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Education and Schools in Kochi, Kerala

two local experts

From schools for early education to nearby colleges and universities, here's what two local experts had to say about education in Kochi, Kerala.

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The city where I live is a wonderful place, as there is a lot of jobs. There are also a lot of schools and colleges nearby. The climate is also very good, but a bit humid. It is also a big tourist destination because there is beaches and if you interested in shopping then this will be a wonderful city to move to.

Kratika, says: 2020

Kochi being the historic town that it is famous for has always attracted many people, even from the west, when there was no proper means of transportation. This quiet place is the best option you can look for, if you are planning to settle down. You will have everything within a walkable distance. From parks, beaches, post offices, stores, restaurants and schools to transportation. This will be a choice you will never regret!

Muralidhar, says: 2020
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