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Diversity and Racism in Portland, Oregon

six local experts

Is Portland diverse? Do people from different ethnic groups get along? Here's what six local experts had to say about diversity, inclusivity, and racism in Portland, Oregon.

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Portland is is a diverse city with a multitude of places and events to attend. It has lovely landscapes full of trees, a bustling downtown, and a relatively calm suburban area. Downtown Portland is diverse in and of itself as it has museums — art and history –, a variety of living places, many places to eat and shop, parks, little thrift shops, and more, all within walking distance.

Of all the major burgs in Oregon, Portland is perhaps one of the prettiest and most culturally diverse cities in the state. The city prides itself in both maintaining and resting in harmony with its natural surroundings. There are numerous large parks that are well cared for, which also provide a small ecosystem for numerous plants and animals. The city is also well-known for its gastronomic prowess, as food and drink from nearly every culture can be found either at a restaurant or at one of the innumerable food carts peppered throughout Portland’s urban sprawl. There is something for everyone here.

Portland is a city with many faces. Anyone moving here should know that, and accept it for its eccentricities. The people who make up this city bring to it diversity in food, culture, art, and expression. It is a place where people from many backgrounds can find a home.

Briana, says: 2020

Someone moving to Portland, Oregon should know Portland is a fairly diverse city with a very hipster lifestyle. There are 100s of coffee shops and small companies that sell various hippie and hipster products such as bohemia style clothes. However, Portland has a homeless problem that has been worked on for many years with not much improvement. Despite this though, Portland is a fun city with many intriguing aspects to draw in those who wish to live outside of most societal norms.

Portland is a great place for anyone who loves biking, hiking, coffee, and a diverse community. In general, Portlandians tend to be accepting of different cultures and backgrounds. The city provides many opportunities to learn and explore different lifestyles, and share your own. The city itself is green and biker-friendly. Whether you want to take a walk with your dog along the Columbia River, spend hours exploring the Saturday Market, get lost in the bookshelves at Powell’s Books, or find a cute little coffee shop with gluten free pastries, Portland has something for everyone!

Portland is a paradise for food lovers. Portland offers many restaurants and food carts that serve any ethnicity or style of food you could want. We also are the home to many of the best chefs in the region. Portland is also the home to many farms and farmers markets, which gives you the chance to have some of the freshest ingredients at home to explore your own food love.

Abdoul, says: 2020
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