not to travel very late hours and secluded places. There is a 24-hour police station that is close by as well. The people are friendly and always willing to assist.

Matthew, says: 2020
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