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If you've been wondering what it's like to live in or visit Cavite City, the Crowdsourced Explorer community can help. We asked 23 people living in Cavite City what someone who is considering moving to or visiting there should know. Here are their pros and cons, tips, and advice:

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Anybody looking for a new place in PI… look no further! Check my hometown province of Cavite especially Cavite City. Very progressive and close to Metro Manila. Lots of outdoor activities and beautiful beaches to visit, many employment opportunities with low cost of living.

Violeta, says: 2023

Cavite city is known for its hospitable people. People are warm and welcoming to visitors. We also have a tourist attraction in the city which is Tagaytay where you can have a good time and a good view of the well known Taal Volcano. The weather is so cold compared to the other cities in the Philippines which makes it more relaxing.

Loriebeth, says: 2020

If a person is planning to visit or move in my city, he/she must consider looking for the basic needs. Like, the availability of product he/she will use for everyday. Another thing to consider is the good government service in this area. If the system can really be helpful and can support that person in times of need.

the people in our city are very nice and hospitable. know how to show respect and the people here will surely show them much more respect. It is very fun here because we have many events to celebrate and the people here are very kind to make fun with the others.

If you are planning in moving in Cavite City, please be aware that there is an airport which would cause noise and in that case, you should not do anything against it as it was planned before your move to the city.

One of the most important factors anyone should consider is the negative effect of urban population density in Cavite City. Various shopping malls and commercial establishments erected all over the city to boost the economy caused detrimental consequences. One of which is immediate flooding during heavy rainfall or downpour.

There are a lot of farms and mountains here. There is good food, both foreign and local, that you can enjoy. People here are also kind and hospitable.

Since our city is a clean and quiet city, someone should consider to be mindful of their surroundings and be eco-friendly. be friendly. Considering a private vehicle would also be good but there are a lot of public vehicles in our city. We also have a park in the city where you can buy street foods, pizza, ice cream. The people in our city are also friendly and easy to get along with, almost all of us are acquaintance with each other since our town is just small.

Ciarra, says: 2020

Our city is just like a small town. The whole city is surrounded by water and almost everyone knows each other. Our city also has its own newly built airport for domestic flights in the Philippines. It is a small city with two private hospitals and one ongoing built of public hospital. There too many cafes available here you can visit with your friends.

Sherlyn, says: 2020

Our place is only a small city, but it is very convenient Because all the necessities can be found in here, you won’t need a lot of energy going from place to place. Doesn’t need a lot of time to get things done, and have a lot of spare time to relax! It is also a beautiful city and all the people in it is nice, kind and very friendly. Incase you need help, don’t hesitate to ask for their help.

Gerimae, says: 2020

Cavite City is a city within the Cavite province that is at a dead end of the province. It is mostly a coastal city, known for its seafood produce and some delicacies such as rice cakes. The atmosphere is usually lively, with lots of people around and places to hang out like eateries and clubs. It’s got that urbanized feel but not totally, while still having that distinct provincial living feels.

In the city I live, the Maynilad Water, repair the sewer every month. that, when it rains here, the flood does not reach above thighs and does not cause big casualties. but whenever they do that, there will be a traffic that will inconvenience everyone when they are traveling.

The city is very convenient especially to students and workings, public transportation is very accessible and accommodating, schools and universities are build around the city, groceries, markets, small shops, and fast food restaurants are just a walking distance, shopping malls is just one ride, and there are lots of villages build inside the city where you can choose depending on your budget.

Cupidlyn, says: 2020

Cavite City is one of the great cities in the province. You can find all your basic needs in this town. They have essential establishments nearby so you won’t have to worry for anything. It also has the scenery of the sea and some beaches. Fishing is one of the source of income here.

Ephrem, says: 2020

Cavite City is a small town in the province of Cavite. We are surrounded by water. It’s probably a few miles from the capital of the Philippines. The Navy base is also located here, Army based is also located here. The ocean is connected to Manila so we can also travel from here going to Manila using a small ferry.

Cavite city is near the airport. It accessible to either by bus or by a private car. It has a lot of tourist spot and delicious foods that you can try. All the people in my village are friendly and accommodating. Tagaytay, which is one of the most popular tourist destination can be found near here.

Someone who would want to move in Cavite should consider the rental fees or the cost of buying a house, as this city is one of the most industrialized provinces in the Philippines. They may also want to know the city is geographically on the southern shores of the country’s capital city, hence the abundance of beaches such as La Playa Resort and tourist spots, like Tagaytay city.

Our city is not just famous for our tourism, but also for its history. Cavite’s history is widely-known in our country, and considering that it’s neighboring region is the NCR which is greatly essential for accessibility. Not mentioning there’s also a lot of places to go to during holidays like Tagaytay in which where you can see the phenomenal Taal Volcano.

If you want a simple and peaceful living, Cavite City is a perfect choice. Though Cavitenos have a strong accent, we are friendly and generous with our neighbors. Our city is greatly known for its history and heroes that fought for the freedom we enjoy.

Our city is a small, yet warm city. This city is near the capital of the country where access to transportation is easy. There are plenty of convenience stores and malls for the needs of residents. These were the projects of the mayor for the convenience of the people in our city. There are great events held at the City Hall whenever there are National Holidays and everyone is invited regardless of their class.

Cavite City is located in the province of Cavite, which have a rich natural resources especially seas and lakes. This city also has a rich religious culture because of its patron saint Nuestra Señora de Porta Vaga. We are also residing to an area where typhoons travel during the rainy season.

Cavite City is an industrialized one. It is very easy to find job to sustain one’s living. The most crucial now is how to make both ends meet and it is always vital to anyone who would change residence to make sure that he or she could live sustainably. I recommend it as a great choice live where my city is.

Rizalyn, says: 2020

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