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Living in Nakuru, Kenya:
Tips for Moving and Visiting

30 local experts

If you've been wondering what it's like to live in or visit Nakuru, the Crowdsourced Explorer community can help. We asked 30 people living in Nakuru what someone who is considering moving to or visiting there should know. Here are their pros and cons, tips, and advice:

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If expectations and reality were compiled to nature, then Nakuru city would be the best place for you. Moving to Nakuru, you will be mesmerized by the scenery of water bodies occupied by birds and wildlife. Infrastructure built adjacent to nature, delicious meals straight from the source which will leave you wanting more, and the friendly people who will make you feel at home. Welcome to Nakuru!

Fredrick, says: 2024

Nakuru City in Kenya has several attractions and features that make it a great place to visit or live. Here are some highlights:

1. **Lake Nakuru National Park**: Famous for its flamingos, this park offers stunning views of the lake and abundant wildlife, including rhinos, giraffes, and lions.

2. **Hyenas’ Hill**: A popular viewpoint offering panoramic vistas of Nakuru City and its surroundings.

3. **Menengai Crater**: One of the largest volcanic calderas in the world, offering hiking opportunities and breathtaking views of the Rift Valley.

4. **Nakuru Town Centre**: Bustling with markets, shops, and restaurants, providing a vibrant atmosphere and a taste of local culture.

5. **Makalia Falls**: A serene waterfall located within Lake Nakuru National Park, perfect for picnics and relaxation.

6. **Historical Sites**: Nakuru has historical significance, with sites like Lord Egerton Castle and the Hyrax Prehistoric Site offering insights into the region’s past.

7. **Cultural Diversity**: The city is home to various ethnic groups, contributing to a rich tapestry of cultures, traditions, and cuisines.

8. **Geothermal Activity**: Nakuru is part of the geothermal-rich Rift Valley region, with potential for harnessing clean energy and providing opportunities for geothermal tourism.

Overall, Nakuru City combines natural beauty, cultural richness, and historical significance, making it a delightful destination to explore.

If you are visiting Nakuru City, Kenya you are able to spent the nights in the Lake Nakuru lodges or good hotels within the town. Warmest months are February and March.

Barnabas, says: 2023

If considering moving to Nakuru City, you will need to be aware of the hot weather. And consequently, the rains are also heavy undoubtedly.

Kelvin, says: 2023

Nakuru is known to be the cleanest town in east Africa, has beautiful scenery such as, he lake Nakuru, Many hills, lake Naivasha, flamingos, elephants, buffalos, lions, rhinos, leopards.

Njoroge, says: 2023

If you are planning to move to Kenya, then Nakuru city is the best place to settle. This is because of affordable housing, tight security, good infrastructure, good for diverse business opportunities and also entertainment amenities.

Nakuru is a city in Kenya, one of the East African countries that is located in the Rift Valley Region. While the city is usually dusty, especially during the dry season, it’s a wonderful tourist destination and home to some of the top, famous parks like the Lake Nakuru National Park. It’s also very cheap to live in when comparing the accommodation rates and food costs between Nakuru and other cities in Kenya.

Veronica, says: 2020

There is a freshwater lake in Nakuru. The lake has flamingoes which are a tourist attraction to the city. The city was once also Africa’s cleanest town. The first president of Kenya came from this town and the current governor of the town is his son. There’s many youth delinquents in the town hence making parts of it unsafe.

Solomon, says: 2020

They will find peace and serenity in our small town. They should also know that our town is home to one of the most beautiful lakes in our country. They should also be aware of the low crime rate in our town which automatically makes living there a complete breeze with no hassle.

Cheap food due to availability of many food markets. Cheap transport due to good transport infrastructure. Affordable housing due to many real estate projects. Presence of a variety of tribes due to ton being a metropolitan therefore people have come from all over the country to look for jobs and settle here.

Esther, says: 2020

Getting a new house is a bit of a challenge because the city is heavily populated and there are few houses constructed. There is little or no crime being committed often.

It is a very friendly city with diverse culture and communities. It is also a fast growing city with a lot of potential especially in business. It is a metropolitan city and has its agriculture sector which is currently the highest yielding in the country. The temperature is very humid as it is a semi arid area.

Dorcas, says: 2020

Nakuru is a beautiful place where you can only see flamingos the whole year. The place has also beautiful scenery such as the Menengai Crater and the Lake Nakuru. Nakuru is the best place especially when you are in Kenya as the houses are not too expensive and roads are great.

Regina, says: 2020

Nakuru is a great city for a person who loves farming. Most people do dairy farming, grow wheat or maize. There are also several small scale farmers who grow vegetables and fruits for sale. Therefore, if you consider relocating to Nakuru, you do not have to worry about the cost of food.

