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Cost of Living and Inflation in Bhubaneswar, Odisha: What do you need to know?

ten local experts

Here's what ten local experts had to say about prices and the cost of living in Bhubaneswar, Odisha.

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If some is considering moving to my city, he/she will find the roads and spaces are not generally congested, as in any other City of India. Moreover, unlike most urban metropolitan cities of India, my city is a lot cheaper and affordable. One can find people to be sociable here for example local shopkeeper or temple priest. Mostly they will help you first as local wards for you’re new into this city.

My city is known as the City of Temples. One coming here should be prepared to be amazed by the beautiful architecture present in this city. If moving to, you don’t have to worry about financial issues because living in Bhubaneswar is cheap. But make sure you have enough money if you want your child to get an excellent education. Schools cost here more than the Graduate colleges and stress on students here is way more than any other cities due to very high competition.

It is the capital of Odisha. It is the center of economic and religious importance of eastern India. many tourist places. known as temple city of Odisha. It is known as educational hub (IIT, KIIT) are present. Some IT sectors are like TCS, WIPRO, INFOSYS are situated. Shopping malls, to communicate international airports are situated. Affordable place and house for rent in affordable price is available. It’s a clean and green city. Good place for living.

Bhubaneswar is known as Temple city of Odisha. The environment of our city is very nice, it is known as green city as there are many trees all around the city. In Bhubaneswar, the cost of living for a small family is nearly around 15,000 rupees to 20,000 rupees.

Shweta, says: 2020

The city contains many heritage sites and a splendid view of nature. The food is very delicious here. People are very kind hearted and love guests from everywhere of the world. Someone wants to visit my city is worthy according to the cost and the sightseeing. They would love it.

Sulata, says: 2020

Bhubaneswar is popularly known as the city of temples and is also the capital of Odisha. The cost of living in Bhubaneswar is pretty low compared to other states in India. When it comes to education, there is a lot of scope like medical, engineering, business etc. People come all around from India to get a job in Bhubaneswar as the salary and cost of living complement each other. one should give a shot of moving to Bhubaneswar.

Jhanvi, says: 2020

Bhubaneswar is temple city, the city is full of heritage sites with delicious food. compared to any other city in India, the cost of living is less and it is also less polluted. The small scale along with large scale industries are built which creating new opportunities for job seekers. You can have a quite reliable life here.

Burhanuddin, says: 2020

Bhubaneswar, also known as the City of Temples, is a culturally rich city with extremely affordable costs of living. It is a great balance between the hustle of a large metropolitan and a slow paced leisurely town. Most people working in the city vouch for its work life balance and sumptuous street food.

Rameshwori, says: 2020

Bhubaneswar has all the advantages of a large city, while still maintaining a small-town vibe. The city is well planned, with affordable housing and negligible traffic bottlenecks. a number of reputed schools and colleges has made Bhubaneswar an education hub. The soul of this city is reflected in its people who are warm and welcoming.

Shubham, says: 2020

The rates of living are quite affordable to anyone and the standard of living is high compared to the cost of living. Our city is called The Temple City of India. be ready to see a lot of temples.

Ummadi, says: 2020
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