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Cost of Living and Inflation in San Francisco, California: What do you need to know?

six local experts

Here's what six local experts had to say about prices and the cost of living in San Francisco, California.

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You need money. Nothing is cheap here. It’s the most bizarre city in America. Drug use is prevalent, Bodies line the streets. There are good neighborhoods. People stay in due to the climate. You don’t see a lot of people in nice areas outside. They are inside at home safely tucked in. I have been here 57 years. The first 50 were wonderful. The last 7 are horrible. I am too old to move. I am 85, where could I go. I am not poor, just too old to escape here.

andrew, says: 2023

Rent a car and drive around the non tourist neighborhoods. The local small shopping centers are safe and host good stores.

If you’re traveling to San Francisco the best things to pack is mace and disinfectant wipes. The sidewalks are filled with homeless addicts shooting up heroin who are not afraid to harass people for handouts. Be on alert stepping on used syringes, pee and poo on the streets.

If someone moves to San Francisco, know it is expensive, especially real estate. Even though the weather is good year-round, the cost of renting a 1-bedroom apartment could cost around $2000/a month, yikes!

Jennifer, says: 2020

San Francisco is an amazing, diverse, and rich city. The distinct neighborhoods and storied streets make even its residents feel as though they are exploring multiple cities in one. With all that it has to offer, San Francisco does have many problems that need to be addressed. The grave disparity between the rich and the poor and the significant cost of the most basic necessities are two problems for politicians to tackle.

San Francisco is a beautiful city with an abundance of culture and history, as exemplified by its incredible collection of diverse neighborhoods. Since the rise of the technology bubble over the last two decades, however, economic inequality has risen to the point where homeless people live in tents right outside of luxury condominiums owned by wealthy, young entrepreneurs. Therefore, caution is recommended when navigating the streets of San Francisco alone, especially at night, in areas such as the Tenderloin.

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