Nimrod, says: 2020

Nakuru is in the Great Rift Valley, a stretch across the equatorial state Kenya. It is marked by vast lakes including Lake Nakuru and Elementaita. My city is one of the leading tourist attraction with features such as Menengai Crater and Hyrax Hill. Its closest airport is Nanyuki which is approximately 50 kilometres north.

Magdaline, says: 2020

Nakuru is a small town where people are closely linked to each other. Although comprising of four major towns; Naivasha, Molo, Njoro and Nakuru town, we consider all four towns Nakuru. Being a small town, we have zero to no traffic on most days. We have plenty agricultural offspring such as fish, farm vegetables dairy and meat produce. you know market days are a blast.

Nakuru is a cool place, which makes it one of the best cities to live in Kenya. It is also in the highlands area where agriculture is favourable. In terms of education Nakuru has several Universities, secondary Schools and Technical Training Centers which provide the best graduates in Kenya.

Dennis, says: 2020

The place is in Rift Valley province the way to Nyanza province. It is very cold and it is a very good place to start business since it is the center to laikipia county, nyandarua county and Jericho county. It is also a tourist center since it has menengai crater, lake Nakuru which is a tourist attraction.

Doreen, says: 2020

It has two lakes within the town area. The weather gets quite warm on most days and evenly cold during the night-time but is surprisingly cosy. The town is relatively small although it has relevant stores and hangouts for all generations. However, the real estate options are very inviting and diverse.

Dennis, says: 2020

It is a city known for beautiful flamingo scenery. People from different backgrounds are in Nakuru. Affordable housing, transport and food is what you would love about Nakuru city.

The city is very clean and has a history of being the cleanest in the country. It has very good tourist destination sites. It has a nice geographic appearance with a good view to the great rift valley. It has nice hotels with a good view to the lake filled with flamingos.

Stella, says: 2020

Nakuru is one of the cleanest cities in African. Therefore, one should come prepared to follow strict guidelines followed whenever one needs to dump any type of waste. Careless dumping of waste usually result in to arrest and prosecution in the local courts that are mandated, by law, to handle such cases.

Caroline, says: 2020

Nakuru is in the Rift Valley Region in Kenya. Nakuru town is the capital for tourism attraction with tourist attractions such as L. Nakuru and L. Naivasha. Nakuru town is a cosmopolitan town with diverse ethnic groups. Nakuru town is fourth among the popular towns in Kenya, after Nairobi, Kiambu, and Kakamega.

Nakuru is the home of flamingos. They cover the Lake Nakuru with they lovely pink colour. If someone wishes to move to my city they can consider looking for a house near the lake where they will also be at a close proximity to the city center.

Michael, says: 2020

Nakuru is a cosmopolitan town, and the headquarters of the fourth largest county in Kenya. It is world-renowned for its eponymous saline water lake, (Lake Nakuru) which is home to the world’s largest concentration of flamingos. It is also the gateway to the Menengai Crater, a picturesque, dormant volcano, and home to Kenya’s largest geothermal power fields. Nakuru’s main economic activities are subsistence and commercial agriculture which contributes up to 48% of the income in Kenya, tourism, energy generation in Menengai, and Olkaria, it has both small and large scale commercial businesses. Nakuru is known as the fastest-growing town in Africa.

Elisha, says: 2020

Nakuru is approximately 200 kilometers from Kenya’s Capital-Nairobi the cost of living is fairly low. It is a city full of opportunities in business and it’s also a tourist hub for Kenya’s South Rift region. Nakuru is also an city of academic excellence with investments in both public and private schools, we even have international schools offering International curriculum.

Meshack, says: 2020

Nakuru city is a green city in the Rift valley parts of Kenya. The beautiful city is well known for its parks, mainly Nakuru national park, it is named home of flamingos due to the large population of the breed of birds. Nakuru city was voted as the cleanest city in Kenya.

Nakuru is a popular tourist destination because of its many natural wonders. The foremost destination is the lake, which is famous for its flamingos. Also, it is an agricultural county that produces most of the wheat in the country. However, it is notorious for very hot weather towards the end and at the beginning of the year.

Joseph, says: 2020

Nakuru is a very peaceful city with beautiful scenery including, lakes, animal parks, rocks, waterfalls among others. The people living there benefit from the learning institutions around the area ranging from preparatory schools to universities. The environment is friendly and so are the people living there. Basic needs are also available at affordable price including housing, food and clothes.

Nakuru just recently acquired city status. It is a developing city and if you’re looking for exotic places or fancy motels, there’s a limited number of them here which are a little more expensive. The city is a good place to settle in since rental homes are fairly cheap for now.

Gerishon, says: 2020

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