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Cost of Living and Inflation in Jakarta: What do you need to know?

five local experts

Here's what five local experts had to say about prices and the cost of living in Jakarta.

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It’s very hot all the time, 30 degrees. The air quality is poor. Otherwise great city, affordable help, very child-friendly!

Jakarta is the largest city in Indonesia and same as with any other big city, traffic jams are common although manageable. Apartment rent is affordable for expatriates looking for cheaper options, you can search for a guest house (in Indonesia we call it “kost-kost an”).

Muhammad Ihsan, says: 2023

Jakarta is known nationwide as the center of commerce, entertainment, and education. With numerous districts boasting tall skyscrapers and high-end apartments, Jakarta offers high living expenses compared to all the other cities in Indonesia. Many people move to Jakarta, however, and it remains a center of intercultural interaction, with those from different heritage working and living together peacefully in this capital city of Indonesia.

The city is massive, it was a Dutch colony and we can see lot of its influence in the city’s architecture. Traffic in Jakarta is really bad and one needs to consider that before traveling to one place to another within the city. The petrol price in Jakarta is very cheap.

Alifia, says: 2020

Jakarta is a well developed city in Indonesia. You can find numerous amount of skyscraper and easily meet new people here and around. The people here are very kind and generous, they will help you with everything that you need. The living cost here is also cheap as we are at Southeast Asia. Last but not least, there are different kinds of public transportation that can help you everyday, from day to night.

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