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Housing and Real Estate in Kochi, Kerala

four local experts

Here's what 4 local experts had to say about housing, real estate, apartments, and more in Kochi.

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Someone moving here, should make sure that they select an accommodation facility which has all the necessary services available nearby. The person must choose an apartment with all the modern-day facilities one needs, and with a reasonable rent. It would be excellent if they have the help of a local resident.

Anurag, says: 2020

Kochi is a metropolitan city. One should be ready to adjust with all cultures. Living expenses are high, so budget planning is important. It is a beautiful place, with a good community. Traffic would take your time often during the peak hours, so we must consider that when you go to job. There are many restaurants and apartments around this area. It is safe here.

Indupuri, says: 2020

Kochi is rich in culture and heritage. It’s famous for its cosmopolitan feel and low cost of living. This city is lined by beautiful beaches. There are homes easily available on rent/lease here. This is the most welcoming place in the world! Kochi is easily accessible by land, sea and air.

If you are a foreigner, you should take into consideration the weather here at this time which is the monsoon season with plenty of rains and coolness. Don’t forget to pack in your umbrella. The food in Kerala is mostly spicy but you can enjoy dishes with less spices at your request. Otherwise for anyone coming to KERALA it’s a gastronomic delight with a very large variety of both vegetarian and non vegetarian fares. It’s very beautiful and green in this southernmost part of India and people are welcoming and courteous. Rentals are available of all ranges and law and order is good to have a safe stay.

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